My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: TOOLS

– [Jennifer] Hello and welcome back. This is Jennifer McGuire. I’m sharing more of my
favorite crafty things for 2018 and today is all about tools. I apologize for the delay in this series. I’ve had some family things pop up that have occupied my weeks, so I haven’t been able to focus on this, but I’m back to share
the rest of the series. As I mentioned today is
about crafting tools. The good news is many of the tools that I’ve been using in 2018 are the same that I’ve talked about in previous years. However there are a few new ones that I wanted to share with
you and I’ve kind of cut my list down to the bare essentials. The things that I think
any crafter should have. Also if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my other
favorite crafty things videos from this series, I’ll
have them linked below and also go to my blog
because I have big giveaways and some fun discounts for the products that I talk about. I’ll have that link below too. Okay so let’s jump in with
general crafting tools. These are the things that I feel are essential to making
crafting fast easy and fun. The first tool that I recommend is the Tim Holtz glass medium mat. I’ve been using this
for several months now, and for a long time I was trying to find my work surface love. The one that did everything I needed. Well I finally found it in this craft mat. It’s glass you can easily clean it. This is what the mat looks like, it’s black on one side with the grid so it helps you with lining
things up and making it straight then there’s that white area on the right where you can mix colors and inks. Now I’m not going to talk
too much about this craft mat because I have a whole
video dedicated to it. And I’ll link it here on the top right so you can check that video out. But I will say, I am crazy
about this craft mat. And I can do just about anything on it. I do my alcohol inks on
it, my inking, my stamping it’s perfectly smooth
and great to work on. So be sure to check out that video if you haven’t already, so
you can learn more about the Tim Holtz glass medium mat. Okay, let’s talk about scissors. There are two scissors
that I reach for often. The first or the Fiskars
spring-assist titanium scissors. You can see that these
have a spring in them so they’re easily bounce back, so you don’t get tired when
you’re cutting quite a bit. The nice fine tip scissors
make it easy for fussy cutting and there’s a little latch there, so that you can lock them
close when not in use. Now this happens to be an
older version of these scissors but they’ve lasted so
long that I haven’t felt a need to replace them, but
I’ll link to the newer model so you can check them out. These are great scissors
and last for a long time. The other pair of scissors
that I use the most are the American crafts
teal glitter scissors. I don’t have them here
because they are over at my mom’s house ’cause we were doing a bunch of crafting there. So I don’t have them to show
but you’ve probably seen me use them in videos. They’re 8-inch scissors, high quality they cut beautifully and they have this fun glitter teal handle
that is just very eye-catching. So between the these bigger scissors and the smaller Fisker ones I feel like I have everything I need for crafting. Now one tool that I
definitely think every crafter should have is a t-ruler. In fact I have two of them because if one is hiding under something, I’d be need to find another quickly and they’re very inexpensive. Now using the t-ruler you
can easily make measurements, you can figure out the
center point of your card but best of all you can make sure you adhere things straight. You can even make sure you stamp straight and as I mentioned the best part of it, it’s very inexpensive. Okay, next up we have the
score buddy scoring tool. I like the score buddy
because the size is great. It’s lightweight and easy to use. It also has score lines
that you can create every eighth of an inch. And the measurements
are very easy to read. I use this score buddy to do the scoring to create all of my note
cards, all my folded note cards and just to create score
lines for different techniques that I like to use on cards. Now it comes with a scoring tool that you can attach there on the top but I tend to use my
Teflon bone folder instead. One end of the Teflon
bone folder has a point that’s used to do the scoring, the other end has more of a blunt edge that you can use to
crease your score line. So let’s do some scoring of note cards. I have an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of card stack and I’m scoring at 5 1/2 inches. Now this is how you create a note card. I’m gonna freeze frame it here. So looking at my paper
right now, the score line is pressed down the middle
and it’s actually got a little Valley there. So the valley is facing up and
I fold it the other direction that’s how you can be sure to not have cracking of your card stack. You want to make sure you
fold in that direction and then use the other end
of your Teflon bone folder to reinforce that fold line. The Teflon bone folder
doesn’t leave any marks which is a big deal. I promise it’s a little bit more expensive but it is worth every penny. Next up we have the small
but mighty mono sand eraser. I use this one a lot as
I make mistakes a lot. So here I just created
a little ink fingerprint on a card to demonstrate. So you can see that ink right there. Normally you might want to
