Quiet or LOUD & NOISY Window AC Air Conditioner Reviews

Kinda noisy, isn’t it? This is my Daewoo, 5,000 BTU window AC, and although it’s pretty efficient
it’s known for being pretty loud. I’m turning it off for this
video… there that’s better. Let me talk to you with a some peace and
quiet as I go through some of these units if
you’re looking for the quietest unit; if you’re
on a budget I’ll cut to the chase right away and
say go with an LG. LG supplies electronic parts for many
different manufacturers such as Haier. I’m putting all these
names down in the description if you wanna know the spellings of these units.
Avoid Haier, even though the price is really attractive. Apparently, they are even noisier than this
Daewoo Frigidaire is a good brand; they may have compressors and parts provided by LG as well as GE is a very famous electronics brand,
however through my research I’m finding at
the higher settings GE AC units are pretty noisy. Now the most expensive and quietest AC unit you can get is a unit called Frederick Kuhl, German sounding name again, links and
names are in the description. Frederick Kuhl is the higher end unit. I mean these things are hundreds of
dollars more than the comparable LG, okay so if you’re on a budget Frederick Kuhl is not going to be
cool for you! They are, however, the quietest. Now Frederick also offers a lower brand
without the Kuhl in the name, however I’ve discovered that their
compressors are made by none other than LG, so again, best just to go with a better value
on the LG than pay marked-up price to have the
same components in AC unit that’s more expensive. Please
post comments below about your discoveries with window AC
units. For the time being I’m stuck with Daewoo, however when I upgrade, it’s gonna be an LG. Thanks for watching, see you next time.

69 thoughts on “Quiet or LOUD & NOISY Window AC Air Conditioner Reviews

  1. my advice is not to go with a fridgidaire they even on the lowest speed are noisy as hell and the entire thing is just so cheap so DO NOT get one it will be one of the worse things you will pay for

  2. Thanks for sharing this great video. After a couple of weeks of research for an 18,000 BTU a/c, I had narrowed it down to an LG or Friedrich. The Friedrich 18k btu is $639 (Conn's) and the LG 18k btu is $499 (HomeDepot). Both models have same features, along with a remote. I noticed here and there while reading consumer reviews that the Friedrich has LG parts in it. You just confirmed that for me. I'm going to follow your advice and buy an LG. Thank you!!

  3. Hi; thanks for the insightful reviews. i've found a Frigidaire 12000btu for 289.00. my thinking is that fridg appliances are supposedly 'made in the usa' but i read where some stuff is made in juarez mexico. i do not no if this ac is made there or not. you say their compresors are made by lg…that's china right? will this be a bad purchase IYO? thanks you very much!

  4. Mine is Haier and I don't have problems with, the sound is not as noisy as it may seem.. I have no issues recommending it. Also if you're looking for super quiet AC brand, I recommend Panasonic.

  5. I have two LGs in my rental, and one is LOUD as hell when the compressor kicks on! The other isn't as loud, but it certainly is NOT a quiet one, and being in the living room, yeah its fun to crank the tv volume.  The fan alone also isn't quiet.  Its no belt or anything, just louder than it should be

  6. Wish I would have saw this video before. I bought 2 GE's early this season. A 8,000 and 10,000 btu. Wish I could take them back. Loudest air conditioner's I ever owned. Even on low they are loud. Should have got the LG

  7. Bought a Haier and it stopped cooling after 2 years. Sometimes the cheapest is the most expensive.

  8. For 5 years, I have used a low-profile LG air conditioner. I love it. The outside housing is made from plastic (and there are handles to easily remove the air conditioner after the summer heat) which prevents the ping of leaky air conditioners above me in my apartment building. Why oh why did LG stop making these low-profile air conditioners?  The Frigidaire version is not the same. Finally my LG is starting to lose its coolant. Please, someone in NYC, help me replace the freon in air conditioner?

