Outcome Engineering: 5 Guidelines to Delivering Products that Create Impact | Cognizant Softvision

Sometimes the likelihood of success is
obvious. It’s that project where everything feels
like it has momentum, there’s buy-in, there’s a sense that the customers the
end-users want what you’re building and that your team is collaborating to
create something that simply works. We call this Outcome Engineering. It’s a
creative process for engineering problem solving that marries technological
perspective and Design Thinking methodologies orienting product
development to ensure desired business outcomes. So what makes Outcome
Engineering as a process unique? Most companies only know life before Outcome Engineering, where innovation projects are typically approached in one of two
ways: an engineering team takes technology know-house and tackles a new idea then hands off to designers to add in the user experience or designers
employ design thinking and define the solution for developers to deliver. Its
engineering-led versus design-led. Two traditional worlds trying to capture
success. The best of both worlds though is Outcome Engineering where your goal
is to actually ensure the best case business outcomes for every project.
Designers and engineers are collaborative as project co-leaders from
day one, outlining project scope, identifying needs and finding ways to
deliver hand-in-hand. Where design thinking brings user-centric design
minded problem-solving to multiple roles, Outcome Engineering adds a technologist-perspective to the mix. Designers empower engineering vision by augmenting user
experiences to capture more data and harness technology effectively. Engineers
broaden design possibilities with a vision for what the most cutting-edge
technology could enable. This dynamic opens new best-case possibilities to
achieve goals. In order to become an Outcome Engineering organization though established systems must be put in to place that allow for collaboration
and good planning. Once Outcome Engineering becomes the delivery model,
growth becomes the norm and success is imminent. Cognizant Softvision is an
Outcome Engineering company. Are you? Learn more. Connect with our team today!

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