Psychologically PROVEN Flirting Technique – 7 Ways to Flirt that Work with ANY Girl

Gentlemen, this is Mantelligence. Today, we’re showing you exactly how to
flirt with a beautiful woman. For a lot of guys, there’s a lot of confusion
as to what works and what doesn’t when flirting. And that’s a problem, because flirting is
one of the most important steps in taking things past the friend zone. But don’t worry, if you know these few easy
steps, and the one thing you NEVER want to do, you’ll be able to flirt with any girl
you want. So…. to help you understand how to masterfully
flirt, here are 7 steps to flirting that you need to know. Step #1: Make Sure You’re Approaching Her
At the Right Time Whether you’re at a party, a bar or a park,
the time has to be right in order to have a real chance at success. Because not only could botching the timing
ruin your opportunity in that moment, but it could also blow any chance you may
have had in the future. Luckily though, determining if it’s the
right time is actually pretty straightforward: If she seems busy or focus (at work, working
out at the gym, at a cafe studying)… It’s probably better to hold off. But if she’s doesn’t seem too focused,
or is somewhere where flirting is more expected, it’s probably OK to be a little more bold. That being said, there’s just one crucial
thing to keep in mind: It may never seem like the perfect time. So if you find yourself consistently not making
a move, and/or are constantly telling yourself she’s
too busy/focused, you may be accidentally making excuses. Step #2: Tastefully Get Her Attention + Make
Your Approach Now that you’ve established that now is
as good a time as any, you’re going to need to get her attention
and get things going. Because even if she doesn’t seem too preoccupied,
you still want to make sure she knows you’re about to come talk to her. So what’s a good way to make sure you’re
not totally catching her by surprise? Two age-old classics: Friendly eye contact
and a little smile. This is where flirtation truly begins and
as you’ll see: It’s all about keeping things light, fun
and (because you’re a stranger) non-threatening. Step #3: Start by Saying the Right Thing This is it: You’ve got her attention and before you could really even think about it,
it’s time to quickly come up with something to say. You might be tempted to hit her with that
line you’ve been working on… …which may be fine, but if you are there’s
just one thing to remember: If you’re going to be bold in your approach,
be ready to follow through. Because once you’ve painted yourself as
the kind of guy to “spit game” at a girl, you may have to keep up the act for the rest of the conversation. So unless you’re really that kind of guy,
just keep it simple and start by saying simple like:
“Hey.” or “Hi, I’m James.” Because at the end of the day,
your opener doesn’t need to be clever as much as it just needs to be genuine and confident. Step #4: Have The Right Type of Conversation However you went about getting her attention, now it’s time to begin talking. At it’s core, flirting is just a conversation
…except with flirting, what’s more important than what you talk about,
is how you talk to her… Which brings us to a surprisingly simple tip:
Instead of trying too hard to “flirt” and come across like Captain Suave,
just talk to her like you would anyone you’re getting to know. Not what you were expecting? Well, think about it:
Talking with her in this friendly manner not only keeps things light, comfortable and fun
for her, But it also takes the pressure off you and
lets you relax and enjoy the conversation… 2 things which are guaranteed to make her
enjoy talking to you more. And if you still do really want to make it
clear that you’re interested, All you have to do is make an extra effort
to listen (and maybe give her a little compliment). Which brings us to step #5… Step #5: Let Her Do Some of the Talking You can’t show her you’re a great listener if you’re the one doing all the talking. So the next step (and a great way to see if
she’s actually interested) is to stop talking and try to get her to take
the lead. Because even though you may have initiated
the conversation, doesn’t mean you have to keep it going alone. On the contrary: If she’s feeling like flirting
…She’ll probably be pretty quick to open up to you, if you give her the chance. So instead of trying too hard to make her
laugh, or coming up with all the topics, let her ask some questions and try talking
about her interests instead. Step #6: Close the Conversation So That You
Can Talk to Her Again If it went well, you’ll probably be thinking
about one thing: How can I talk to her again? If you sense the two of you had awesome chemistry
and you’re eager to talk again soon, Just go for it and confidently ask if you
can call her, or just offer yours. If she seems excited and doesn’t hesitate
to want to exchange numbers, you can be pretty sure that she had as much
fun flirting as you did. Step #7: Dress For The Occasion If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t start your day off on
a mission to flirt. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be
ready just in case it happens. So… how can you become immediately more
prepared for successful flirting? By taking care of your personal appearance. While most girls don’t expect you to be
squeaky clean 100% of the time, wearing clean clothes, putting on deodorant,
and washing your hair everyday …are all scientifically guaranteed to improve
the odds that a girl will want to flirt with you. Why is it so totally effective? It’s simple:
Women like a guy who makes an effort to care about how the world sees him. Look good, feel good. The key to flirting successfully,
…starts with a fresh pair of clothes and a shower. The 1 Easy Trick… to Make ANY Girl Instantly
Run Away From You In the Other Direction What is one pickup approach that is not only
completely self-defeating, but also totally easy for just about any woman
to spot immediately? The bone-headed act known as “negging.” Perpetuated by guys who call themselves “pickup
artists,” negging is a so-called “seduction” technique
used by guys to get women to like them. The premise is that in order for women to
be more receptive, they need to be (not so subtly) put down and
made fun of. Ignoring all of the reasons why this is wrong,
negging is also totally lame and immature. But if it’s so bad, why do so many guys
try it? Negging is sold as a clever, innocent and
psychological trick that, when used properly, will get a woman to go from not having any
interest in a guy, to getting her to be all over him because
she “needs approval.” The only thing is:
Most women see right through it and know that any guy dumb enough to honestly try it…
…is not worth their time. Those are the top 7 steps to flirting + the
1 thing you should really never do. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to let
us know, and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to click and subscribe. And while you’re here, why not check out
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71 thoughts on “Psychologically PROVEN Flirting Technique – 7 Ways to Flirt that Work with ANY Girl

