MMA Arm Bars & Submission Techniques : Triangle Submission MMA Technique

In this submission I’m going to show you a
submission from in the guard. I’m going to be using a triangle. A lot of people do a
lot of different variations of this. I am here, just like grabbing the head; grabbing
the wrist. I like just hitting this wrist to his chest, popping up and pinching. This
hand must immediately grab my shin. This hand is using this ball of my foot; I’m putting
on his hip to turn. Turn, turn, turn. I’m grabbing and I’m figure fouring. I’m pinching
down. I’m not keeping my feet extended out I’m using it tight right here, this strength
of my whole bone and I’m going across keeping my feet up. That makes the submission a lot
tighter. I’m going to do it one more time for you so you’ll have a different view. Grabbing
the head; grabbing the wrist; pushing it right to his chest; pinning it; popping over; grabbing
my shin; and getting to the side. Keeping my feet straight, pointed toward the ceiling
and get the tap. That’s a submission from in the guard, a triangle.

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  1. @senate101 If thats the case then why don't these clowns invent their own techniques, instead of mimicking other martial art techniques, and why are they laughed at by the rest of the combat sports. Tell me that most of these guys are not failed atheletes from other sports ! YOU CAN NOT

  2. @JoshG1998 theres a lot more to mma or to you , UFC than just jiu jitsu or grappling. theres kickboxing, wrestling jiu jitsu and muay thai. put it all together, no one person can fuck with you unarmed. but i see where your coming at.

  3. @danedwalsh its what i used to think before i used to take the art. trust me theres nothing gay about getting your neck squeezed untill you cant breathe and the pressure in your head reaches intense pain.

  4. as an mma fighter this is my fevorte submission this and of curse arm bar i dont remamber a fight i won not using does two submissions

  5. if you put an opponent in a proper triangle, you control their hands as well, there is no opportunity for your opponent to "rip your eyes out".

  6. hows it gay gay means happy and i think ne1 cuaght in a triange is gonna be happy plus this one dos'nt look right and grappling invovles wrestling and bodly contact of the same gender watch ufc i guess guys getting there faces fucked up and knoked the fuck out is gay tooo…..immature dickheads

  7. I cant really think of it now but their head isnt directly in your crotch so you wouldnt be able to bite their balls off easily as its hard to move your head when some one is controlling it with both arms and legs – plus this is a blood choke, you'll lose consciousness in around 8 seconds 🙂

  8. @avrokneksok no, intelligent men KNOW how to bash each other's heads in. thats why they'r intelligent. they can fight with or without guns. pussies, on the other hand, only rely on guns. without them, 10 year old kids who know how to fight can kick their ass. and thats what makes them idiots. just like you

  9. i would like to inform you that MMA means Mixed Martial Arts. ARTS. You know ? It's like a sport. This techniques will not save you in a street fight. That's sure!
    By the way, Nice Videos! Love from Greece. Pagkratio!

  10. I know since i was 5 years old that i mustn't use my techniques in street fights ! That i was meaning my friend "mmadrunkie"..

  11. @than00liz $1,000,000 put on an MMA fighter over a street fighter. You must not know a lot about fighting to say such a dumb thing.

  12. having used this before in a street fight i can guarantee it will work in a street fight….and once they are in this submission and there is no one to breakup the fight you can pretty much kill them

  13. @KyleP1928 In a street fight you can use any weapon you want. Not your hands only and of course you can't win a street fight with submission. So please don't say bullshits

  14. @than00liz No fucking shit you idiot… Give an MMA fighter a weapon Im sure all that training will give you the edge…. And a lot of street fights end up in a clinch or someone pounding the shit out of someone on the ground thats where the submissions and mma techniques take place… Dont you think about these things before you talk? Just think Proper training and other things an MMA fighter has to go threw to be good or a street fighter that has no clue what hes doing… Hmmmm….

  15. everyone here is a champion. you 9 years ? my sport is boxing. i m in boxing 15 years. you think that you can defend my punch ?

  16. @Abgef LOL.. u r right but we should remember that techniques of the MMA only works in the arena but on the streets is useless

  17. @deathwings11 they teach krav maga in the military too, thats proven more street effective. they dont tell you "poke out his eye or bite his neck veins off in case of danger for your life" in mma… not where i trained though 😛

  18. @deathwings11 the guys who r there knows exactly what to do against a fighter on the ring but r u sure it will be the same thing against 5 or 10 guys with knives or sticks….

  19. what if the defender knew that attacker wud bite his dick there….may be he wud fart on his face and suffocate him with the gutter stink!!!

  20. @carlosz013 it doesn't matter what martial arts u train in, ur pretty much fucked if you come up against 5 or 10 guys with knives or sticks

  21. Clearly random people commenting "what if I would bit his dick" dont know how to place something in the propper context. This is a training video explaining the technique. If he would be in a mma fight this would go 10 times as fast and the strength in his legs would be a lot more not even giving him a chance to bit whatever.

    Second, MMA aint streetfighting. There are still some rules beig applied to te fight to keep it honorable and not just a lousy stab and run fight.

  22. there is one mistake on this video – when you give the opponent his hand on his chest, you dont hold his second hand. So in real figt, he would pull his right hand back and escape….you have to hold his both hands!

  23. Nice moves and techniques….but this is the 21st century and everyone has a Gun…it's like a condom when you are at a club or strip joint……NEVER get caught without one.

  24. @TheRegimelife less than 20% of the american population owns a gun, thats defenetly not everyone, not even close

  25. @redstardustdemon135 you can get out of this, right when he turns to hes side.. and the other question, well i just ignore that one though

  26. The best way to escape a triangle is to get the arm thats in your chest in between his legs again or get the arm that's trapped between his legs out. also if yor strong enough you could always slam him a few times. Finnally yes this move can kill when held long and tight enough seeing as it cuts off blood and air flow to the brain it can eventually cause death

  27. maybe its just me but would you recognize the triangle at the moment you push youre hips up, look i dont know how tight it is but if i had a chance i would pull out if i am on top at the moment that the person on the bottem pushes his legs up. i mean its a good technique but i think its a bit to slow to suprisse somebody with a triangle choke.

  28. with more experienced fighters or wrestlers you wont catch them by surprise. You use strategy to set it up if thats what youre looking for. Try different moves to get them off of their guard for triangle.

  29. what the fuck is wrong with your channel i subscribed and your vids where about how to use fucking makeup

  30. his form wasn't great. the other guy wasn't actually getting choked because his forehead was pressed against his arm meaning that his shoulder wasn't in his throat

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