MOOCs: Introducing Safety Culture and its application to the Nuclear Field (Promo)

Hi! I´m going to talk to you about an interesting
and innovative educational proposal. I am Mercedes, and I´m co-directing these
massive open online courses. Nuclear Safety Culture, although with the
“nuclear” term in it, it has mainly to do with culture, and with safety, so it applies
as well to many other fields. And this is an excellent excuse to gather
a collaborative learning environment, putting together participants from the nuclear field
with, for example, students from STEM studies and professionals from other high risk industries. We will talk, then, about what is needed from
organizations and workers in order to favor safety. This initiative is under the umbrella of the
Horizon 2020 European project “ANNETTE”, and has required an important effort to bring
together the engineering company Tecnatom and the Spanish National University of Distance
Teaching, UNED. On one side, Tecnatom, as international leaders
in training in nuclear safety culture, have gathered all their learning materials and
expertise. On the other side stands UNED University,
with a team of experts in innovation in distance education in general, and in the nuclear sector,
in particular. UNED team has trained Tecnatom on how to adapt
and prepare the learning contents for a MOOC, and managed all the production process. A very close collaboration has been needed,
and it has been a very enriching experience for both organizations. We have 3 independent nanoMOOCs (called NOOCs). The participant may start with the first NOOC
on safety culture, then follow with the core NOOC on Nuclear Safety Culture, and finally
end with a NOOC on leadership. Also, an extended glossary of nuclear terms
is available. Then, this time the target is not only the
nuclear sector, and this will be an interesting opportunity to conduct a scientific research
on education. For this purpose, we will take advantage of
the numerous data that learning analytics of this type of courses provide.

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