Releasing ALL My Fortnite Data (180+ Techniques)

Hi everyone, I recently hit 1000 subscribers, and I want
to thank all of you that have supported me so far. Because of this milestone, and also because
we’re nearing the end of the Summer, I thought it would be a good time to release my monolithic
spreadsheet of all the Fortnite building techniques I collected three-ish months ago. I also have a few announcements, but before
that, I wanted to quickly run through some context for the spreadsheet, which you can
find in the description below. So, I originally made this spreadsheet because
I noticed that unlike in other communities where advanced techniques have emerged, such
as in Melee or Starcraft, Fortnite’s advanced techniques are poorly documented in various
ways. A lot of information is learned through word
of mouth, or spread out randomly across miscellaneous tips and tricks videos. There are no clear systems for organizing
this information, most stuff just get lumped into broad categories, like “high ground
retakes.” And so on. I decided that a good way to help alleviate
this was to try to get a better solution for that last issue: how do we organize advanced
techniques? So, coming from a research background, I devised
this plan: I would create a large list of Fortnite videos, I would watch all of these
videos, and I would try to create a list of building techniques based on what I noticed
in these videos. I would then analyze my list, which I call
an “inventory,” and use my observations to create a set of categories for building
techniques. I restricted my work to building techniques
because I thought there was simply too much stuff otherwise. Running through the actual spreadsheet, the
first page contains my source list. I include links here, as well as what type
of source the video is. Here are the different types of sources I
used, I’ll also include this methodology outline in the description as well. In total, there are a little over 200 different
sources. I would say that it took me around 20 hours
just to watch all of them and take notes. The next page is my first draft of the building
techniques. I include a source, potential technique name,
and a timestamp or link to where that technique is in the source. After that, on the next page, is where I start
to drill in a little bit more. Here, I did a process called “coding,”
which is different from programming “coding” and is described by Wikipedia as “an analytical
process in which data, in both quantitative form (such as questionnaires results) or qualitative
form (such as interview transcripts) are categorized to facilitate analysis.” So basically, what that meant for me, was
trying to figure out what information I wanted to more formally capture here, and I ended
up with the building pieces used, edits used, starting and ending states, and some loose
descriptions of purpose. Throughout the document, there are these black
tabs, which contain notes I took along the way as I felt needed. After doing this first coding pass, I tried
to loosely use a research method known as grounded theory which I have a tiny bit of
experience with to begin creating my first attempts at categories. To give myself some wiggle room, I had two
columns for categories, and redid the coding process for every item. I also tried to mark duplicates as they emerged. Next, I used my second coding pass to develop
a set of categories for building techniques. Here they are, there’s 16 of them. I want to say a few things about these categories
before moving on. First, I don’t think these categories exist
on a flat hierarchy. I think some of these are subcategories, albeit
significant ones, of other categories. Cone jumps, for example, I consider a subcategory
of catches. Second, a few of these categories are a bit
shaky for me. Specifically, mixups, connect, and pass-through,
are all categories that feel like maybe they could be something else, and also have a small
number of techniques assigned to them. That being said, organizing information is
really hard. I think it’s often underappreciated how
hard it is to organize stuff. And you’ll never get a perfect system, all
models are wrong, but some are useful. So, I think this system has its flaws, but
is more comprehensive than what we currently have. Finally, I took my final list of techniques,
and to test my categories, reapplied my system for organizing things. In total, there are 187 techniques that I
included which I ultimately deemed unique. This is definitely not every building technique,
but it is probably the biggest list that currently exists, and I think it has good coverage. So, do with this as you will. Time for announcements. First, I want to announce that in the fall,
I will be starting my Ph.D. This is not really new news, since I applied
to grad school last year, visited schools, and made a final decision almost half a year
ago. But, I wanted to let you all know, because
there are some implications to this, the biggest one being that I will be spending a lot more busy with
school and research once that starts. I am not planning to stop creating content,
but it will likely come out slower, or be less in-depth or comprehensive. Second, I have created a Discord because it
has been requested. Instead of trying to assume what roles and
channels will be needed, I’m going to have a much more messy approach and let the community
figure that out on their own. So, for now, there will be one channel, and
no roles, and I will add those things as needed. A link to this in the description below, as well. Finally, if you haven’t already, you might
want to check out my personal subreddit, /r/InsideFortnite, to keep up with content-oriented posts. This subreddit is meant to be a collection
of only high-quality Fortnite-related content, and I think is a good way for people to have
a less spammy view of what’s being shared on Reddit. So, that’s it, thanks again for all your
support, bye!

52 thoughts on “Releasing ALL My Fortnite Data (180+ Techniques)

  1. Woah, I was just visiting your channel to see if there was anything new, and there it was! Keep up the great videos, I've been looking for someone who goes a little more into the technical details of advanced techniques, and you do an amazing job of it 🙂

  2. Damn, I strongly respect all the work put into this! You will have over 100k subs 100% if you keep this up! Remember me when you do haha! I subbed and left a like!

  3. When you don't get your notification that the big man himself has uploaded..

    Anyway I'm a little late to the bus but congrats on 1K. As someone who has actually tried to research a project that had no end and failed to keep it organized, I can honestly say that I am blown away by what you have done. Not only did you do this alone but you also did it in a reasonable time with insane legibility and an overwhelming amount of reorganization. I wish you the best of luck with getting a Ph.D in in researching and progressing your life onward. I'll definitely check out the subreddit and post some quality content.

    Use code: RESPRiT 👍

  4. I’ve always thought about the fact there’s no organized way to learn tips and tricks. You really hit the nail on the head here. Also, good luck with your PhD!

  5. ur really helpful and im thankful for people who take time to be reasonable and constructive just as your self good luck and good evening – when ur famous and im gonna tweet this is u reply

  6. Bro I will literally study that document like I've got an SAT for it, got a lot of spare time on my hands and I'm about to make some rather useless use of it.

  7. am i the only one that never trains how to build yet easily rekt the sweats that build a 5 star hotel in front of me just because those guys cant aim for shit lol

  8. I've been waiting for this
    You told me about this 2 weeks ago in your video about learning from the law.
    thanks a lot man this makes things a lot easier for me
    Good luck to you too<3

  9. Wow, someone spent god knows how long trying to make a nice informative video, but it went irrelevant less than 10h after it got published.

    Thx Epic…

  10. No disrespect. This is amazing, and the amount of work you put in to this really, really shows. You put together some of the best content out there, and I cant thank you and emphasize my respect for you enough. However, I sincerely hope this game dies now. EPIC no longer deserves it anymore.

  11. OMG I've already been fucked by patches that ruined my planned vids/maps but holy shit is that bad luck man :/
    Phenomenal works tho I'm sure this'll get fixed and at that point this will become relevant
    Well you might get views especially thanks to the bad luck factor and all tho
    Good stuff anyway I subbed

    Edit : Lmao is this a Youtubeur reunion in the comments ? Lol

  12. F*ck finally founded a great video with so many new techniques to learn but because of this dogshit patch about turbo build, epic just destroyed all your work
    i am so sorry for you man 🙁

  13. good luck on your phd. i can’t believe Epic is choosing to ruin creators like you for the little timmy’s who play fortnite once every month.

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