  9. LG all the way, I have one that's 10+ years old and still works fine, a 2nd I bought last summer, 12K BTU, powerful and quiet, air deflection to the left is not that great but that's a minor issue. Just bought an 8K unit (LG) and will install it tomorrow, these guys LAST and won't have you playing your TV really loud to overcome the operation.

  10. Landlord equipped me with 5k btu LG modelnfor a 420 sq ft area.
    This helped a lot because I would like to keep a quiet ac unit and I have no experience with ac units mounted. This helps a lot as I now have better insight on ohter brands.
    I will say the LG has a somewhat noisy windy sound to it (I doubt one can mute the sound of the wind itself without a but after listening to the Daewoo, I must concur LG is pretty quiet and if I can't afford an 10000 Friedrich (which i already know I won't) I will only follow-up with LG
    Thanks again for the video

  11. My LG 8000 btu is extremely noisy. I would not recommend it to anyone as a quiet AC. I've had several Frigidaire window units from 5000 to 18,000 btu and they were among the most quiet ACs I've owned.

  12. I recently purchased a 10,000 BTU LG. It is very noisy and emits a high frequency sound which apparently is normal but I find intolerable. Working in the same room, my ears were ringing after a few hours, even on the lowest fan setting. I think I am going to give a Friedrich Kuhl a try.

  13. my lg is noisy. recently it started to squeal. Is there any way to spray anywhere from front or left side ( my left if I am facing the unit). Its mounted on hi building so I cannot take it out of wall. My wd 40 silicone lubricant come with a 5 inch straw.

  14. I purchased the Haier Serenity Series 6050 BTU unit through Amazon.com. Haier designed this "Serenity" unit(also an 8000 BTU unit) to be as quiet as possible. I believe it was introduced in mid 2015. It is super quiet. If you search the Internet for Haier Serenity, you will find info. on it. On Haier's site, they have a side by side sound comparison of the Serenity unit vs. a typical unit. It is well worth the extra money in my opinion. I wish they had Serenity in the 15,000 BTU size. I am converting all my rental houses central ACs to Distributed ACs(window units) and need the quietest I can get.

  15. my haier is verry quite unit i love it. it runs 365 days out of the year because my computers put out so much heat and the home ac doesent work in my room so i woud buy one if i was you.

  16. Thing is.. the Friedrich.. both types.. Kuhl.. or the Chill series use something that most window A/C's don't anymore, and that's a wall of pressed steel between the motor/compressor and fan Motor.. and The part insides the room. This is why they are so quiet so even though the basic Friedrich model uses the LG compressor, it still has much better insulation than the LG so it is still a worth while look.

    FYI.. most A/C's use Styrofoam looking insulation which makes them lighter and Cheaper (All Friedrich's are VERY HEAY) and Louder and not very good insulation, especially in the COLD!

  17. I bought a Kuhl heat and air unit in July and it lasted 5 MONTHS and quit heating…around the last of December. January, February, and so far in March I've been having to use other means to heat. IT IS STILL NOT FIXED!! Nobody wants to work on it and I've been dealing with Friedrich"s ever since about the warranty. I was told by someone at Friedrich that I should have checked prior to buying it to see if there was anyone in my area that would work on it..seriously. I've called them numerous times and rarely get a call back. I finally broke down and pulled the front off to see if I could find anything obvious. I'm not a AC technician but I did find a burnt relay on the control board because of the cheap crimp on connectors they use. I would think a "top of the line model" would have soldered on connectors. I even offered to repair it myself if they would just send me the control board but they refuse. I did get an extended warranty but it won't start until the manufacturers warranty is up, which is 1 year. Oh..I also paid over 2000.00 for it, a heat and air unit, supposed to be the top of the line model, and the fan is the loudest of any unit I've ever had. My el cheapo GE unit from Wal-Mart that I replaced with this POS was a better unit. Long story short…DON"T BUY A FRIEDRICH

  18. LG's are great AC, I own a SPT I got at homedepot. It's very efficient but it's loud as hell. I am thinking about switching it for an LG after seen your review. I had owned 2 LG AC's one window the other a spit unit. both, great AC's.

