Mechanical Engineering Master’s Programs

Hi, I’m Allen Robinson, Head of the Department
of Mechanical Engineering here at Carnegie Mellon University. Our department prepares
students to solve real-world challenges with innovative problem-solving, cutting-edge technology,
multi-disciplinary collaboration and exposure to experts in emerging new specialties. In our master’s program, you will learn to
apply advanced engineering skills that build upon the fundamentals you learned as an undergraduate. Most master’s students take the coursework
option. In this program, students are empowered to tailor their curriculum through flexible
course selection with access to courses across the university. This includes courses in other
engineering departments, the Robotics Institute, and the Mellon College of Science. This is
a unique feature of our graduate programs. Beyond the classroom, as part of the larger
Carnegie Mellon community, you will build leadership and teamwork skills through involvement
in graduate student organizations and participation in campus-wide events, strengthen and develop
your communications and networking skills, particularly if English is not your first
language, and experience personalized career advising to ensure your personal and professional
success. Students also have the option to conduct cutting-edge
research with faculty members. I encourage you to apply to the Department
of Mechanical Engineering. Good luck!

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