“Oops, we are having trouble accessing TomTom services” on Wi-Fi™ devices

Connection issues for Wi-Fi devices Sometimes when trying to log in with your TomTom account you might see one of these messages If you get this error message the first time you’re using your new device you can resolve this with a reset Open the Main Menu select Settings System and then Reset device You should now be able set up and start using your device as normal If you get the error message while you are trying to update your device or log in to MyDrive you need to check that your device has a proper connection To update the maps speed cameras or the software on your device you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network Open the Main Menu select Settings then Wi-Fi Enter the login information for the Wi-Fi network and select Connect If your information is saved from a previous attempt and the password field shows “unchanged” make sure you re-type it into all the fields You can also use your computer’s internet connection if you are not able to connect to a Wi-Fi network at that moment Connect your device with via USB to a computer that has MyDrive Connect installed When your device is recognised MyDrive Connect will show the message “Connect your GO the easy way” and you can start the updates through the menu on your device Finally if you want to sync places or routes from MyDrive to your device you need to be connected by either Wi-Fi a built-in SIM card for your device or through a paired smartphone, depending on your device You can see the status of your connection by going to Menu select the question mark and About Scroll down to see your connection status and if you might need to try a different connection

5 thoughts on ““Oops, we are having trouble accessing TomTom services” on Wi-Fi™ devices

  1. In the past month my Go 520 cannot find the GPS signal for extended periods of time. This cost me two missed exits and nearly an hours time yesterday. What gives? My software is up to date and there is a clear path to the sky.

  2. Hi i have a tomtom 6200 and recently I have expired the speed camera package as I do to rinovvarlo I tried to connect in all ways tom tom to the pc but it does not work tells me that go can be updated via the internet but I just have to renew the expired speed camera package

  3. Hi all, new user here.

    Today, after 2 days of reading and struggling, I called TT Customer support in an attempt to solve the "OEPS…", problem not able to connect my new GO5200 WiFi to the TT Servers during setup.

    Together with a very friendly lady, we went through all Soft- and Hard Reset drills, connecting and disconnecting WiFi etc, to no avail.

    My GO5200 would not connect to the firmware/maps/etc servers.

    Funny thing was, that with the exact same User-id/password, I could successfully sign on to "My Drive Connect" on my Laptop and to any TomTom URL she directed me to.

    As a last resort, she reset my Registration Password to something simple.

    Lo and behold, that did the trick and I could logon to MyDrive on the GO5200 as well as Mydrive Connect on the PC.!

    I think this particular problem is caused by the GO5200 software.

    The password I (succesfully) used on my TomTom Mydrive Connect PC software (I use TomTom Mydrive Connect for my wife's TomTom device) was a rather complex password.

    It consisted of 13 characters, of which 2 numerals, one Capital letter and an Ampersand (&).

    All these are valid characters according to the examples offered on the GO5200 screen, but apparently the GO5200 does not transmit such complex passwords as typed.

    After Customer Support reset the password to something simple, it worked instantly.

    Hope this helps someone.

  4. I have a Tom Tom Truck Nav 6000. I purchased Euro Live Traffic. After a month I have nothing on my Nav. Soft reset. Factory reset. Don’t use a touch screen lap top. Use a PC. Still won’t load, but the help desk says it’s on my device. I’m ready to put a hammer through the thing. What a waste of money. I’m gonna bin the sod and try Snooper

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