New Education Tools from Windows 10

[MUSIC] The greatest challenges
are really on the scale of our operations, so we have 28,000 students
spread across 43 campuses. The makeup of that student
population varies from high poverty to affluency and so, equity is a big challenge for
us. Where we wanna ensure that the
kids that don’t have access to some of these technical
resources, get the same learning experience, as the kids that
might have it in their homes. [MUSIC]>>With the anniversary update
of Windows 10, we focused on a few areas to make Windows
10 even better for education.>>They can use the inking tools
to highlight the rubric and self-assess like, did I meet
these requirements for my essay? They can also share
their essays. So if one of us write something
down on the collaboration space, it’ll show up on the other
person’s tablet screen, so we can all share our ideas and
work on one project.>>They do a lot of drawing in
that program so it’s nice to be able use a pen or use their
fingers to be able to do that.>>Microsoft Edge, the modern
browser in Windows 10, is the only browser today that
supports integrated support for ink and note taking. But when a student just takes
a pen and touches the screen, they can access that pen work
space to get a whiteboard they can draw on, share things
with their other students or the teacher, create sticky
notes, and really make pen feel like an integrative
part of the experience. We’ve seen today that 90% of
the PCs used in a school, are shared. We need to make sure as that PC
goes from student one to student two they have a great experience
and the PC works all year long.>>Even when I’m gone,
they’re able to go through and find their files and be able to
do their activities without very much adult assistance.>>With the Windows anniversary
update, the things that we are providing to make
Windows 10 even better for education are faster,
easier to set up. We have schools where they don’t
have a bunch of infrastructure. The teacher is the person
who sets up the technology, who manages the technology. We need to make sure that he or she can easily get a Windows
10 PC and in just 3 steps, set it up and make it
available in the classroom. At the same time, we also know
there are schools on the other end of the spectrum,
that are much larger, with a bunch of IT pros
that manage that school. We’ve built a bunch of solutions
for them as well to make it very easy for those type of schools
to easily manage, deploy, and customize those Windows PCs for
their needs and for those students so
that they can be successful. The ability to easily
orchestrate and run a test in your classroom
removing any kind of things that would distract a student.>>It’s almost second
nature to them now of okay we’re taking a test today. They go to the content
library and move it over to their own file,
know how to title it. Mid module assessment 2A and
take it.>>We also see from
educational institutions that on their existing
hardware that be three, five, seven years old
improved performance.>>They boot up faster or run faster on the same older
hardware and so, for us it’s actually been a way to get
extra life out of our devices. The log ins,
those types of things for Office 365 are really critical. We wanted the kids to get into
the Microsoft Store without having issues there,
having those accounts set up. The OneDrive access, they’re
not logging in four different times for four different things.>>We’re also excited
about these new modern Windows universal applications
that we distribute through the Windows Store, but
be able to easily find a lot of great apps from Fluid Math,
Know, and Staff Pad. We’re excited about investments
like the Microsoft Classroom and the new free class notebook
add-on for OneNote.>>I don’t know how I
taught before Windows 10. It seems like it was so
much more difficult before.>>If I did this by pen and
paper, the stacks of homework I would have to check, and papers
I’d have to grade and things I would have to keep organized,
would probably double. I can log on to my computer and
everything. Rough drafts, outlines, final drafts are all there,
organized in a systematic way. It’s brilliant. [MUSIC]

31 thoughts on “New Education Tools from Windows 10

  1. Teachers should always be neutral and not do adverts for any company. As long as students are forced to have a "Windows 10"-something, this is not working. What would this imply? As a teacher you would do (free) advertising for a company. In Germany this is prohibited by law.

  2. our school has chromebooks…. they are so slow and so bad. This is why i take my acer 2–in 1 to school.

  3. i think that really effective and efficient. but that only works for high-class student isn't it ? can you make a product that can help education in developing country.

  4. I don't know how many of these comments come from actual teachers, but I have had a class set of Acer c720s for my high school geometry class for almost 2 years. and I absolutely love them. I can do more with a Chromebook than I ever could before. Notes are posted on Google Classroom for the students to make copies of and save to their Drive. It is easy to embed Geogebra or Desmos activities in their notes.

    If I am doing an assignment that requires collaboration, nothing is better than Google Docs. I know Microsoft has their own version but it isn't as refined as Drive. Google's just works.

    Someone mentioned speed. Our Chromebooks, c720s with 4gb RAM, boot in 8 seconds. If they need to update, 8 seconds. If something does go wrong, and sometimes it does. Hard reset and back up and running in 8 seconds. Our school also bought Lenovo Yogas, Windows 8. Not only did they take a couple more minutes to start up. But if they needed to be restarted it took minutes. One laptop took 11 minutes to restart. If you only have 55 minutes, you just lost 20% of your day.

    Students don't like Chromebooks because they are hard to play around on because they are locked down.

    So if you think Windows is better, great. I was definitely anti-Chromebook when they first came out, but now that everything is moving towards web based programs it's the best choice for education.

  5. I can honestly say that for my school, Chromebooks don't work out well. Nobody knows how to use them, as everyone is so used to Windows/Microsoft Office that it's just a cluster. I'm very grateful that Microsoft is taking a step further into education, and can't wait to see what comes next.

  6. What about helping other countries with upgrading PCs like Germany? In my school we use Windows 7 on a damn slow PC.

    It's dissapointing to see that those kids get middle-end lap tops to do some drawings and we have to work with some low-end PCs.

    Uhm, that's just not fair :[

  7. Finally an own GUI. Finally a nice graphical interface. Finally a robust system like linux!!!!! And long live the start menu.


  9. gak aman kalo dikasih ke Siswa di Indonesia. Bisa-bisa dipake negatif. malah jadi males baca.

  10. Hello, my school uses W. 10 education, with HP probook 11's, I can connect to the wifi at school, but not at home, and its a district wide issue. Is there a fix?

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