pitch this and try again but with the mono sand eraser, you can actually sand away that ink from the surface of the paper
and no one will ever know. So if you get little
boo-boos here and there, this is a handy tool to have. There are a few different
mono sand erasers. One has the sanding on both ends, one has the sanding on one side and a regular eraser on the other. Either way it doesn’t matter. You want to just use that sanding feature to remove any unwanted splotches. Also if you’re using an
inexpensive card stock that splits on the side or specialty paper that has a rough edge,
you can use that this to soften that too. I also recommend an adhesive eraser. So if you’re using any kind of adhesive such as a tape runner like you see here, and you change your mind. This eraser is handy to
have and it’s inexpensive. All you have to do is rub
it against the adhesive and it removes it. So if you ever have any adhesive exposed that you want to remove,
this is your tool. It’s one of those tools will
last you for many years. I’ve had mine forever and it
just never seems to wear out. So I could call 2018 the year
I fell in love with using a bead tray for crafting. This little triangular tool
can be used for many things. One thing I like to use it for
is my heat embossing powder. So say you have a stamped
image on your card stack and you need to cover it
with embossing powder. This bead tray makes it very easy to put lots of embossing powder in an area or you can turn it and use the point to put a little bit of embossing
powder in a small area. I like that the embossing
powder doesn’t stick to the bead tray, and
I found it much easier to use than a spoon. You can even put a
cable clip on the inside of your embossing container
like I did here to hold it and I’ll link below to those two. But this bead tray is great for
using with embossing powder. It’s also great on your work surface. So I have my glass medium at here and I have some little gems
that I like to add on my cards. I pour them out onto my work surface and when I’m done I
can just swipe them off the edge of my work surface
into the little bead tray, then I can easily put them
back into my container. You can also use the bead tray just to hold little things on your work surface so you don’t lose them. I also do highly recommend
getting an anti-static powder bag I used to use a different
tool but I found that the product inside of
this is just better to use and this is very handy. It lasts for a very long time. When doing heat embossing
sometimes the powder sticks where you don’t want it
to as you can see here. So by first applying the
anti-static powder tool, you can be sure that
the powder only sticks where you want it to stick. Another good use of the
anti-static powder bag is that you can apply it to
anything where you want to remove the stick. So if you have any stickiness
where you don’t want it or a sticker that you want
to remove that adhesive, this tool will work great. Now there is one tool
that I have recommended for many many years and
I will continue to do so. And that is the hero arts heat gun. This is the bad boy of all heat guns. It gets super hot and does an
excellent job heat embossing. All I do is I let it
warm up for a few seconds when it’s good and hot
I bring it to my paper to heat emboss or dry. And I don’t have to worry
about warping because it heats it up so quickly
that you don’t have to worry about that. This is a high quality tool and it will last you
for many years to come. Another tool that I cannot live without is a microfiber cloth. In fact, I have a bunch
of these I use them and once it gets all inky and dirty I throw it in the wash and I use it again. These will last you for a long time and they’re excellent from everything, from cleaning up your work
surface, to cleaning your stamps which I’ll talk about in a little bit. And due to the texture on
this cloth, you can easily use it to clean up glitter or embossing powder and then go shake it into a trash can. Speaking of cleanup. One tool that I use more than any other in my craft room is this hand vac. This cordless handheld vacuum
is excellent for cleaning up any little bits and
pieces from die-cutting and such that land on your work surface or by your feet when you’re crafting. I have one of these
always sitting on my desk and I actually have another one in my craft room that’s charging. So I always have one ready to go. It’s got a button that you
push and you can release the little suction area and
adjust it to wherever you want. It’s easy to empty, you
just open up the side and dump it out. I’m telling you this is a
crafters dream come true because it makes cleanup quick and easy so we can spend less time. I’ve used this particulate
for quite some time now and it’s lasted great. Okay, next I have a little
handy tool that is excellent for adding small
embellishments to your card. This is called the Jewel
picker which is just the funniest name. I giggle every time I say it. But it has two ends that
have a little stick to it that allow you to pick up gems. And the cool thing about this tool is I find that the longer I
use it, the better it works. So you just press it
onto your gem, lift it and put it right into your adhesive. Now if you are finding
that your jewel picker isn’t grabbing on to your little gems, try wetting it a little bit. Here I use a baby wipe and
just press against that and sometimes that does the trick. But again I find that the
