Petrol Bike To Geared Electric Bike | Electric Bike With 12 Gears

Hi, guys, I am Shalin and I welcome all of you to techtube360 and he is my friend Tejas Hi friends So guys like last time this time too we have made a geared electric bike and I would like to inform you of one thing that this time we have used 12 gears four of which are mechanical and 3 electronic gears so total 3 *4 we get 12 variable speeds and in this build we have added lot of new features like we used lifepo4 battery pack and we have given this bike a name no problem electric bike because I have been testing this bike since three months without any problems for building this bike we have had worked very hard and spent a lot of time in making it we have given this bike brand new futuristic look in making this bike we considered 4P features and those are power, performance, pickup, and pocket-friendly and friends tones of thanks for showing immense and support for our previous video so friends what are the features of this bike and how does it perform we will take a test drive and show you the performance drive, stay tuned till the last you will enjoy it !!! so friends as you can see this battery bay which is our standard style and in this Boxer Bike this time we have used Lifepo4 battery pack the battery pack has been split into two halves as the chassis pipe passes from between this The left one is 8 series and six parallel configuration and the right hand side one is 7 series and and 6 parallel so in total it is 15S 6P configuration and the balance wires have been connected from inside of the battery pack via this IPX waterproof connectors to this BMS module here is the BMS which is called Battery Management System Module so likewise this battery pack is 48V and 36Ah Now I will show you the wiring connections so friends this connector connects the left and right side of battery packs is a link wire and this one is the output from BMS which is 48v 36Ah this has been connected here to the connector box I have applied grease to all these to protect it from rusting connections from here go to our controller will show you the controller in a second so friends here we previously had the air filter of the bike where we have a fixed motor controller and this little guy here is converter to run all 12V electricals of bike 48v to 12v converter All of our wirings is housed in between this space here and now I will show you the charging port so as you can see we have fixed a Jenson connector fast charging port here here the fast 20Amp charger plugs in you can see see the back part of a motor and will show you how it looks from the other side so, friends, we took a thick metal L plate made out of iron and that L plate has been fixed here where there were block and piston of the internal combustion engine and on this face of L plate our 48v and 1200 watts motor is mounted and on its output shaft we have fixed a pulley and so as to adapt to available size of the belt we have placed a roller tensioner now this belt drives the bottom gearbox shaft pulley in here we have placed the customized shaft if you want to know more you just watch our previous video link in the description box this shaft will drive our gearbox and finally through the gearbox it will transmit power to the drive wheel so friends as you can see this primary drive system motor to gearbox that will be covered later on most probably with a transparent cover so that it would be a pleasure to see so that will be covered later on this part is pending as of now so a mentioned earlier we have 4 mechanical gears and three electronic gears and I will show you the switch for that these are 3 speeds economy, city and sports so in total, we get 12-speed variations in this bike I will show you three motor power modes so, friends, these were the three motor power modes that we have given in this bike which you can switch according to your need here in the gearbox, this lid is for filling in engine oil and we have filled this with recommended grade and quantity of engine oil you actually don’t need to change this engine oil ever even if you will travel 200 thousand km the oil remains usable as there is no IC engine oil quality does not degrade if there is a leakage then you should top-up and this window is used to see the oil quantity as such engine oil here serves the purpose of lubrication in the gearbox only so friends, as you can see this, is our hall throttle and this switch is for turning DRL on-off in our front multifunction indicators and this one here is voltmeter for the battery status and rest all speedometer and all those stuff is present like any other bike we have kept the original speedometer of Boxer with that, you can get an idea of speed range and distance now let me show you the assembling of this bike’s tank seat and side covers it’s very easy just with two-three bolts, it’s fixed we have kept it damn easy to fix as you have just seen friends within just a few minutes the bike body panels and seats are fixed now let me show you the cinematic view of this So guys thank you so much for watching this video till the end so what do you think of this no problem geared electric bike do let us know in the comments if you have enjoyed this video do give it a like if you have not subscribed to my channel do consider subscribing and don’t forget to hit that bell icon so you will get notified about my latest video and I will see you all in a new video till then Bye take care JAI HIND

100 thoughts on “Petrol Bike To Geared Electric Bike | Electric Bike With 12 Gears

  1. Good Project and also one suggestion.

    You could install 1 more battery where the fast charging socket installed so that the lighting system could not affect the main power.

    Battery indicators could be installed in right side of odometer.

    Silencer could also converted into battery pack by using cell which could be used for lighting system without distributing the main battery power.

  2. wow ! jabardast banavyu che bhai , speed pan sar che , also side lite headlamp extraordinary che..carry on brother and next level electric car … best of luck!!

  3. Good work. What is the main advantage of electric with manual transmission? Are you getting advantage in performance or mileage?

  4. For Pakistani it’s wow ….. it’s nice and simple too easy conversion . Looks Pakistan jop but it’s useful and clean!!!


  6. Sir
    It's great if you could present in price details & service details etc
    So that we can get an idea were to approach & haw to get this to be adopted..

  7. Hi,sir iam from Bangalore iam using suzuki access is there any option of converting to electric vehicle 🙂

  8. You have rebuilt it very well, I like it very much only the tank is not nice but does not do it.

    A nice moped. Unfortunately not for Germany right?

  9. सर मुझे बजाज डिस्कवर को कनवर्ट करना है कॉन्टेक्ट नो दीजिये..

  10. This video would have been much more helpful if it was in a language others could understand. This is the internet people! Not a local channel in india

  11. Bravo,you have done well. But can we manufacture a completely new electric bike based on your concept. Please also give an approximate cost of such modification.

  12. Eskobananeme kitna kharcha aay hai please SMS ke jariye malum kare mera mobile number hai 09110630229.

  13. From where i can buy motor and gears ?
    total parts price without batteries ?

    also why you have used pulley ? was it just because of long belt or any other reason ?

  14. क्या बाईक को ईलेक्ट्रीक कंवर्जन के बाद RTO के कुछ शर्ते 🤔😮पुरी करनी होती है

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