PL/SQL and APEX Applications

A couple of you probably use a lot of PL/SQL inside Oracle APEX. But there are a number of reasons to move that PL/SQL into the database… and just call a PL/SQL package procedure in APEX. And those reasons are: 1. Your code will be easily testable when you move it into the database. because within the database you can test a procedure or function with a lot of calls. So it’s simpler to test it. 2. If you implement your logic as a PL/SQL procedure it will be shareable among other applications and developers. So that’s a good thing as well. 3. Your code will be compiled in the database. So it will run faster than the dynamic SQL that’s created within the APEX application. 4. (Probably the most important.) Every procedure in your database… will be part of the dependency analysis. So if you’re making some changes in your database, renaming or removing a column… your procdure will get invalids in the database. If you have the same code in your APEX application you won’t know it until runtime. So that’s the final and best reason to move all the PL/SQL out of your APEX application and into your database. Thanks for listening!

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