Pro Tools® SE – Recording an Instrument Track – Win 7 & Mac OS X

Now that you’ve got Pro Tools SE up and
running on the computer let me show you how easy it is to use the
instrument tracks, and the palette of on-board sounds. Top begin I’ll use the Quick Start Menu
to create an empty session. this one already has a Grand Piano Instrument
ready to go so I’ll choose it. I’ll then give the Session a name, I’ll just call it
My MIDI Session, and once you click Save The Pro Tools Edit window will open. On the left side of the window are the tracks,
the top track is an Instrument track, below that is a stereo audio track, followed by
a mono audio track, and at the bottom the Master Channel. Simple! Now to hear the Grand Piano you simply
record enable the track. That’s a nice Piano! But if you feel like there’s some latency
between when you play your MIDI Keybaord and when you actually hear the Instrument sound, go to the preferences from the File Menu and configure the buffer for recording or performance.
Then click OK. Now I want this track to be a Drum Kit so I’ll
double click the track. rename it to Drums, The click just here to flip up the Instruments menu, then just pick the type of sound you want to hear. Now with the track already record enabled you should be able to immediately play that
Drum Sound. Nice! Okay, Let’s just set up the Tempo. Press play and turn
on the Metronome. To change the Tempo, just double-click the
little Red diamond at the beginning of the Tempo Ruler and type
in a new Tempo. And that feels good. Now we’re going to be recording from the
top of the song in this area just here So up to the Transport, I’m going to hit the
Record button and when you’re ready to go press play. Now when you’re done with playing press stop
and that’s it, your first recorded MIDI region. Press Spacebar
to hear playback of what you performed. Now I played a little out of time during
the third bar, just here. But that’s not a problem. I can just grab the Hand Tool, double click
the MIDI region to open the MIDI Editor. You can grab the center line here to
resize the window. and you can zoom in and out using
Control left and right bracket. Now I’m going to Marquee across all of the notes
to select them then right click anywhere and choose
Snap to Grid. In the Dialog, choose the grid value.
And adjust the strength if you like to maintain some of that human feel to your track. Press OKAY to fix the timing. Let’s listen. Much better! Finally I can use the duplicate function up
in the Edit Menu to make a copy of that MIDI region
directly after the selected one. Now I have eight bars of Drums. Fantastic!

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