Monitor Your Health With ELECTRONIC SKIN!

– In the future, doctors
will patch you up, literally. (exciting music) Hey, welcome to my podcasting lair. I wanted to talk today about computers, miniaturization, and electronic skin. See, the first computers were pretty big. They were made out of enormous components. And computer scientists of the day thought that the more advanced computers of the future would be even larger. They didn’t foresee the
development of the transistor and the era of miniaturization, so they would’ve been blown away by the idea of electronic skin. So, what is electronic skin? Well, it’s thin, flexible circuitry that can actually be put on a pad that can stick to your skin and monitor things like your vital signs. It’s amazing. John Rogers, a material scientist and a pioneer of this technology, showed off examples a few years ago, and they were already incredible. They were thinner than a human hair. They could bend, they were flexible. They could stretch well
beyond their original size and still work. And they could adhere to your skin without any sort of glue on them through the Van der Waals
force, like a gecko. Remember him from a
couple of episodes ago? The components on these
circuits included everything from sensors to antennae to LEDs to power sources like solar cells or even an inductor coil
that can generate electricity in the presence of a
fluctuating magnetic field. And what they could do
depended on the patch. Some could scan brain waves, some could monitor your
heart rate or blood flow, some could monitor body temperature. They could even track what
words you say as you say them. It’s pretty incredible stuff. It’s all because of miniaturization, getting these components small enough to fit in this flexible format. All right, now, all of that
is really, really cool, but that’s what we can do today. What can we do in the future? Well, thanks to some researchers at the University of Texas in Austin, we have a new component than can be put on these flexible patches:
memory, working memory. The patches can actually
record what’s going on. So, that means doctors can look at how your symptoms are
coming up in patterns, or they can look at how your body responds to certain types of medication. They also developed a
nano-sized drug delivery system inside the patch itself, meaning that it can give you medicine through your skin when you need it. The patch can detect your symptoms and then release the medication. This is way more elegant than
taking a pill every six hours. You get the medicine
precisely when it’s needed. Just imagine being able to
wear one of these patches and it detects before
you’re even aware of it that a migraine’s coming on,
so it releases medication and prevents it from happening. Or maybe even something more
serious, like a heart attack. And imagine how much stress
and anxiety is gonna be lifted off the shoulders of caretakers because they can be
confident that these patches are looking after the
patients that they care for. It really gives everyone
a sense of independence and freedom and confidence,
and that is an amazing thing. All right, I’ve got a question
for all of you this week. What do you think is going to be the most incredible application of flexibly circuitry
technology in the future? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this
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share it with your friends. And hey, we’re just getting started with the amazing future
of medical technology. Check out this video about robot surgeons. One of the most common surgical
robots is the da Vinci line. da Vinci is focused on translating a surgeon’s control movements into direct action upon a patient. (exciting music)

100 thoughts on “Monitor Your Health With ELECTRONIC SKIN!

  1. Morgan Freeman did an episode of through the wormhole on this. These could be hacked and give overdoses of medication, killing you…. or someone important.

  2. It monitors your speech in real time, and can deliver drugs. So, like, if you say anything the current government doesn't like, you get a dose of tranquilzer?

  3. ALL electronics are HACKABLE….this feller seems like he knows these drawbacks yet he still wants to push this idea.

  4. what if this technology stuff advances so much and requires everyone too have it and advancing so far in health and medicine.. making it impossible too die meaning you can be tortured and hurt excruitiatingly and just being kept alive by this chip i feel is the mark of the beast

  5. These things are pretty damn scary. They can do things like indirectly read your mind by detecting unvoiced vocal movement. I've heard this could be the mark of the beast, and I think that could be a possiblitly, but I won't get into that because I'll get a bunch of trolls that'll be like "Ermahgerd screw your Christian crap God and the devil aren't real!" Anyway, think of some of the other things that could come from this. The government could use these to read your thoughts. Just like they're stalking everything you do on the internet. They could be reading this very comment. Like that's not creepy enough, now the government can read your thoughts. I think we all see it coming that we're gonna lose a lot of our privacy through new advancements in technology, and it's already been happening for a while, but now (assuming this happens, which I hope to God it won't, and I'm not sure it will, but this technology will probably make this possible) they're crossing the line. They've already crossed it feet, but now they're going miles. Hell, they're going around the whole Earth and crossing it aver again. ( sorry, dumb analogy, or whatever it's called)  If this happens, which, with this technology, it can, or at least in the foreseeable future if not now.

  6. I can see that medical tech can save lives. But with with new tech, there are benifits and risks. The benifits is that you can monitor your health to help you know whats wrong with your body. But the risks can be ether the thing crashes or glitches and gives out the wrong info. And if possible, it could kill you. My best advice, dont take the risk.

  7. Even if you didn't believe in the mark of the beast or the elites controlling the country, why would you want this? Why elevate it as "the Future" so all the science worshippers can go nuts over it? To make a quick dollar? Nobody wants their entire bodies on some file for god-knows-who to look at. If you would trade your privacy and individuality for security and totality, you deserve none of those things.


  9. I think one of the most amazing application of this technology would be to have capability to call police/emergency services if the person is in an accident or heart attack

  10. This could make it so diabetics don't need injections or the pump. Btw the pump works almost the same as this and is crazy accurate, but having something just on the surface would be even better.

