PUNCH TECHNIQUE FOR LOG HOPS: Cross Training Enduro Skills

[Music] [Music] are you intimidated by hopping over logs there’s a very simple technique that will have you sailing over them in no time and starting to look for even bigger ones to tackle small logs aren’t an issue if you’re bash play he is but even if it doesn’t you can usually get the front wheel over rest on the bash plate then simply rock the buy over [Music] however if you want to hop logs in style you can use an old trials technique that has often been called a punch through you let the bike do the work for you so you use less energy the key you need to land the front wheel about two-thirds of the way up a log this will compress the suspension ideally at both ends as the suspension rebounds it lightens the rear wheel so that instead of slamming into the log the rear wheel is ideally already coming off the ground as it hits the log the result a much smoother log pop and with experience much fast a lot of points are possible too the key is hitting the log around that two-thirds mark too high and you won’t get that bounce from the suspension it goes against your instinct to ram a log with your front wheel but practice on small logs first and then gradually work your way up as you get the hang of it try a trials technique called holding pressure this is keeping the front wheel half in a sustained really as you fear an obstacle why as you start to tackle really big loads you’ll need to keep the front wheel up as you land otherwise you will probably just go over the handlebars so it’s a good technique to develop early on also remember to cover the rear brake and taste the front wheel comes up too high [Music] don’t worry if the bike doesn’t make it over if the bash blade is resting on the log pull the bike back until the rear wheel has traction stand on the foot pegs with your body weight to the rear then quickly release the clutch with a blip of the throttle to start a wheelie throw your body weight forward and back off the throttle to avoid will spin [Music] pivot turns you don’t always have a straight approach to hop over a log so remember the pivot turn for logs is a handy technique that we’ve already covered in another training session ready to challenge yourself as you feel confident you still minimal run-up to that log and eventually you can try resting your front wheel on the log and then use the picnic promise stand still very handy if you’ve actually got no run-up at all [Music]

34 thoughts on “PUNCH TECHNIQUE FOR LOG HOPS: Cross Training Enduro Skills

  1. If possible could you guys do a video for good clutch control. Tips and drills you could to to get better?

  2. These videos are excellent guys, keep 'em coming and I'll make sure that my ambition outweighs my talent every time I go riding!  How else am I going to learn?
    And THAT voice!

  3. I understand thanks for replying I just can't figure out how to slip the clutch. Love the videos though tons of good info. The creek bed vid really helped me out using a higher gear and all!!

  4. WDTC and associates are doing such a fantastic job with these videos. You should all be very proud. I can't imagine how many riders of all genres you have helped to improve their riding skills and also a thank you from myself as I know how hard it was to get training videos/dvds Trials or otherwise from Europe.

  5. Love your vids but seriously if you're going to put a legal disclaimer in your vids can you at least spell the words correctly, it's going to give me brain cancer soon.

  6. Going to start this one this weekend. I didn't let off the throttle the last time I hit a big log and ended up looping the bike. I got some great air though and cleared the log by ten feet down the trail. Too bad my back sided ended up in a puddle LOL

  7. Any pointers on this technique when used on a steep downhill. Such as coming up to a large log in an undercut on the approach.

  8. I like to watch these videos again every year or so for a refresher. Log hopping, just like wheelies is a skill that rusts with disuse and I have found myself getting sloppy at them.

  9. Top man i love your video's… Keep up the good work… o yea i look like a dope when you bring out your class videos. lol

  10. i nailed this a while ago. it is great when your riding friends can not and have to go around as you go flying over

  11. I really love your videos and thanks a ton for all of your effort in putting them out.

    Could you please elaborate on bare, wet, slimy logs? I live in Western Washington State and it rains here a lot! I have gone down multiple times because of my front wheel sliding out on logs or my rear sliding out causing a low-speed high-side on the landing. All I can work out with the wet logs and slimy roots are make the front as light and hit as straight on as possible.

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