Pro Tools: Cleaning and Editing Tracks

hi how’s it going I’m Ben Lindell and today I’m going to be showing you how to edit and clean your tracks in Pro Tools now this can be a tedious process that’s often overlooked by people but can actually have a direct impact on how your final product sounds so I’m going to show you a few examples where we’re going to remove unwanted noise and get rid of any clicks or pops so in order to speed this process up I’m going to be using the last shortcuts so I’ll explain those as we move along let’s get started first thing I’m going to do is change my cursor over to the smart tool and what this is going to do is add a bunch more editing functions to my mouse secondly I’m going to turn on command keyboard focus by pressing the AZ button over here what this is going to do is add a bunch of our editing keyboard shortcuts that are going to speed things up the first shortcut I’m going to show you is to zoom in by pressing T and a zoom out by pressing R this is going to help you navigate through your sessions quickly let’s move on to our first example I’m going to start with our lead vocal track now as you can see he didn’t start singing at the very beginning of the song so there’s a whole bunch of blank space there so let’s zoom in and see what’s going on to do so I’m just going to click here and zoom in by pressing T so it looks like there’s nothing there right wrong let’s zoom in vertically and find out what’s going on before you start singing just as I thought there’s a bunch of noise there even though it’s quiet once we start compressing this track it’s going to become more and more apparent it could be anything like AC Rumble dogs barking police sirens wife yelling at you doesn’t matter we don’t really want that in our track so to get rid of this I’m going to use a smart tool to trim it down and then add a fade to it to do so I bring my cursor to the left edge of the region and a smart tool automatically turns into the trimmer tool so I click and drag that to just before my singer starts singing and now I’m going to make a fade I’m going to do that by going to the top left corner and click and drag it’s important to put a fade in and out on every single region because if we don’t when Pro Tools jumps from nothing to some signal it’s going to generate it click and that’s what we’re trying to avoid now I need to find where my next edit is so to zoom out quickly on a Mac I’ll use option a or on a PC alt a it zooms to me out both horizontally and vertically now I can see that I have the same problem here as I did at the beginning of the session so let’s zoom in and fix this one up as well click here press T to zoom in alright so same thing at the beginning it looks like it’s fine but when i zoom in vertically you can see that there’s some noise so once again I’m going to use the smart tool go to the right edge of the region brings up the trimmer tool pull that back to just after where he stopped saying go to the top-right corner make a fade and there we go so I’m going to zoom out again using option A or alt a on a PC and find where my next edit is as you can see between these first two vocal regions it looks like there’s an edit so I’m going to click on that and zoom in pressing T so as you can see we have two regions right next to each other now here too when going from one region to another region Pro Tools may produce a click so to fix this I’m going to put a crossfade in between the two regions to do this I’m going to bring my cursor to the bottom of the edit and you see it makes a little crossfade icon I’ll just pull up to expand it out and there we go ok so I’ve shown you how to remove unwanted noise and create crossfades using a smart tool so now I’m going to show you how to do basically the same thing using just keyboard shortcuts we’re back in Pro Tools and now I’m going to clean up my tambourine track so I’m going to zoom in on the first hit by pressing T alright the trim off this unwanted noise using keyboard shortcuts I click where I want my region to start and I press a this is both on Mac and PC that removes all the region before where I put my cursor down now when I place my cursor again and press D it automatically creates a fade in to that point I’m going to zoom out a little bit and find the end of this region and do the exact same thing to zoom out I’m going to press R and find where I’m going to end my region zoom back in to turn from the end of the region I place my cursor where I want my region to end and press s to create a fade-out place my cursor again and press G and once again these keyboard shortcuts are only working because I’m in command keyboard focus now I want to remove all the noise in between my tambourine hits so I’m going to select from the beginning of this tambourine hit all the way to the end of this tambourine hit and press Delete now of course I need to create fade-ins and fade-outs so I placed my cursor and press G to fade out place my cursor here and press D to fade in so now I know how to clean a track using both the smart tool and keyboard shortcuts now it’s common in today’s sessions to find parts that are doubled tripled or even quadrupled so they all need the same editing so I’m going to show you a way to clean them all together here I have two vocal tracks that are singing the same exact part so I’m going to group them together to make editing them even easier to do so I select both tracks press command G or ctrl G on a PC give them a name now for the group type I’m going to select edit this will link the editing functions together but leave the mixing functions alone I’ll explain more about mixed groups in another video for now let’s press ok alright so let’s try it out I’m going to zoom in on these regions here I’m going to press a to trim the beginning of the region and S to trim the end of the region I’m going to place my fades using the smart tool as you can see I was able to edit both tracks simultaneously this is going to save a bunch of time so now you know how to edit multiple tracks at the same time using groups now I’m going to show you where the most common source of clicks and pops are that’s where punch ins are so I’ve got a few examples pulled up here I’m going to show you how to fix them here we tried to punch in on a word let’s take a listen to what the sounds like with no edits I won’t be on Mario did you hear that pop listen do it again I will be on Mario alright that’s a pretty obvious pop so to fix this I’m going to use the smart tool and create a crossfade let’s take a listen to it now I will be on Mario still sounds a little weird that’s because I put the fade in the van middle of a word so what I’m going to do is I’m going to move it around using the trimmer tool and see if I can find a better spot for my crossfade see what this sounds like I won’t be on Mario much better let’s listen to that again I won’t be on Mario so that’s it now remember don’t just put down a crossfade and forget about it listen to it and make sure that it makes sense if it doesn’t sound good move it around till you find the sweet spot here we have a punch in on my synthesizer track actually looks like it should be okay without any edits but let’s listen to it anyways mmm I think there might be a pop in there let’s listen again yep that is definitely a pop I’m going to show you another way to make a crossfade I’m going to select the area around the edit and press F create my crossfade let’s take a listen to that mmm that sounds a little weird to me let me move it with my trim tool and see if we can’t find a sweeter spot for let’s take a listen to it now yeah that sounds pretty good to me today I showed you how to clean your tracks using both the smart tool and keyboard shortcuts now I can’t stress to you hard enough how important it is to fade in fade out and crossfade every single region inside of your session I showed you some examples where even though it looked like no fade was necessary we could easily hear a click so I’m sorry it’s just non-negotiable so until next time which I swear will be much more fun

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