longer I have this guy, the better he works. It’s very handy and much easier to use than tweezers or your fingers. Okay so in 2018, I fell madly in love with the picket fence life changing brushes. And I will be using these
a lot in the year to come. So these brushes are
perfect for ink blending especially soft ink blending. This is the variety
pack that has a bunch of these brushes included. But there are a few
other packs available now so you can just try
them out if you want to. These brushes are designed
to not absorb too much ink. There are thousands of tiny plastic hairs that don’t hold an abundance of ink so you can be sure to get a
softer look if you want it. You can see here how easy it
was to blend a dye ink on here. This particular dye ink isn’t
one that is normally easy to blend you need to put a
little more effort into it. However, with this brush you
can see how easy it was to do and you can get a softer
look if you want to as I’m doing here. Now there are some
inexpensive makeup brushes that look similar but
these are a bit different. The hairs in this brush are glued in place so that they don’t come out. These can be used and
abused, which I found when I’ve tried less expensive brushes like the cheap ones for makeup
that the hairs can fall out and they don’t last long. Also these can be washed
with soap and water so that you can clean them. Also the best part about this
particular brand of brushes is that they can be cleaned
easily before moving on to another color. Here I’m just wiping the
brush onto a dry cloth and check it out when
I take it to my paper, it’s perfectly clean,
so I can switch colors. You don’t have to worry
about using one brush for one color if you don’t want to. So those are some of the things that make these brushes very special. They clean very easy,
they last a long time and they make inking effortless. I’m telling you these
are life-changing brushes and I promise if you give them a try you will love them just as much as I do. I’ll be using them a lot
in 2019, so stay tuned. Another tool that I like to use for inking are the Tim Holtz
distress blending brushes. Now check out the brush itself
it’s got this cool container that allows you to put the lid on without damaging the bristles, and you can control how you
inked with the bristles. and I’ll show you that. I just have a few for different colors and you can label the sides
or the tips if you want to. And I keep them in a Tim
Holtz ink cube container as you see here. Now when applying ink with this, you can use it as is and just
apply a soft amount of color. This is also great for just a little touch of color here and there. But what I really like
these bristles for is to use them with part of the handle down so the brushes are held together and then I pounce the ink. And it gives you a fun stenciled look. So it’s different than
typical ink blending but it’s another great
option that’s fun especially when stenciling. I also think that these
brushes are fun to use with white pigment ink
and colored card stack because of the way they apply ink. This is hero arts
unicorn white pigment ink and I’m just pouncing it with the brush on the colored card stack and you get this beautiful snow like look. That’s one fun way to use it. You can also just use it as a brush and just brush it around in a circle and check out this beautiful look . So these brushes can be used in many ways and with many types of ink. And I gotta say they are so easy to store. So they don’t take up much room either. Okay next we have the
mini ink blending tool which I have been using for many years. Now most of the time I use
these with my distress inks or with my distress oxide inks. And I’ll talk about those in a video soon. However you can use
these with other inks too as I’ve demonstrated in many videos. With these inking tools
you start off of the paper and work your way on, and you
can get a beautiful blend. There our replacement
foams available for this. So I like to have one
foam circle for each color of ink that I have and I just
switch it out on the tool. So these ink blending
tools are tried-and-true. I’ve been using them for many years and I know many of you have too. And they’re great for lots of
different inking techniques. Next we have the Tim
Holtz distress sprayer. I’ve used many different
mists bottles over the years but this is my favorite for many reasons. And I’ve switched to using
this for all my water misting and even for perfect
pearl misting, where I put some perfect pearl pigment
powder in the water and spray it for a pearlized look. There is a lock feature on the bottle, so all you have to do is press the button and it’ll lock it, so you don’t have to
worry about any accidents and press it again to be able to open it. This nozzle is really easy to spray. And what’s fun about it is
you can get different types of spray with it. If you push the nozzle
handle just partially just a little bit you can
get big drops of water, big splashes of water as you see here. or if you press the handle completely, you can get a fine mist. Because I can control the
water so well with the sprayer, I reach for this one the most. Okay let’s next talk about paper trimmers. Over the years I have tried and used so many different paper trimmers. I can’t tell you how many. But I have narrowed it
down to two trimmers that I use on a daily basis. The first is the Tim Holtz trimmer. This has measurements