  11. Scary stuff, privacy is over, this is start of the mark of the beast if anything..  God Help Us.

  12. I think the "most incredible application of flexible circuitry technology in the future will be"…. The Mark of the Beast! It's so cooooll! And practical! Everyone will want it! It'll be able to administer medicine, keep track of monetary funds, help you with social media… and least obvious, show your unity to Satan. "Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666." Revelation 13:16-18

  13. Love the video. I'm always into this stuff :p
    Personally I allways thought they would come out with something allong these lines in my personal opinion (contrary to the popular opinion that everyone will have brain implants in the future) I believe that they will use this technology to monitor and eventually interact with us on on concious and subconcious level without brain surgery. something like a headband that can easily be removed if the user so chooses, but I believe that it will be able to prevent things such as heart burn and headaches (on both normal and chronic) that we will be able to download information like a computer and share memories like videos on youtube. and play and even make games inside our heads using our brains natural software :p I believe technology will come a long way and future unforeseen breakthroughs will probably blow everyone away.

  14. The Dark Side of Technology:

    right now? could be used by spy networks to see public opinion on things. later on? deliver drugs to effect people mood remotely and keep people docile while a dictator commits horrific atrocities

  15. What are they forcing people to wear these??? uh…no fuck that so the government can try to control me even more?? um i think the news tries hard enough and fails but this! this abomination is crossing the line they can't force people wear these! 

  16. I honestly do not want any kind of technology to function in/on my body. What if somehow someday a hacker of sorts will use it to my disadvantage?  

  17. adjustable screen sizes and fold away a lap top to poket size. im sure rigidness could be triggered by the circuitry itself, and direct brain to hardware interface.

  18. The government will find a way to use this to monitor people and invade your privacy even more than they already do… but this is still amazing technology!

  19. Saw this video as an advertisement, here on YouTube. Not only the first preview to a video that I haven't skipped, but also more interesting than what I was planning to watch.


  20. This is cool, but what happens if there is a glitch and the skin gives you the wrong drug?
    Also it should be able to talk to your cellphone so you have an immediate hotline to 911. Just imagine the doctors listening to Siri describing your symptoms!

  21. that would be good for the diabetic people, because it could do, at real time as a pancreas, control the sugar levels in the blood.

  22. I like the idea of futuristic medicine streamlining the proccess of helping people…but some of this could be missused if not properly monitered and i don't mean by the government or a corporation…no it needs to be monitered by proper medical authorities

  23. It would be cool if it you get it it treated it on the spot, cling in and stitching. Ha it might sound in posible but wasint flying imposible to?

  24. Классное видео! мне понравилось, молодец!) Вообще уважаю труд тех кто делает видео, и ведет свои каналы. Я сама веду канал и знаю, как это непросто – записывать ролики.
    Так держать!

  25. i have a guestion: the time changes with gravity right? that means your legs are younger than your head. but… does that mean that when we create something with something like anti-gravity we will be able to travel to future?

  26. They could increase normal human cpabilities or some thing that might change your genetic make up in varity of ways.

  27. Someone can rule your body with this. I mean thay can sleep you, they can shock you and they can even kill you with this in the future. This is dangerous!

  28. Something unconventional hit me: Technological chromatophores.

    Just think about the color changing ability of cephalopods or chameleons, and up that to cellphone screen level picture quality.
    No more makeup, tanning, tattoos, visible skin blemishes, unsightly moles, visible skin conditions or anything. It could even be used for military camouflage, temporary changing one's skin color (even to non-human colors like green or blue), and moving art roaming your body.

  29. oooh.. thats interesting xD I would like to use that to make an entire suit that would monitor vital signs and transmit data from muscle signature to a robotic device to move a full body robotic prosthesis

  30. Ive got a clip where i recently opened for the Bone thugs event in CO. ! Bumping EDM Techno Trance Rap music with all hip-hop style !!

  31. A computer tower, that's able to flex into a shape that can fit inside a pocket would be my guess of the future of flexible circuits.

  32. Hello? As a ex-nurse, Blood counts, electrolytes, diabetes management, lipid levels, cardiac enzyme increases ( signalling a heart attack). As a diabetic, I want on, especially if it could also administer insulin as needed, instead of catch up as we do now, or making people eat so the insulin dose doesn't put them in a coma. Its , for the medical community and the public FANTASTIC!! People will avoid all sorts of scary long-term effect from disease and unneeded drugs. Never mind the applications for chronic pain, addiction. Imagine being able to administer a Microgram ( MCg) dose of a drug to forestall withdrawal, with out worrying about addicts ODing because they continue to use. Or Chronic [pain patients not having to be in pain, take a big dose, be pain free for 4 hours, then repeat as it wears off. I'm one of those as well. Damned arthritis.

    yes privacy will be challenging, as will preventing hacking, as this stuff would need online access for records update and dose adjustments. But hey, there's always problems to be sorted. Remember online banking? We were all going to be robbed blind. Nope, if people are smart.
    I say Hooray!!! Sign me up!

  33. This is AMAZING! Who knows,but maybe one day,we'll have machines that sends knowledge to your brain. We won't have to hire teachers anymore! Of course,I can't really promise that will be invented.

  34. Wearable translation devices and wearable cancer detectors. If you monitor the blood stream you should be able to sense cellular changes that indicate a forming cancer then use a pill robot to remove it or give it precise gene therapy and eliminate it before it causes any damage.

  35. Oh and suits for space travel that can negate some of the cosmic radiation as well as remove it from your blood.

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