Petroleum Engineering Technology

The program came highly recommended through a couple of friends of mine who’ve completed the program in recent years. And to see them go on and start their
careers and be so successful in one of the most lucrative industries
there are and to see them so financially stable was, you know, really eye opening to me
so the money was definitely a huge motive in choosing the Petroleum
Engineering Technology program. You know completely different setting
from say University so that really grabbed my
attention in trying to decide where I wanted to go for my post secondary education. I think it’s a fantastic program, the teachers are great. Well, at Seal Cove Campus, they have a
well control simulator which was fantastic. We got to do a couple of well control
simulations in there. So basically say if the well were to take on a kick, how
would you deal with it? It’s basically an exact replica of how
you would be controlling your well on a rig, so that was great. There’s also a mini
rig, I’ll call it, which we got to you know, make up drill pipe and
essentially drill. It was fantastic as well. So we got to see, you know, I mean, you
read about it all for the second year of the program but
to go out there and see all these things and gain all that priceless hands-on
experience was just, it was amazing and like, so many light bulbs went on in that week. To put, you know, all the classroom lessons in front of you, it just brought them to life so that was really fantastic about about the drill camp. Most of the hands-on experience came from drill camp and and the work term. I chose Petroleum because it’s
leading-edge and it’s the future now in Newfoundland and Labrador, a lot of Canada. And it’s a career that, for sure, you’ll be able to get a career and have a great career in. We’ve learned different parts of geology, learned about production of an oil well, every part of an oil rig and your FPSO. Doing this program makes you eager to go to work, I’m already half passed, halfway through and I’ve enjoyed every ride. You have to
apply yourself, mostly with me, I find it interesting and I’m willing to work at it no matter what. It’s just something I want to do with my life so if you want to do this program, you’ll have no worries of getting through it. The hardest part, I found, was just learning the geology because it’s all memorization. There are going to be courses where you are going to stumble along the way but you’ll get through it, there’s no worries.

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