Pruner / Secateur Care & Repair – How To Make Your Tools Last Forever

Alright so today on Repairs101 I thought I�d
go over the basics on the care, repair and use of what I call secateurs. You may have
another name for them. So these were my first secateurs, these Wilkinson
Sword brand. And they come apart easy enough with a torx drive.
I�ll clean up the blade with some abrasive and water.
I like to use Windex or soapy water to wet my sharpening stone.
Then I�ll plane the backside flat before I wet it down again and take a few passes
on the blade. Add some tenacious oil, ratchet it all back
together and it�s as good as new. These are my Felcos. They�ve seen better
days. First take out the spring and then undo the
lock-screw. Undo the nut and pull it apart. I�ll use some WD40 to clean it up but not
to lubricate it with. Then fit it for its new blade and add some
Tenacious Oil. You can easily see why they call it tenacious.
So put it back together, tighten down the lock-screw,
replace the spring and you�re ready to prune.
So when you prune a branch be sure to cut back to the branch bark collar. When left
intact the collar will develop into a natural decay-rot organism resistant zone and protect
the rest of the plant from decay. The collar is usually very obvious, especially on bigger
branches. Alright, thanks for watching and – Hey! Don�t
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10 thoughts on “Pruner / Secateur Care & Repair – How To Make Your Tools Last Forever

  1. just to make sure…is this the product

  2. Is there any tips you have for blade sharpening in general? I have a hand-sized sharpening stone that I use but every time I think I'm getting an edge on one of my knives it turns out no better than when I started.

  3. Bought some cheap, China-made hand pruners by BLOOM* brand because they had a pruner/lopper combo. The pruner broke on the first cut. It's great to keep pruners sharp, but be careful out there not buy some of these flimsy things on the market cause they just can't hold up.

  4. Helpful video, what angle do you sharpen the blade to? Is it similar to kitchen knives that usually have 15-20 degree blade edges? Thanks

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