  19. Can you recommend a 6000 btu window unit?  I have a single wide mobile and I have looked at so many and just do not know what to do.  Also I see on a lot of these compact window ac's it says your window must be 23 inches or whatever.  My opening is 19 7/8.  How can I get one to fit.  I have found them that say they are 18 inches wide but require a 23 inch window.   How can I make one work?  My window is a side slide.  Thank you so much.

  20. Thanks ! As I write, I am in the market for a quiet window a/c. A few years back I bought a Haiet at my local WalMart. Now….I am not a particularly 'picky' person BUT…………..the a/c actually scared the heck out of me ! It sounded as if it were going to literally fly out of the window. The noise was LOUD and INTIMIDATING. I took it back to the store and got my money back. I am going to look for some LG's after watching your video

  21. Amongst those that are deemed the quietest, I wonder what the variance in 'noise' is……Guess I'd have to buy one of each and try them…..

  22. I priced the Friedrich and you need to take out a mortgage to buy them ( just kidding) but no, they are costly. For me its coming down to not so much WHATI buy but WHERE I buy it as I will, without hesitation, return ANY a/c that is noisy

  23. If memory serves, wasn't there/is there an EMERSON QUIET KOOL a/c? In my search for an a/c ( which has now gone beyond reasonable, time wise ) I haven't seen EMERSON anywhere?

  24. The kicker to all of this is that my house has central air but the upstairs bedrooms benefit very little from it particularly my bedroom which get the full sunlight during the day and is HOT at night, so, a window unit is needed

  25. I watched this because my LG 8000 btu unit makes MORE noise than the one shown here! One thing they seem to do right though: the unit became noisy right after 5 years from the day I bought it, needless to say their warranty expired exactly the same day.
    A small compensation: we got a Samsung TV set (instead of LG), and we'll avoid the LG brand like hell

  26. Couldn't agree with him about Haier more. I got the 6000 BTU Serenity series for the bedroom, and it's just noisy, especially for the price. Its also huge and heavy. You can open the front and put some foam inside against the edges of the filter to stop some of the rattling, but its still loud.

  27. Frigidare has to be the worst, loudest AC ever manufactured. We purchased a window model, placing it in the dining room window, but had to move it because the noise level made it impossible to hear the TV in another room. Knowing a little about motors I contacted a service provider would came out and informed me that all Frigidare compressors are that loud. It is upstairs and it still disrupts conversations downstairs. We can not use it at night or when we have guest. I would never recommend their products.

  28. We have a sharp and it is as noisy as ever. Can't get at the inside of it to make it get quiet. Have to save for a new LG I guess. I am willing to pay higher price for a quieter window unit AC. Hope I can find one with 10,000 BTU or 12,000 BTU capability. Thanks for the heads up on YouTube.

  29. i have 2 haier window units and the fan motors after a year have gone out making a horrible screeling noise that could wake the dead. stay away from haier!

  30. Recently got an 11,500 BTU through the wall LG unit. It is louder than the 20 year old GE it replaced. The noise is substantial but what really bothers me is the vibration noise that appears to be coming from the compressor or the copper tubing in the rear. Very distracting.

    I am considering returning it for a Friedrich Uni-Fit but it is nearly impossible to find any credible information about how loud they are. Also, I found the manual for the Uni-Fit on Friedrich's website and it is EXACTLY the same as my LG model's down to the illustrations. So it appears it will be the same internals and likely have the same vibration issue.

    How can it be that today's air conditioners are inferior to those made in 1996?

  31. Just installed a fridgidaire 5,000 btu. So brand new. Between the water noise and the internal rattle in a small room, I am already looking at what to replace it with when budget permits.