and a Ledge at the top and on the bottom which makes it great for getting accurate cuts. I like the size of this it’s not too big. It’s lightweight but
definitely heavy-duty. so let me cut a piece of
card stack here to show you. There’s a little ledge with
the measuring on the bottom and you put your paper up against that, put your hand on that plastic piece and then cut down. You can also cut at the top because there’s a ledge in measuring up there too. So I find that I always get beautiful cuts and you don’t need to have
a rip placement blade . This will stay sharp. You can get tiny little
strips if you want to, easily with this trimmer and
the grid on the background makes it easy to make sure
everything is lined up and help with measuring . If you’re looking for a bigger trimmer, there is a larger Tim Holtz
tonic trimmer available that has a handle on it
but is similar to this. However, I find the
smaller size so much easier to work with on my desk. Here I have an 8 1/2 by
11 piece of card stack. You can see how easy
it is to cut it in half and then cut it in half
again which gives me 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch pieces that
are perfect for a note card So I feel like this
trimmer is a great size for card makers, easy to work with and it cuts beautifully. You’ve probably seen it me use it in almost every video I do. Another trimmer that I like is the fiskars reinforced paper trimmer. Now this is a bit bigger so it can cut bigger pieces of card stack. It has a locking feature
at the top so it’s easy for on the go, and it has
an arm that swings out so you can measure up to I
think it’s like 15 inches. I actually never swing it out. I don’t usually find a need for it but I like that it’s there. You can see that on the
work surface of this trimmer there are easy measurement lines and there is that silver bar. See how that flips up that
silver bar on it make sure that when you move the
blade it stays straight. No wobbly cutting with this. You can get replacement blades for this but I find they last a long time. so I haven’t needed to replace mine yet. Now you can see how
the blade runs right up against that silver ledge,
ensuring you get a straight cut. The thing that I really
like about this trimmer, is see how there are measurements to the right of where it cuts. So if you need to measure
a strip that say an inch or a quarter inch like here, you can measure it to the
right of the cutting line and then cut it and be sure
you get the right width. So having those measurements
to the right is sometimes handy so I reach for this in that case. I so use this trimmer if I have
bigger pieces of card stack that I want to cut, but
again it’s lightweight, not too big, but durable. So I can easily grab it and
bring it to my work surface. Now I had used a different
type of Fiskars trimmer that looks similar but it had a wire edge. Now some people had problems
with that not cutting straight. So this was the solution
Fiskars came up with, you can still see where
you’re cutting nicely but because of that silver
arm you get a straight cut. I really like this trimmer
and I highly recommend it. A new product this year that
I really have enjoyed recently is the Gina K masking magic. Now this is excellent for
masking because when you ink or stamp over it you don’t get a halo because it’s super thin. However, it’s durable so that
if you stamp an ink on it, it doesn’t allow bleeding through the mask which some masking paper does. I also like that you
can somewhat see through this masking paper, so
you can easily line it up with your stamped image
or on your card below. Now in addition to using masking magic for stamped masked images you can also use it with die-cutting. It die cuts beautifully. Here I die cut the word awesome
from some masking magic, put it onto my paper and
quickly inked over it. The results are great you
get a nice crisp image. No halo effect here. So I will be using this masking
magic a lot in future videos because it is so durable. You can save the mass and
use them over and over. Masking magic has just
the right amount of stick so it doesn’t harm or tear your
paper but you can reuse it. I’ve been testing this product
out a lot behind the scenes, I always do that before
I share it in a video but I will have how-to
videos with it very soon. Another product that I
like to use for masking are the Avery removable adhesive sheets. These are 8 1/2 by 11 sheets
that have the stick on it that’s very similar to the
stick of a post-it note. So it’s great for masking. This is an inexpensive product. However, I usually only use the mask I create with it once or twice. If it has too much ink on
it it will bleed through. But one use is fine. Another product I’ve
been using a lot lately is the heffy doodle memo tape. It’s got this great dispenser and there are replacement rolls available. Now this comes out easily and
you can tear right along it it’s about two inches
wide and this memo tape, it has the stick that’s
similar to a post-it note. So lets I want to mask a
straight edge on my card I use this and I find that I am able to reuse it a couple times. You can also use this for masking. Just stamp a small image on it cut it out and you have a mask ready to go. You can also use this memo
tape to help with die-cutting and I’ll show that a little
bit later in this video. Next I decided to include
the Royal Sovereign laminator because I have used it a lot this year. I actually don’t have mine
anymore my daughter’s in college to become a teacher and she