  1. very precise and intricate…good job "man' :-)….but I would like to add a caveat that when in a conversation with a girl after first approch "interact with her like you know for a long time" gets her feeling comfortable quickly 🙂

  2. Keep making good videos you'll see me in comments often ;-)…btw I prefer the "M" logo for your channel…it was classy..the "Get The Girl" logo looks very cheesy…And your channel is way too classy for that..

  3. Great video and i love your content, but while a lot of pick up artists advocate negging, not all like the idea of it.

  4. look back at them over your shoulder in a seductive look and let them see your haaaard bulllllllggggiiiinnnggg walllllet fulllll of caasshh

  5. Hey can someone help me? I have a crush and i am not yet too sure that she likes me but im only in 6th grade should i make it fast or play safe?

  6. Nice!! I'm glad I subscribe for this channel it's soooo informative it made me realize a lot of things and I'm thankful for that. Recently I'm having a crush on this girl but she puzzles me or maybe I'm not realizing good enough there are a bunch of girl out there so I'm not really surprise about this situation but it has me curious this girl I like does not show much face expression's but her body language is readable but she doesn't seems approachable and she looks really smart and good at anticipation not that she is beating me in the situation or anything but her body language gives off a hint but she put her self unapproachable or maybe I'm over thinking it well nothing beats talking to her and I'm applying this intelligence to her and see the outcome but somehow I feel like I have exchange word with her I can't remember!! Well whatever sorry for making this long

  7. I actually disagree with most of this video, for reason too abundant to text out here. I will say that I've had great success, with "pickup techniques". I know it's talked about like it's snake oil, but it works in a positive way. It speaks to biological mechanisms, that rational cannot overrule. I mean you can, but then you'd die bored and alone. The key to pickup, is self improvement, let go of insecurity, and learn how to talk with women and exude joy and fulfillment. The rest is fukin bullshit.

  8. can I tell a girl that I like working as a cashier at a store after I completing purchase of t shirt I can tell her thank you, you have a nice smile then walk away?

  9. Negging works when you use it not as to hurt them but to playfully start an obvious mock up bad thing..and by obvious I mean obvious to the girl…whether by a playful little smile or just by tone. Of course bullying tactics are wrong if no pure botch thing to do.
    The other benefit of negging is that it lets you test the girl right away as far as a sense of humor, wittiness, and overall character.
    You basics,my throw them a curve ball by a playful negging and what ever the outcome, you will know for sure if she and you can even start a further conversation.
    Example of negging can be the simplest thing like watching her getting some chocolate cookies at a stand in the mall and playfully ask her why is she so rude as to not offer to buy you some as well .
    It's dumb ,it's fun, and something a whole lot better than blurting out your name and present her with a right out date me or not question…cause the latter end up getting mostly an automatic no

  10. You are interviewing her to see if she fits into your life. If she does then you can see if you have something to offer her. You should never start with part 2.