  32. Wish you had an updated video. I am looking for a 6000 btu unit for my bedroom. I need one that I can run during the day and night – one that is pretty quiet and efficient. I have been looking at all the videos I can and I am so confused. It seems like there is no $200 or less unit that is quiet. It is either everyone agrees theirs is quiet or everyone agrees theirs is loud. I guess you just have to roll the dice and hope for the best!

  33. Note that Haier makes a low cost series and a higher cost series called the "Serenity Series".  I am not sure if the reviewer evaluated the low cost noisy Haier or the pricier and quieter Serinity Series.According the description for the Serinity conditioer at Hammacher (dot) com:This hushed window unit produces only 43.4 dB because it incorporates a buffer around the compressor that muffles sound and absorbs vibration, making it 11 1/2 decibels quieter than the average 6,000-BTU window air conditioner. The unit also features a unique horizontal fan, which helps circulate air more efficiently, reducing drag and noise.

  34. You are 100% correct. Have an LG 8,000, which is too loud for the bedroom. Then bought the Friedrich's Chill 8,000, thinking it would be quieter. It's even louder. I Opened the case to blanket the compressor only to see than it's made by LG. Blanketing and wedging thick rubber under the compressor does not help.

  35. We bought 3 LGs last year and they are INCREDIBLY noisy. I came to your video hoping for a quieter option! Maybe the model (LW6016R) we bought was not good. So it may be some models are good but I'm not sure the entire brand should be recommended…

  36. We bought 3 LGs last year and they are INCREDIBLY noisy. I came to your video hoping for a quieter option! Maybe the model (LW6016R) we bought was not good. So it may be some models are good but I'm not sure the entire brand should be recommended…

  37. I've had a bunch of window units in my bedroom and all of them were irritating in some way with the buzzing caused by the compressor. I had a Fedders 5000 unit which was too small for the room but relatively quiet, a Panasonic 8000 unit with the air flow on the side rather than the top. This one was the quietest of all but it also needed "tweaking" (inserting cardboard/paper/plastic pieces in spots to stop buzzing). Next was a Friedrich 8000, which buzzed from the minute I bought it until I put the Panasonic back in the window and gave the Friedrich to my son in college for his dorm room. I left the Panasonic in for about 10 years until I thought maybe it was losing efficiency (my imagination running wild). I foolishly bought another Friedrich with air vent on the side, thinking it would be as quiet as my Panasonic, which I stupidly disposed of. I was sorry immediately because it was by far the noisiest buzziest machine I had ever owned. Finally, on recommendation from a friend, I bought a Frigidaire 8000 btu unit and, with quite a bit of tweaking, it is now relatively quiet. At least the sound of the fan seems to drown out any other noise so I don't hear buzzing.

  38. I just purchased another GE after 8 long years. Big mistake. Not sure if its made by the same company or whats going on but after 3 weeks it's making a noise as if something's rubbing and on top of that it's pretty loud to begin with. After doing some research, id stay away from the LG and go with the Friedrich Kuhl

  39. I heard about the Haire Serenity Series, 6000 btu in particular. Which runs in the low 50s decibels. Have you made an actual comparison vs the other brands youve mentioned?

  40. What do you think about this 6,000-BTU one by Hammacher Schlemmer? It claims to be the quietest 6,000 BTU AC being only 43.4 db loud. I was thinking about getting it but I'm not sure. Do you think this is a good choice? Thanks.
    Here's a link to the product:
    A video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU-uFQwhlQI

  41. Buy a split unit Fujitsu 8000 BTU 2.5 KW. I have a Fujitsu it's virtually silent. I tried these window and portable units they are all noisy, absolute waste of time. Buy a split unit with the box fan on the outside wall

  42. A lot of the old WCI units (branded Frigidaire, Kenmore, Gibson, White Westinghouse) are very quiet. I have a few of these that are from the 90's and early 2000s and they're near silent.

