NextoDI NPS-10 – Portable Backup Device

NextoDI NPS-10 back up your footage the easy way. cinema5D at IBC 2019
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post-production and television Hi, I’m Johnnie from cinema5D and
I’m here with Stefan from Aspectra, how are you? Fantastic, thank you,
it’s been a great show. Happy for you, maybe
also for us but, you know, it’s just the middle. In any case, I want to
talk about a new… …actually, it’s not so new,
or is it new? Storage device or backup
device from TV Logic and Nexto, they are now cooperating and this is the NPS-10. What is it? It’s a storage device, so you can rapidly backup
your files from a camera and it means you can have
a very secure copy, very quickly, and you can then if you
wish, reuse the cards. Okay, this was a real summary,
thanks for… No, I’m joking, we can
continue, of course. How long has this been
in the market now? We first started shipping
these middle of June. It was shown at NAB for
the first time in April. The thing, I have one of those
and I have to say I’m deeply impressed about
the quality and how fast it works and that’s why actually
I wanted to interview you and talk about this device. Can you just give me
the key highlights of this portable backup device? Okay, so it’s a small -as you can see-
and portable device dropping your camera
back very easily it will take two SD cards,
an SD micro card, you’ve got two USB slots
at the bottom, one of which is USB C for powering
and for very fast copying there are three different models and that is down to the final
slot on the top there. So you have a version for XQD,
a version for CF and one for C fast. Okay, please allow me to
ask the questions as if I don’t know the device. Will it only copy the material
or also verify it? It will copy and verify so you have a number of copy
modes when you plug in a file it will copy in the fast mode,
copy and verify, or if you’ve put the same
card in a second occasion you have the option to
only copy new files. Nice, it will recognize what
already has been copied and then move on to the new files. Precisely, so that means that you
don’t have to replace the original files if you’re short on time, it’s another
way of just saving some time. Now, let’s move on,
when you sell it, do you sell it already
with an SSD inside or you allow people to choose
whatever they like, whatever size or capacity of
SSD they want? No, we allow people to choose
their own SSD so, whichever they think
they can get the best deal on, whichever model they’re
most happy with. When we started advertising this the largest disk you could get
in that thin size was 2 terabyte. Now we’re already up to 4 terabytes and the machine is actually capable
of supporting a much larger drive. I have to say that that was very easy just to choose
and put inside the drive and also how fast it works,
the copying itself and the battery life is quite impressive. I really I have to say. I do like also this rubber
casing that comes just around. This is not optional, that’s
part of the kit? It’s part of the kit it’s a little bit of extra protection and it also gives you an
idea of which model you have because they’re a slightly
different shade of grey depending on which card
you have at the top there. It can also play the footage. Will you do it with all formats? Because there’s so many
formats and codecs out there, or it’s still limited? There are a limited number of formats. I say limited, it’s quite a wide range but it
won’t play absolutely everything. If you check the website,
if you check the the manuals you’ll find exactly which ones
it will and won’t handle and if you talk to your local dealer they should also be able to
provide you with that information. But certainly most common
files, more than happy with. Just to explain, this
little window here is actually a low grade LCD but you can see the photos
or the videos that you are taking. Also in terms of operation, everything
is being operated with one button, Am I right? That’s right, it’s a very simple system you have a button wheel
beside there press and hold it to turn it on and then once the system is turned on you either give a long
press or a short press to select the next function and the will to move up
and down the menus. Very, very simple single
hand operation. Indeed, so please watch this space
for a full review of this device it’s simply easy to use
and it’s working. There is no other word. How about pricing? Pricing, I think is extremely good 379 euros, you have to choose
your own hard drive but, for what it does, it’s a fabulous
product, a great price. Stefan, thank you very much. Guys, thank you very
much for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, thank you.

9 thoughts on “NextoDI NPS-10 – Portable Backup Device

  1. Finally a gr8 product which doesn't make you slave and give rights to choose whatever drive you have or you can buy whatever drive you like. These are real challenge for other products. Thanks for reveling these short of product to consumer like us. GR8 job cinema 5D. Thank you.

  2. So happy the price of these Nexto units have dropped, I've eyed one for years but personally couldn't justify the price over a basic laptop for in-field offloads. Love the feature of adding/removing your own SSDs. Nice job Nexto!

  3. Terrible interview by the interviewer. I couldn't watch the whole thing. A shame because I am sure I would have like the product.

  4. Why the hell is the interviewer holding the device and not the rep? He can’t point to the slots ffs. When is someone going to tell him he is too close and swinging his hands across the rep’s face. Really unaware and disrespectful.

  5. Hi, I didn't really found an answer. Is it possible to backup the files from the internal disc to another harddrive, that is connected via USB 3.0 or USB-C or do I need a laptop for that kind of work?

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