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– Hi guys, it’s Jordan and I’m here with my brother Jacob and today we are gonna be
playing Hedbanz Electronics. Thank you so much to Spin Master for sending us this game. Now let’s play. So, what comes in this package is the headband itself, as well as a set of cards that you
put one the headband. So, say I put this candle on the headband, and I’d have to put this on and try and guess what card I have. – Am I a bed? – And you press this button right here and it tells you what to do. So, it tells Jacob that he needs to describe it to me or that I need to ask questions or
that he to acts it out. So, that’s how we play. Let’s get started. The categories are
animals, jobs, and things. So, I think right now we’re both animals. – [Game] Do it. – Act it out. A bird? – Yup. – Tweety Bird. – Yup. You’re a bird. – [Game] Speed bonus. – Speed bonus. – Am I a brown? – Yes. – Green? Brown okay. Am I a gorilla? Am I a horse? Am I a bear? Am I a goose? Am I a deer? Am I a female deer? Am I, do I have paws? – No. (laughing) – Do I have claws? – No. – Do I have finger nails? – No, well, no. – I’m confused. Do I have yellow feet? – Yes. – Am I a bird? – Yes. – Am I a Blue Jay? – No. – Am I a Red Bird? – Am I a Blue Bird, green bird, yellow bird, Tweety Bird? – You know this type of bird? – Am I a duck? – No. – A goose? – No. You’re close. – It’s that thing on the
ocean’s shore, you know that. – No not Seagulls. – Crow? – No. – Black Bird? – [Game] Time’s up. – No you were a chicken. – So, does my job help
people, like save people? – No. – Okay, does my job, um, do I work with other people? – Maybe with a partner. – With like one person. – Yeah. – Do I have a specific uniform? – I don’t know if it’s specific but it looks yellow right now, for me, on the card. – Okay, am I a construction worker? – No. – Do I work with tools? – No. Well sort of. – Oh, am I a business worker? – No. – What? Do I move around in a car? – Yes. – In a truck sort of thing? – Yup. – Do I pick up trash? – Yes. – [Game] Times up. (laughing) – I know I’m the dumpster guy. Okay, describe it. You are blue and I hold
it when it’s rainy. – Oh, umbrella. – Mmhmm. – Kay. – [Game] Red team describe it. – Kay, describe mine. – You like dogs. You help cats, too. – A vet? – Yup. – Ough, I got the card stuck in my hair. – Do we press it. – Oh, yeah. Okay. – [Game] Blue team do it. – Okay. (laughing) – A racoon? A mole? An ant eater? (laughing) Am I an animal, what I’m an animal? Praying Mantis? Seal? A shark? – No. – I’m confused. – [Game] Time’s up. – Small spider. – [Game] Red is in the lead by three. – I have three points. – No you? – I have three extra points. Describe it, okay. – You are black and
white and you smell bad. – Skunk. – Yes. – [Game] Blue team ask it. – Ask questions. – Am I green, am I an animal? – Yes you’re green and you are an animal. – Am I a grasshopper? Am I a frog? Am I a lizard? Am I a gecko? Am I, am I a lion? – No. You’re green. I’m a, a snake. – Yes, you got it right. – Not green. – It was a. – [Game] Red team ask it. – Okay, am I an animal? – Yes. – Am I a household like
animal, like a pet? – Both. – Am I a cat? – No. – Hermit Crab? – No. – Fish? – No. – Dog? – No. – Am I like a farm animal? – Yeah. – Pig? – No. – Chicken? – No. – Cow? – No. – Horse? – Something that can fit in your house. – What? – Small. – Bird. – No. Likes a. – Hamster? – No. – Gerbil? – No. – Mouse? – No. – Rat? – No. It likes carrots. – Bunny Rabbit? – Yes. I had to. – [Game] Blue team do it. – Oh, okay. (snorting) – Am I a pig? – Yup. – [Game] Speed bonus. – Okay. – [Game] Red team do it. – Act me out. Wait am I thing or what am I? – You’re an animal. – Animal, bird? – No. – What? A really weird bird that
doesn’t know how to fly? – No. – I go like this? – No. – That’s a bird. – No. Has eight arms. – Am I an insect? – No. – [Game] Time’s up. – You’re an octopus. – What? (laughing) – [Game] Blue team describe it. – Describe it okay. You are used to eat
things and you’re silver. – Am I a fork or? – And you’re like this? – Am I silverware? – No. – Am I a spoon? – Yes. – Kay. – [Game] Time’s up. Red team nine. Blue team eight. Red is in the lead. – How? – I have one extra point which means I won this game, whoohoo. – I had a lot of fun playing this game. – Me too. Once again, thank you to Spin Master for sending us this
really fun and cool game. If you want your own we’ll leave a link in the description box below to a link of where you can get it. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you give this
video a big thumbs up and comment down below
what your favorite game is. And we’ll see you all next time. Bye.

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