Remember What You Read – How To Memorize What You Read!

Wow. This book is so good. It’s about…I
can’t remember. How many times have you read something and then, five seconds later, you
have to go back and reread that same page because you can’t remember what you read?
Here’s the solution for that. Check this out. Hey, guys, Ron White here. Now, we’ve all
been there. We’ve all read a page and then, two seconds later, we have to go back and
reread that page because we have no idea what we just read. Here’s the solution for that,
and this process can be broken down into six easy steps. Let’s start with step number one. Don’t try
to memorize as you’re reading. But, instead, read with a highlighter or a marker and underline
or highlight the key words as you are reading, or take notes as you’re reading. But, don’t
try to memorize as you read. Number two, is you need a technique or a tool
called the Mind Palace, or it’s called the Method of Loci. Essentially, what it is, is
you remember a map of a room. Stand in the doorway of every room in your house and number
five pieces of furniture in each room. The first room, you [inaudible] one, two, three,
four, five. It might be desk, bed, TV, picture, plant. Then go to the next room and number
that room six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Good things will be desks, or chairs, or computers,
or windows, or showers, or sinks. This is your Mind Palace and this is actually going
to hold the data that you are memorizing in the book, which lead us to step number three. Step number three is, whatever you want to
remember, you need to turn it into a picture. Let’s say you’re reading a book about Abraham
Lincoln. The picture for Abraham Lincoln could be a penny because Abraham Lincoln is on the
penny. And maybe you want to remember he was born in Kentucky, so you’re going to need
a picture for Kentucky. Maybe you would use the Kentucky Derby. And maybe you want to
remember he was the 16th President. You need to create a picture for 16 and you might use
a car for that because you get your driver’s license when you’re 16 years old. So, everything
you have highlighted or everything you have underlined, you’re going to create pictures
for to remember those highlighted or underlined words. Pretty easy, right. All right. Let’s move on to step number four.
Step number four is, is you use the pieces of furniture in your room to store the data.
The first point that you want to memorize is Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. So,
you think of a penny and a penny is racing around the Kentucky Derby. Now, you take picture
and you put it on the first piece of furniture in your house. Maybe the first piece of furniture
in your house is a table, so a penny racing around the Kentucky Derby. The second thing
you want to remember is Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president. So, you see a penny for
Lincoln, and the penny is driving a car for 16, and you see that on the second piece of
furniture, which may be the refrigerator. You see a penny driving a car around the refrigerator.
Every point that you have underlined, you turn into a picture, and you would see on
pieces of furniture around your house — five in a room. And that’s how you remember points
from a book. All right, guys. Let’s go on to step number
five. Step five is simply, if you want to remember five points from every chapter, you
use one room to represent every chapter because you have five pieces of furniture in every
room. If you want to remember ten points from a chapter, easy enough. You just use two rooms
to represent that chapter. And, if you want to remember 15 points from a chapter, easy
enough. You just use three rooms for that chapter. So, those are the five steps that you need
to memorize what you read. If you want to remember dates, like you’re reading a history
book, there is an optional sixth step. To remember dates, you need to create pictures
for the date. For example, maybe you use a Cupid for Valentine’s Day, for February. For
March, you might use soldiers marching to remember the month of March. April showers
to remember the month of April. So, that’s an optional sixth step, creating pictures
for the months to remember important dates if you’re reading a history book. So, in recap, number one, don’t memorize as
you read. But, instead, highlight or underline as you read. Number two, create a Mind Palace,
locations in a room where you’re going to store the data. Number three, turn whatever
you want to recall into a picture. See it as an animated image. Number four, store those
pictures on the pieces of furniture around your house in your Mind Palace to remember
the details of what you read. Number five, you segment the chapters. You put everything
about one chapter in one room. And then, finally, the optional sixth step, if you want to remember
dates, you just need to create pictures for those dates. This is a simple method. It’s called the Mind
Palace. Sherlock Holmes used it in his books. So, it’s completely free. Click the link right
here, or click the link below, and I’ll see you on the next page as you get this Sherlock
Holmes Mind Palace training. All right guys, thanks for watching. I’m going
to show you some bloopers here in a second. But, before you do that, click the Subscribe
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the history of America. Did you know that, um� How many times have you read some — uh,
that’s kind of jumpy there.

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  1. we have to learn atleast 25ques in a chapter and in exam 25 chapter are going to come will this methid will be right

  2. I remember what I read, but if someone calls me,
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  15. Actually pretty useful info.. However, there are two categories of the people – those who remember with eyes, and those who do it with ears,(auditional memory) So, this video is nothing for that second category (me.). But thanks anyway

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  21. Omg, you know what? I've used this technique when I was at school without even realizing that it has a name. It was my and my friend's thing only and it worked so naturally. It was really helpful and we had so much fun studying this way. I thought we created it. What a bummer. But now that I'm a university student and need this method the most I just lost my ability to create those pictures in my mind.

  22. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character. The fastest way to absorb information is if it interests you. Also it is known that high dopamine levels are associated with good memory. So if you want to boost your memory you should do things that rise your dopamine levels like sport, eating healthy, getting rid of addictions, etc.

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