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Hello I’m Matt Jordan from Pearl
Corporation and today we are excited to announce and introduce our new EM1
malletStation. This is a three octave adjustable range midi mallet controller
that we’re really excited about we worked with Keith McMillan instruments
on this design and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. So let me walk
you through some of some of the features that we have in this. So the most
exciting part of this is that it’s actually powered by USB MIDI so you can
plug it into your computer so either Mac or PC your iPad or your iPhone it’s
actually bus powered through that as well so what that really allows you to
do is actually be truly portable you can be out in you know outside with just an
iPad and your malletSTATION plug in your headphones and practice and go. So
I’m just going to play a little bit on our marimba sound and we are actually
using this and this is actually just a MIDI controller so there’s no sounds
built-in so you can use it with any sound engine or software that you have
so right now we’re gonna use some sounds through mainstage and this is a marimba
sound. [PLAYS MARIMBA] you can use an octave down button to get that to lower range [PLAYS LOWER MARIMBA RANGE] so very sensitive throughout all the
dynamic ranges which make it really nice the next really useful feature is that
we actually have an adjustable range so normally when you buy a keyboard
percussion electronic instrument you have to choose between F to F or C to C so what we’ve done is actually filled in all the accidentals and actually made it
where you can shift between any of those keys so for example I can just take this
cap off, move it down and move from being in F to being in C so just as easy as
that we’re still working on these key caps this is a prototype model so some
of the key caps are still in development and we’re gonna be getting some feedback
from people here at PAS to see which direction to kind of take this in which
we’re really excited about so after I’ve moved the key caps I can then use the low note selection here to actually move that down to being C3 to 3 or a
three octave C to C instrument instead so you’re able to get that low 5 octave
sound without having to have a big 4 octave or 5 octave instrument you can
actually get all those different ranges for what you need if you’re playing
marimba you can have your low C sound if you’re playing vibraphone you can have
your low F sound we can actually take it to any other diatonic note so low A, low
D, low G anything you need to fit the range of the music that you’re working
on so one of the other things that people do quite often with electronic
percussion controllers is replace instruments that are in for example a
pit orchestra with a musical so one of the things that we’ve set up here is
some timpani, chime and bass drum sounds that really allow you to make all
of your sounds work with one patch and so we’ve been jokingly saying this is
the $15,000 patch because of the instruments that it replaces and what
your possible to do with this so here’s some timpani and chime sounds the other cool thing we’ll be able to
been able to do we actually have three pedal inputs on the back of this unit so
we have a sustain pedal and expression pedal mapped so on the expression pedal
I’ve actually set up where you can do timpani glisses you can actually do
different things and actually get some of those more timpanistick type of
sounds just with the instrument here so the most exciting thing that we have is
going to be some of the controls we have on the side here which I’m going to
demonstrate using our vibraphone sound so one of the cool things about this
vibraphone is that actually allows you to use your motor but not only that can
you use your motor you can actually use the controls on the side to control it
so if I have a standard vibraphone sound I can then actually turn the motor on
using one of the buttons and then I can also then use the fader to adjust the
speed of that vibraphone motor the other nice thing is that we have full
dampening control as well as dead stroke control so if I actually play a
sustained note here on F, I can then do dead strokes and also at the same time
dampen the other notes I’ll play that chord again so you have full control of
dampening, dead stroke and regular sustain all again built into the
instrument really easy to use. Another nice feature about the malletSTATION is
that we actually have the ability to play with sticks so down in the lower
octave the instrument, I’m actually going to change back to F for this demonstration but I can actually play percussion
sounds with high amounts of accuracy there we go
I have different sounds with drum set and it’s really sensitive has a nice
velocity sensitivity throughout that also lots of different possibilities
with synthesizer sounds this is a great gateway for percussionists into being
able to play non-traditional percussion sounds so this for example is just a
normal kind of synth traditional 80s synth sound but we also have the filter
cutoff mapped to the expression pedal so you can do a very familiar theme at this
point for everybody and get all the same filter cut-offs
that you have in the original which is really cool we also have the ability to
do monophonic patches and using the faders to map to some sorts of filters
and cut-offs with that really cool possibilities that really we
haven’t had on percussion instruments before that we’re really excited about
you also have the ability to do things like guitar so if you’ve ever wanted to
play guitar now’s your chance also have the ability with this to
actually turn on harmonics so you can actually use just all these faders to
assign all these different sounds within mainstage so one of the other nice
options that we have with malletSTATION is to be able to plug it in with an
iPhone or iPad so as an example I’m going to use my iPhone I’m gonna plug it in with this camera connection kit that Apple offers and it’s just going
straight to USB to the device so I can go to GarageBand or any other sample or
app so in this instance I’m actually going to go into GarageBand so now it’s loaded I have the ability to
go to different sounds I can go to a keyboard sound here we have a piano sound running straight
through your iPad which is really exciting and the best part about this
instrument by by a longshot is the price we have a street price on this
instrument of only $999 dollars and you can get this instrument at Thanks for watching.

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  1. very interesting piece of gear. nice demo. did anyone count the number of times the world "actually" was used during the demo? just kidding…

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