Mivi DuoPods M20 Wireless Earphones Unboxing & Review – Best under Rs 2000

Hello friends, I am Amit and welcome back to our PhoneRadar’s new video and guys here we have Mivi’s Wireless Freedom Duopods M20 which I have purchased on Flipkart and finally the package has been delivered here I’ll quickly unbox them in this video and also a quick review of this latest wireless earphones from Mivi and I’ll further suggest you guys on whether to buy these earphones or not let’s get started with the unboxing and guys, here as you can see we have Wireless Freedom Mivi Duopods M20 True Wireless earphones and at the bottom as you can notice there’s additional information here however, the MRP mentioned here is of Rs 2,999 but I’ve bought them on an offer through Flipkart and if you further notice on the back, there’s additional information and the important fact mentioned here is its True High Fidelity stereo meaning you would get a stereo surround sound experience alongside the battery, which promises to stay long, at least that’s what is written here these are claimed to give four hours of battery with 70% volume levels and along with it you’ll also get 4x extra battery when you place it in the capsule there’s noise cancellation also available on them again, these doesn’t active noise cancellation but have passive NC alongside you would also get super solid bass and additionally, if you notice here then you also get IPX 5 splash resistant protection too and you also have One Touch Pair & Play feature on them as well again if you further notice the colour variant, which I have here is Black color variant and, the earphones also offer a one year warranty as well and there isn’t any additional information mentioned here the box has got a clean design let’s quickly open up this security wrapping and, let’s see what these Mivi’s wireless earphones has got and here are the earphones, firstly, there’s a welcome note here saying, ‘Hello Mivian’, and there’s additional warranty information available, which we shall put it aside and here’s the tiny earphones’ capsule let’s also put it aside for a while and additionally, as you can see in the box here, firstly you get one microUSB cable and, two sets of earplugs as well, which will put it aside too additionally, the packaging also packs in user manual on which you can get additional information and, it also showcases the company’s other products’ information as well, which is ok let’s put them aside as well and here are the Mivi’s earphones firstly, here’s a thread attached to the capsule and this latch, I like it personally because until now all the tiny earphones like these haven’t got this type of latch, and sometimes, you can attach it to your backpacks too or you can hang it on your wrist and these are quite light in weight, and, on the back it has got a charging port and on top there’s Mivi branding and in the capsule you get these two earphones and, again, there’s light indication too and it isn’t powered on nonetheless, I’ll pull out the bud and here we have Mivi’s Duopods and here’s the capsule, I guess there’s no juice left in the battery, out-of-the-box so, for the first unboxing experience, I didn’t like this part there should have been some juice left, at least so that you get any kind of indication and yes, the lights are on, after removing the buds, now it’s fully charged and here’re the Mivi’s Duopods first impressions – they’re quite light in weight and in the looks, they are tiny and as of now, the good thing here, which I think are these earplugs, which are small and I should probably wear them then I could know how exactly are these earphones, so, here, I’ve put them on, and, the complete sound here has been shut-off again, there’s no noise cancellation here active, for now and here the setup, as the fit here has been perfect, there’s no noise that’s passing through and here’s Mivi Duopods M20 for pairing, and these are now connected to my Bluetooth let me just go here, and is connected let me go to my favourite music application, which is… Gaana one-touch here is for Play, one-touch for Pause, as you can see in the quick demo I’ll listen to my music here for quite some more time and then I would share how was my experience of these earphones let’s play a few songs, [ a little longer than a few minutes later ] ok, fine, cool, cool, done so, guys, I have heard several songs on these earphones and some audio like, I have made some voice calls too and my first impressions or I would say my review is that these are pretty light weight, again, I hadn’t gone for a run wearing them so I don’t know if it would fall down or not but I had a light discomfort in wearing them, very little, I mean slightly other than that it sounded wobbly like I felt some other noises however there isn’t any active noise cancellation in them but their fit is so good that as soon as you wear them on your ears outside noise is surprisingly muted and, talking about treble here it is quite good and bass also felt remarkably good especially for this price point, I felt that it offers a considerable amount of bass here and other than that this is a quite light in weight product from Mivi so, if you want to buy a product for Rs 2,000 or Rs 2,500 then I think it’s a pretty good product as you also get Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration and I have tested them here as well like long-pressing and calling out Hey Siri! then it works so, basically, you need to tap three-times and it actually works so, you get smart assistant here, there’s good bass on these earphones and voice quality is also pretty good, however, it feels wobbly quite some times but again I wouldn’t complain for a product priced at Rs 2,000 and other than that you also get touch options here like touching once will turn on the music and touching it again will turn it off so, overall I am kind of impressed with these Mivi’s DuoPods M20 I’m not really going to complain much especially at this price point these products seem to be pretty good, which you could probably buy if you’re interested again, this happens to be my complete opinion of these new Mivi’s Duopods and, I haven’t tested two things about this product, which is water resistance and other than that I haven’t went on a run wearing these however, I highly doubt that they would stay but again, if you’re often working on a desk or in the office then these perfectly might work but especially if you’re running or something these might probably fall down, but, other than that talking about capsule here for me it appeared to be a low quality capsule, meaning, it certainly appears it wouldn’t survive in the long term as it feels plasticy and also feels cheap but then, overall, these seems to be pretty good earphones if you liked this video and if you want me to buy some other similar products on Flipkart or on Amazon and their reviews too then don’t forget to mention the product names in the comments section below this has been my review of Mivi’s Duopods M20 if you’ve liked this video then do hit the LIKE button and stay Subscribed to this channel for more such interesting videos I’m Amit and I’ll meet you guys in our next video, until then, GOODBYE!

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  2. Regretted buying it 🙁 sound becomes distorted while listening songs // also voice quality is not good
    Thank you!!

  3. Why do you upload video when the audio so poor ? This is such a basic thing dude… This show how concerned u r over your subscribers… Crap

  4. Is Wireless Earphones ka design Mujhe sabse badhiya Laga,
    budget neckband earphone ka review dekhna chahti hoon. ❤❤

  5. This is the first time i have purchased any duopods and trust me its amazing in such a low price range .
    I use it through out the day and i loved it completely.

  6. Poor presentation… Running such a big channel and no acoustic treatment inside the studio .. voice is full of room reverb.. atleast should have corrected it in post production.. lastly change the lens.. focus motor is making weird noises..

  7. It's user friendly. They fits in ears perfectly. Sound quality is good for this price range when compared to any other (TWS) earbuds in market.. Gifted it to my parents recently.

  8. Why don't you check out soundcore life note which has 40 hrs of battery life.
    Would be glad if you check them out as They are only for 3000rs on Flipkart

  9. Bhawani Ji,

    Namste have you recovered this video on OYO room? as too much echo in background and specifications are also not explained properly make video which help consumers to buy more productive products of Indian brand with proper explanation next time

    Apaka full time fan

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