Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Device – ALL the details

so to start with have the smart 2.0 we launched the first generation of smart in 2009 it’s been a great success and now we’re
updating it for 2018 the main change is that we have a significantly improved
braking effectiveness of the device so it breaks a lot faster and it completely
blocks the rope it’s a safer device to belay with as well as more convenient
climbing partners is taking a lot of rests on the climb you no longer have
the whole weight of the climber and the braking hand since the belay device
blocks we have a two-component grip with a soft touch and feel to it
better grip and we also rework the geometry so yeah the whole handling is slightly
improved recommended use from 8.7 to 10.5 millimeters this is the Smarter it’s a it’s an add-on with a smart 2.0 and we
made it for extra safety in case of misuse for all belay devices that are
based on the tuber principle and the higher up you have your braking hand the
the less the belay device brakes right so in this case if the climber falls there’s a
big chance they will fall to the ground and that’s why we made the Smarter so
it’s an add-on you clip it on what it does is make sure that these two ropes
they’re not 100% parallel and when the climber now falls this little bend here
triggers the braking mechanism on the smart 2.0 and the belay device blocks
the rope extra safety in case of misuse and it’s removable we made it
primarily for beginners they use it for a while and then when I don’t need it
anymore just take it off you can hang it up on your harness it weights only eight
grams so it’s just there you don’t notice it when you’re belaying but in
case of misuse then it reacts Smarter you can buy it separately it’s 19 euros
or you buy it in a whole kit together with a new Smart HMS Smart
2.0 and then it’s 69 euros to give rope pull up like this when we’re gonna pull
in do like this and when you want to lower the climber you do like this it’s a high-performance braking insert so it’s offer that extra friction that’s what it
does and together with that this opening is a little bit more narrower as well as
this opening is a little bit more narrower it’s what makes the blocking
function work for sure compared to the old device it’s a harder catch it blocks
the rope so yeah you have to work with your body you want to believe
softly run with them if you’re extremely light it’s no problem if you’re heavier
you have to think a little bit more and work with your body we develop the smart HMS at the same time so they’re for the best performance when it comes
to handling you should buy these ones together but you can use any Mammut HMS
carabiners works as well and what’s special about this one is yeah we made
the body it’s quite thick up here and it yeah that was really good for for the
blocking and it has a really round surface area that’s also really good for
for the handling I took one and a half two years and it was obvious to us as we
NEET that we needed to do an updated when the old one is from 2009 it’s been
a lot of competition bringing similar devices over the last
couple years so we need we knew that okay we need to step up when it comes to
design that was obvious and then the question was like how do we do it better
that was the hard part it’s it’s such a clean design you cannot do that much with
it and but after testing talking to climbers our sponsored climbers
reading reviews we just realized we need to work on the blocking function and to
add extra safety and that’s what we did

3 thoughts on “Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Device – ALL the details

  1. I just tested the device last week, climbing toprope with pretty thick (a bit fucked up) ropes used by my local climbing gym. I just have to say that it really works great. Even with long pauses the device is pretty comfortable due to the new blocking mechanism. Pulling in or giving out rope goes very smooth. The only thing my old Click Up is better with (maybe because I am just used to the click up and not using the Smart often) is when I want to lower the climber. But that might be due to the pretty thick Gym-ropes, that very well be thicker than 11mm and very rough. I can't wait to try it again in lead climbing with a nice, slightly thinner rope. I guess it will perform very well!

  2. Now available at Outdoor Gear Exchange ( See more retailers and current prices here:

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