  43. Thank you for the review and you are right on the money with your analysis that noise is such a huge factor in room window air conditioners.

  44. I already bought one from the brand: house queen, and it’s loud, what should I do? Is there a way to reduce the noise or is my only option is to buy a new one?

  45. Late 70s Emerson quiet kools are what I have been using for a while, eer ratings are 6.5 or so but they run incredibly quiet and smooth, most of them I've gotten for free, I clean them up inside and out and they have been beautiful. There 40 plus years old and run like new. American Tecumseh compressors. I'd rather pay a little more for the watts but I set them to keep the house at 70 and it's maybe 100$ a month for 1200 sq ft with it 95 outside.

  46. I once had a haier it was loud as hell my ge 5200 btu is quiet it cools really well I got rid of the haier and got a Frigidaire 6000 btu the Frigidaire is just as quiet as the ge i know someone who has a goldstar which is lg and it’s just as noisy as my haier.

  47. I have an LG 5K BTU unit in my bathroom. I don't care much for it, it's noisy and rattles a lot (hence why I took it out of my room and put it in the bathroom to cool it and dehumidify after I shower.) LG has been among the nosiest and least efficient units I have tried out. I have a Frigidaire 8K BTU in my bedroom, fan isn't the quietest thing but I love white noise, but the compressor is very quiet. It replaced my old portable unit by DeLonghi, 12K BTU that couldn't keep up with the summer. Couldn't keep it below 78 in my room where as the Frigidaire kept it at 60 and was able to shut off frequently. I loved that DeLonghi, it worked great but as it got older and hotter it couldn't keep up with what I wanted from it. If it was a dual hosed model then it would have no problem at all keeping up, so if you go portable, get a dual hosed model!! They're MUCH more efficient at cooling!! Plus no negative pressure like single hosed units.

    My favorite AC brands that I've had the best of luck with for window/wall units are Panasonic, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Amana, Samsung, and believe it or not, Haier. All have cooled well, were quiet, efficient, and reliable.

    For the oldies, you gotta love them old Philco Fords, and Emerson Quiet Kools!

  48. THANK you Sir, well its been a long time since your great / to the point video. I'm DEFINITELY looking for a QUITE AC [ wall unit ] on 2019. Is LG still at the TOP of your list ?

  49. Wow, do not go with the Friedrich or the LG (which looks almost identical to it). It's a goddamned nightmare, noise-wise.

  50. I also have a newer LG dual inverter window ac. It doesn't surprise you when compressor turns automatic on and off after reaching the desired temperature unlike the non inverter surprises you a lot. But my LG does slightly better except when compressor sounded like the airplane taking off ! Although it is still loud though ( i am pretty sensitive to the bass sound produce by compressor)

  51. If you have a noisy unit, see if you can isolate where most of the noise comes from, make up a cardboard baffling that does not block the intake or exhaust air flow. The baffle may knock down some of the noise. Make up a frame made of duct tape and heavy cardboard (you can buy cardboard boxes at big box hardware stores), duct tape a framework that alows airflow up thru the bottom and out of the top. Fill in the fame with insulating material (foam packing, wadded news papers, pink insulation). Have some fun with it. Once you find something that works, spray paint the cardboard frame to match room decor (take the frame back off and spray paint outside – including the duct tape used to hold the frame to the AC unit. Have some fun with it! Keep trying different configurations and stuffing material until you reduce the noise to an acceptable level while not interfering with the air flow. Use your God given imagination and post the effort and results on YT. Good luck.

  52. Friedrich's are loud as I own one. Older ACs such has Sharp are very quiet. I have an old one that must be 30 years old and still runs almost silent. I remember my parents Kenmore which must have been manufactured in the early 70s was a beast in its last days. It still pumped out cold air put sounded like a cement mixer even when it was over 40 years old but finally, I had to put it down to hear other people speak…

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