Microsoft and SAP: How our engineering teams work together

(upbeat music) – If you think about enterprise companies, they all have Microsoft, they all have SAP, and now we should bring the
best of both world’s together. So infrastructure is a
service from Microsoft, and also the business
applications from SAP, for win-win situations for our customers. – We are trying out each others
infrastructure all the time. So the Microsoft business. all the way from our supply chain, to closing the financial
books every quarter, runs on SAP, running on Azure. Similarly, SAP has got 18 landscapes completely moved onto, running on Azure, with a plan to move a lot more. – We have a huge team
of Microsoft engineers working close together, with
our HANA development team, with our product development team, to really ensure that our products run `with the highest performance,
also on Microsoft Azure. – The teams kind of work together to tune both SAP, as well as Azure. – And a great thing, what we
did together Microsoft and SAP, is SAP Data Custodian. This is actually a solution, which helps to get the
same level of comfort, what you have in the
private cloud environment, in the public cloud. – We have a work stream
for product development, which focuses on how do
we have a joint road map? Let’s say, looking at Data Custodian, which is a new product that we’re kind of bringing to market together. So we meet on that on
a monthly basis going, here’s the changes that
Microsoft needs to make. Here’s what SAP needs to do, and we work together on that. – I think SAP and Microsoft have brought multiple solutions together. But even more important
is always the combination. And most importantly, if you
think about our clear strategy to have S/4HANA and our HANA systems running on Microsoft Azure, which is huge for our customer base. – The key benefit for you as a customer, is that the products
will be seamless, right? You will be able to consume SAP, S/4, and the various offerings that SAP has, as a service. And, the burden of operationalization, the burden of provisioning, all of these move away from you, into
the service provider. – There’s no time for a
five year project anymore. It is very important that you ensure and support new business
models that are coming quickly. Because the competitors,
they don’t wait for you to order Hartford. So if we look at just the example, that Microsoft recipe itself has, is you can spin up new
environments in days. What would take before rider ticket, we wait for the Harvard to be
provisioned, go and do that. – And now, they can consume
the latest innovation, the latest hardware, the latest infrastructure
for Microsoft, and with SAP, they can move their
workloads without strategy, to Microsoft Azure as well. So we support that activity, and with that, we help our
customers charge together to make that a success. – The thing that is really
great about working with SAP, is the focus on the
customer, of our solutions, of our questions, and
our requests starts from what is the right thing
to do for the customer. And how do we make changes, or how do we enhance the products, or fix the products to actually fulfill that customer promise. And that, that is fantastic. It’s the about a customer. All what we do, Microsoft and SAP, it’s only to make our customer successful, is to cross my mind. And this is what we are
trying to, working together. So the customer success is the only proof point
before our partnership.

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