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One of the cornerstones of digital health
is to transform the point of care from hospitals to the patients. To take patient care right where it’s needed. But how can we offer the same quality of medical
care away from the hospital without the expensive, immobile diagnostic devices like an ultrasound
machine? Well, portable ultrasound seems to be a solution. Most ultrasound devices are inconvenient to
use and hard to move around. They are big, slow and come with their own
monitor and battery powered systems that make them way too expensive. Philips turned the table. They utilized our already powerful smartphones
and tablets to offer a very simple solution. Philips Lumify comes with three transducers
covering a wide frequency range. You plug any of them into your Android device
through a simple USB connection, download the Lumify app and you’re all set. Physicians can make the patients the point
-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver help wherever it’s needed. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing
this device myself and asked colleagues and sonographers to do the same. Their reactions were way better than I expected. Lumify might be the fastest and most convenient
way to do mobile ultrasound. When I plug in the transducer, it detects
it in seconds and let me choose what examination I’d like to perform from abdominal to soft
tissue imaging. The interface is very easy to use and quite
intuitive. I’m pretty sure not only assistants but
even patients could use it too and then submit the results to professionals for review. Just imagine the possibilities. A midwife can do an examination at home in
case of a high-risk pregnancy. Or a Doctor’s Without Borders worker with
a backpack could examine entire refugee camps with it. And Philips won’t stop there. Lumify seems to be part of a bigger vision
that embraces digital health. Even if your doctor is not present, you can
collaborate in real time by sharing your devices’ image, while you communicate through your
devices’ camera. Ultrasound imaging cannot get any easier than
this. That’s truly what digital health is all

8 thoughts on “Philips Lumify: Reviewing the portable ultrasound device – The Medical Futurist

  1. How is this a review? In what way? Why didn't you show any acquired images, loops, talk about the presets if they include the most common measurements, for a cardiac examination for example. I am sorry, but this is an advertisement…

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