One Ton Kenwood Dc Inverter Ac 75% | online ilm seekho

I bought This A.C For My Home.its just a review.You buy or not it’s Your choice.

11 thoughts on “One Ton Kenwood Dc Inverter Ac 75% | online ilm seekho

  1. Sir you are 100% OK happy the quality of Kenwood 1813
    You think that's good quality Ac
    As per your knowledge gree price higher then others China Ac

  2. i have same model but now it is not working some time it shows error of 36 and 19 can anyone tell me what is the best solution for this problem as its compressor is not working

  3. Sir bht zabardast aik request thi ap ac k indoor k side o specifications hngi uski pic mjy whatsapp krskty hen plss i need that to buy nd make my mind..

  4. Plz Note: This is one Ton A.C & Elctricity Bill Increases & Decrease according To Units rate, Home appliances & Your A.c. I bought This A.C For My Home in 2018. its just a review. First Search A.c Market Thoroughly. Buy the Best Comapny a.c which you like. I am not saying that you buy this a.c in video. its just a review. If You want To buy Then Buy on your Behalf. i am not responsible. Technology Changes day by day. this technology is of 2018. Thanx .

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