Mifare hack read IC Card with MTools and Mifare classic tools without acr122u

hello everyone I’m Wilson here today I’m
gonna introduce you how to read money from IC card with your Android phone
directly. now let’s take a look at the device here
this is Moto X the first generation and this is mifare card for testing. And first of all we
need to read our original data. I’m using this app mifare classic tool and
let’s read the tag, choose the right sector and that right key list tag the
car and here we go. It’s regular data so if it turn into yellow, And let’s view this as
integer and check this out is 4900. So what we gona to do is using this M
Tools to read the money 4900 or 49 dollors directly what we gonna to do is to add the card into this app just tag, okay is in it, so we need to add
the sector 8 and the right keys here confirm it. Let’s read it first
tag the card and click here so it comes out, just like the data in last app. now
we need to mark the bytes, the first button here choose the block one and the
first byte and the second byte means the money bytes and here we can view the
data in the small rectangle here, if it is not right, so we need to reverse
the string. Here here we go. and adjust the rate here. this is what
this is the final data we want to see. click Next. we doesn’t need to calculate
now just read it so press ok and it’s done. just take a
look at here now here we go is $49. let’s back to the launcher and read it again. Tag the card and go to MTools. it shows $49 okay this is the first video I made for M Tools thumbs up if you like. thank you. peace.

13 thoughts on “Mifare hack read IC Card with MTools and Mifare classic tools without acr122u

  1. hye there..for gift cards or loyalty card can doit using this method?
    i have many gift card but the collection point need 6 months or 10x purchase for redeem..if u know how to doit..i really appreciate..thanks you for nice video

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