was using it in the classroom, so I gave it to her but I’ve
ordered a new one for myself. There are many different
laminators out there that you can use for crafting. This one I recommend
because the price point is excellent right now. And it lasts well and some of the foiling companies recommend it. You can use this for foiling techniques and I’ll link to a video
up here on the top right if you want to check that out. But I also use my laminator
a lot to create dividers for my stamps and dies. All I do is cut a piece of
card stack, run it through the laminator in a laminating pouch which I’ll link to also and
then I can label on the top and I have a very durable
divider for my stamps and dies. And by the way if you all
want me to do a video showing how I make those dividers let me know and I’ll try to do that in the new year. Let’s next focus a bit on tools
that are good for stamping. Now here’s the good news. There aren’t many tools that I recommend. However there is one that I recommend more than anything else for crafting. And that is the Misti stamping tool. I’ve been using the
Misti stamping tool since it first came out and have
bought many more throughout the years, because I often
have other crafting with me and it’s an excellent gift. By using the Misti, I find
I save myself a lot of time I don’t mess up nearly as often, and I can mass-produce cards easily which is something that I do often. It can be used for all
of your basic stamping and for many fun techniques. There are three versions
available, the mini, the original and the
memory size which is big. I find I use the original which is the one you see here the most. It works perfect for card-making. To see how to use the Misti
you can check out just about any of my videos because I use it often. I do recommend getting
the Misti mousepad insert. That’s what you see here. It comes with little paper
sheets that you can put inside but I like this mousepad because
you can easily clean it up and you just remove it in case
you want to use a cling stamp I also recommend getting
the Misti bar magnet if you don’t have it. This really holds the paper
still when you do your stamping. And I think the newer
Misty’s now come with this instead of the small circle magnets. I also recommend the
Misti creative corners. I use these quite often
especially that l-shaped one. These can be used in
so many different ways. So let’s look at the smallest one first. This is great if you want to
float your card stack piece out from the corner bit. So if you put that down and
tuck that into the corner your stamps can kind of hang
off the edge of the card stock when you do the stamping. You can also arrange this in your Misti with the triangle shape and leave a little gap between
them where you can put a thin strip of card stack
and then easily stamp a sentiment on it perfectly straight. By following the grid
lines on your work surface and the grid lines on
the door of the Misti. You can get a straight
stamped image every time. This is the L shape that
I use often to make sure that I’m stamping straight or
just to make easy measurements while using your Misti. You can also use the triangle shape to create diagonal stamping on your cards. Now these creative corners
can be used in many ways and you’ll see me use them in videos throughout the new year. A product that has been
on my favorites list for many years now is
hero arts ultra clean. Now this spray cleaner
is great for cleaning any of your stamps from any of your inks. Here I’m just demonstrating
on that wood stamp. However, you can use this on clear stamps and it’s perfectly safe. I just spray a tiny bit onto the stamp, use my dry cloth to rub the ink off and if you want to you
can use a baby wipe too. But that ultra clean is great at getting away any stubborn ink. However do keep in mind, that high quality clear stamps sometimes
stain from certain inks. That’s okay as long as you clean it with the Hero Arts Ultra Clean, you can be sure that any excess ink is removed before moving on to another color even if there is staining. Now years ago I used to use
baby wipes to clean my stamps. I don’t use nearly as many
baby wipes as I used to since switching to those microfiber cloths that I’ve shown you. However once in a while a
baby wipe is nice to have and I really like this
Kirkland brand baby wipe. They fragrance are free, they don’t leave little wispies behind and they’re inexpensive. You can get these at
Costco or if you want to you can buy them online on Amazon and I’ll link to that below. But Costco has a great price. I like the container lets you
tuck the baby wipe back in if you haven’t used it completely and it closes so they don’t dry out. Last but not least we
have die-cutting tools. I just recently posted a video on my favorite die-cutting machines. If you didn’t catch that
video I will link to it here I recommend watching that to see which die-cutting machines I recommend. In this video I’m just showing
the tools that go along with the die cut machine. Earlier I showed the
Heffy Doodle memo tape and how it can be used for masking. But you can also use it for die-cutting Some die cut machines apply
a lot of pressure to tape. So you don’t want it to be too sticky or it might harm the paper. In this case, this has a tiny bit of tack. So that you can get just the right hold. It is a very loose hold keep that in mind because it is sticky tape. But it can be used with no problem. And I found I can reuse