  11. This is really more for cold approaches. What I need to know is more how to flirt with a woman you already know on some level, such as with an acquaintance or classmate.

  12. people wouldn't do so called "negging" if it didn't work…..  A woman must have been offended by the term so now it's marked as something never to do, because todays women will never fall for it……

  13. What about any of this makes it “flirting”? This sounds like advice for having a regular conversation.

  14. What would i do i always creat the interest in girl it stays like 3 to 5 months or less then it dissapiers i dont knw what can i do i am helpless

  15. How about making a video for women on how to accept guys for who they are. Especially when it comes to job status, looks, etc.. How about learning how to stand by your man through hard times, and learning to appreciate the small things in life that matter.. Women also need to learn how to date men or get their attention as well. It great that your hot and we'll put together, but can you offer anything else in life other than eye candy for us to look at?? Oh wait, things I just mentioned are only in the movies, and a fantasy.. And your damn right I'm bitter, the dating scene is extremely ridiculous out there. Both men and women are pit on a pedestal, and there are unrealistic expectations out there. And I believe it's the reason dating/marriages in America will always fail. We are our own worst ememy, cause we live in a bubble surrounded by media running our lives, telling us what to look for, what type of person to date, etc.. Until we use our brain, a lot of us might live a hard life to finding happiness.. We all want someone attractive in life, but Jesus Christ man, we can't expect to date someone who is flawless. I feel for men, women, every race out there.. Have a good night people, all I can say is pray for happiness, and hope whatever spirit you believe in out there, is kind enough to shine some sunlight and joy your way.. And if nothing else, grab a nice bottle of wine , enjoy your friends and family, and have good health. In the end though, that's what really matters.. Finding an attractive partner, good job, is nothing but a bonus in life..

  16. I disagree about negging. It works when you genuinely have negative shit to say from the heart. Chicks dig honesty negative or positive

  17. Negging? The last time I'd heard about that, two lads and a lass got knocked out and tied to train tracks.

  18. If you’re looking just to hook up and are not looking for a relationship, negging is the best way. Lots of these girls have huge egos and need to be knocked down a peg or two. Negging then is a way for them to notice you.

  19. Negging?
    I only ever pick on someone after we get to know eachother, so we know everyone's sarcasm.
    Alot can pick it up quickly, others can't tell when I'm joking and being serious.

  20. I think "negging" is very misunderstood and misused. It's supposed to be playful and fun, not insulting. I'll give you an example: I told two ladies I was talking I need to leave early I live far, and one asked: "Where do you live?" and I replied: "You're not a stalker, are you?" Something like that.

  21. Only time I do said negging is if I'm not that into a girl or if she is too cocky, I think it may actually be me just being a dick with no intent to continue the conversation.

  22. My go to has always been to go to any cafe find an attractive woman and just say hi and tell her your waiting for a friend mind if i have a seat.Smile make eye contact. Now heres the thing if shes busy thats fine completley ignore her. but dont sit there like a5 yr old playing angry birds on your phone or texting everyone you know. Order a coffee and start reading the book or magazine you conveniently just so happen to have with you. She wont be able to comprehend your not bugging the shit out of here. Maybe with a quick glance no matter how busy she is shes going to start checking you out, Give it a few more minutes and she will take a break and begin conversation 50-70% of the time. If not hey i can think of worse things to do than have a cup of tea with a hot chick.


  24. Okay, we’re on number 5 and there still isn’t any actual flirting going on yet, wtf? Get her attention, say hi and listen to her isn’t flirting, it’s not even a conversation yet. The last two points better bring it home…

    6. Close the conversation? What conversation? All I’ve said is hi. She’s not going to give me her number. 7. Dress for the occasion? That’s not flirting either. This was useless!

    Then you’re going to lecture me? You had seven chances to give me a better way to talk to her and all you gave me is “hi”. Maybe I need to look into this negging thing. At least I’ll have something to say.

  25. If you want success picking up girls just remember she is no different than your good buddies. Women love men who treat them the same as you would a good male friend. Their minds are just as dirty or dirtier than most men. If you find her attractive don't be afraid to tell her the fine points like you have pretty eyes, love your smile etc. They respond when they are at the same level as your best friends. Its worked for me

  26. minute 5:46 is the best, putting a girl down really works, so this video is wrong, theres a hidden agenda at that minute. You just have to it right.

  27. Any woman and man who have ever gotten together, there was some flirting that was involved. This is the way you show interest in someone, this is the way that you build attraction.

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