Press & Mark Easy 3 Step Installation for Hardware Installation

(MUSIC UP AND UNDER) Installing Moen bath accessories has never been so fast or simple Thanks to our latest innovation Press and Mark… …accessory installation is as easy as 1-2-3 No more fussing with a paper template and tape or balancing a level to get it straight. With Press and Mark you simply choose a location, use the included self-adhesive level to ensure your product is straight, then press and mark firmly against the wall. The washable ink-dots left behind show you exactly where to drill Available on select Moen accessories… …simply look for the Press and Mark logo. In this video we will demonstrate just how fast and easy it is to install Moen bath accessories with our Press and Mark innovation. We will install a towel bar into drywall using the included anchors. If you are mounting the stud refer to the printed installation instructions. Whether you’re installing a one-post or two-posts bathroom accessory with Press and Mark, follow the same basic installation steps Before getting started gather the right tools for the job For safety and ease Moen recommends using a drill, 5/16 inch drill bit, stud finder, Phillips screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, pencil, and safety glasses if desired. For your convenience, a hex wrench is included in your package. A self-adhesive level is also included with to post accessories Step 1 Choose Location Simply determine where you want to install the towel bar on the wall. A self adhesive level is included with all two post bathroom accessories, such as the towel bar. Gently remove the film backing from the adhesive… …position the level, adhesive side down on the center of the bar. Press firmly and evenly so the level sticks to the bar. Step 2 Press and Mark Each post includes a built-in ink stamp. Remove each cover. Insert the post onto each end of the towel bar. Make sure the set screw hole on each post is facing downward, and the assembled bar is at a 90-degree angle Gently place the towel bar against the wall at the chosen location. Use the attached level to ensure its straight. Press and mark by evenly pushing both posts firmly against the wall for a few seconds. Make sure the assembled bar stays at a 90-degree angle Pull back to reveal the ink dots that show you exactly where to drill. If you make a mistake, simply wipe off the ink marks with a damp cloth and try again. Step 3 Drill and Mount Drill four 5/16 inch holes at the Mark to Ink stamp locations. Fold the ends of each anchor together… …and insert them into the holes. Lightly tap the anchors with a hammer until flush with the wall. Then insert the red pin into each anchor to activate. An audible click indicates activation Position each mounting plate over the holes. The arrows should be facing upwards. Thread the included screws until tight Be careful not to over-tighten Using the included hex wrench, loosen the set screws on each post and remove the ink stamps. Remove the level. Reassemble the towel bar. Attach the posts on to the mounting bracket making sure they’re flush against the wall. Then tighten each of the set screws to secure the posts in place. Congratulations your job is finished! Installing Moen bath accessories with our Press and Mark innovation makes installation fast simple and easy! For more information refer to the printed installation instructions included in each accessory package. If you have any questions about Moen or any of our products, please call Moen consumer services. (MUSIC UP AND OUT)

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