each pace a couple of times. Now for it quite a while now, I’ve been using Therm O Web
purple tape to hold my dyes in place as I cut. And I find this works really well. You only need a tiny little
piece and you can tape your die in place and it won’t move at all. And you can reuse one of
these pieces several times. Now this is somewhat like painters tape but the tack of it is
just right to use on paper without having to harm it. One thing I wanted to
show you is say you have a larger piece of this tape down that may be used for masking or whatever. To remove the tape from your paper, what I like to do is
fold it back on itself when I’m taking it off. So here you can watch
I’m gonna fold it back and pull it off that way. And by doing that I can
be sure no paper is harmed and I’ve never had a problem at all. I find that one roll
of purple tape last me for quite some time since the pieces can be reused so many times. If you find that the stick of this tape or any other tape is a little bit too much for your die-cut machine
you can always remove some of the stick first by just
pressing it onto your jeans or your arm just to remove
a little bit of that stick. Next up is the Spellbinders Embossing mat. I’ve had this brown mat for so many years and I use it on and off a lot. I think this is one of
those die cutting tools that not enough people use. It is so handy and is great for getting more use out of your dies. Simply set your die cut machine up as if you were using an Embossing folder. Instead you take the brown Embossing mat, you take your die and you
put your paper in between. And what happens is when
you run it through instead of your die cutting the paper it’s going to make an
impression into the paper thanks to that brown mat. I use this mat with a lot of different die-cutting machines
including my Gemini junior my big Shot, my Platinum six. It’s a great tool to have. it’s inexpensive and look at the beautiful results you can
get from just about any dye. Another tool that’s great for die-cutting and I use almost every time
I use my die cut machine is a metal adapter plate. I think memory box used to sell this but they aren’t anymore
but Simon Says Stamp is. And this is great for
using with die-cutting to get perfect cuts from
even intricate dies. All I do is put it underneath
my bottom cutting plate and this shim just gives
you a little more pressure to make sure that all dies cut. Now I want to show you
the difference it makes. So here I have my die cut machine, how you normally would use it. I have a very large intricate die and I’m die-cutting from some
heavyweight white card stack. Because of how intricate
and large this die is and that I’m using very
heavyweight card stack, it may not cut completely
through as you see here. However, if I have that
metal shim underneath my bottom cutting plate and
I do the exact same thing I can be sure that it’ll cut completely through this intricate die. I really love large intricate dies. I think the results are beautiful. So to be able to have that
little bit of shim under there to make sure it cuts is
definitely worth it to me. another fun tool for die-cutting
that’s just really handy to have is a Lint Roller. Now sometimes when you’re die-cutting you get little pieces everywhere
or you get pieces stuck to your cutting plates or
stuck inside of your die. I just have a Lint roller that
I use to roll right across any of those things and it
removes those tiny little pieces and because the pieces are big, I find that I can reuse one of the sheets from the Lint Roller, many times before I need to switch it out. I also highly recommend having
the Tim Holtz craft pick. Now there are many little
tools out there that are meant to get the tiny little
die-cuts out of your dies. However I always go
back to the craft pick. One big reason is you can retract the pick so you don’t have to worry
about hurting yourself when you have a messy desk like me, and you can ease pop the die-cuts out. That’s what those tiny little
holes on your dies are for. Just flip it over pop
that little craft pick through the hole and your
little die-cuts will come out. This tool has been around for a long time and is something that
I’ve always reached for. One question I get asked
a lot is how to cut the metal between dies. Due to manufacturing
most dies come connected like the ones you see here. However, the good thing
is you can easily cut these apart using wire cutters. I like the Your Next
Stamp wire cutters because they come to a nice fine point so you can easily get in between the dies and they cut very easily. I’ve tried many different
brands but this is the one that I seem to go to the most often
because they cut so well. So there you have my recommendations for crafty tools for 2018 . Now I have linked all
of these products below in my youtube description, so
that you can easily find them. You can also go over to my
blog for much more information and videos that feature
some of these products. On my blog I also have
lots of discount codes and some big giveaways. In the middle I have a couple other my favorite crafty things
videos that you can check out. I appreciate the time
that you spend with me. I hope this video is
helpful to you in deciding what you might need to
add to your crafty stash. Thanks for watching
and we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “My Favorite Crafty Things 2018: TOOLS

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