Remove Torx Security Screws WITHOUT special tools!

OK Here’s a short video that might help you
out. Have you ever had to remove a screw from maybe an appliance or something you wanted
to fix… an Xbox or something like that, and realized… “What’s this?!” and it might
be a hexadecimal or torx bit… well if it’s a Torx which, let’s see… looks like this
shape right here, it’s kind of a star shape, you say, Yeah! Look at that! I have this handy torx screwdriver set here that I bought, mini torx that has maybe 8 or 10 bits in there in the handle
that you can take off. Well, then you get there and realize… Wait a second! This screw
is NOT normal… it has a post in the middle. It’s called a Torx security screw and they’re… basically manufacturers put those there to say, Hey! Don’t tamper with this! Well, of
course, you can go to the store and buy another torx security bit driver, or, you can just do something a little bit easier. If you have a mini screwdriver set that has a normal flathead
screwdriver in it, well, you know what? It will work too. You might be able to find this
tip useful because it will save you money and time. The special thing here is, this flat tip here tends to, if you have the
right size, will fit perfectly in between a couple of these holes/slots and the screw
and you can turn it. Just like that. So, if you have an appliance like this coffee maker,
and you want to get the torx security screw out… It’s as easy as that!

100 thoughts on “Remove Torx Security Screws WITHOUT special tools!

  1. Mate whatta fukn legend. I was convinced that I would never repair my ps3 for months and now I have.
    Sexy music by the way hahaha

  2. If you don't have a good set of tools that includes Torx screwdrivers then you aren't a real man. Every respectable man should have a complete set of tools

  3. People, if this does not work for you, use the mini head screwdriver to break the center of the of the Torx screw to then use star screw.

  4. Im back! this was great! Luckie enough i had a small screw driver, I tried it and it worked! I wanted open a Dyson vacuum cleaner. thanks for the video.

  5. .dodge neon,ignition switch security screws. .well you're SCREWED NOW,..good idea,thanks for sharing it, mate.

  6. There is a generalised way of getting security screws out – and here's how.
    As long as the screw is available, you could grind a slot in its head with a Dremel or similar, and take the screw out with a regular, straight screwdriver.
    If security screws are down at the bottom of a long hole in the plastic body of a toaster, kettle, coffee machine or many other (typically) kitchen appliances you need to use a security bit (like the one shown in the corner at 0:37 in the video), and you can get sets of them from your hardware outlet (or online, of course), and they cover all sorts of security screws. The problem is that manufacturers put security screws at the bottom of a long plastic tube in the bodies of these appliances – and there's a good reason for that. It makes them really hard to get at can get at. The sets of security bits have hexagon shafts, and usually, they are small enough to fit down the plastic tubes in devices, but they come with a screwdriver handle which is far too fat to go down the hole, so you can drop the security bit down the hole, but you have to figure out some way of turning it.
    What you can do is to grind a slot in the back of the bit with a cutting disc in a Dremel, drop the security bit down the hole, and turn it with a screwdriver – but WATCH OUT!! Yesterday, my
    Morphy Richards espresso machine packed up, and when I tried that ruse, I found that the plastic hole was tapered, and the bit, which was narrow enough for the top of the hole, got jammed further down it, and now, I can't turn it, and I can't get it out – so Morphy Richards wins this round – but my next coffee machine will NOT be made by them. When I pay money for something that prevents me from fixing it when it goes bad, that pisses me right off!!
    If I had realised in advance that the hole might be tapered, I would have ground the corners off the hex shaft of the security bit to make it narrow enough to go down the hole.

  7. Had one of those screw drivers for YEARS and never knew there were more bits in it and one of them was that small. Was able to fix the overheating PS4 my friend gave me. Thanks a million!!

  8. So either way you'd have to end up buying something you might not have. I've bought a whole bit set and I luckily have a mini screwdriver as I Vape and repair and size my own watches but if you arent really the type to by tools and only buy specific tools you need st the moment then you might not have that mini driver handy. Might as well buy the security bit.

  9. Even better would be to get a drill with the smallest drill bit you can find and break the posts in the screws so you can get the normal bit in it

  10. TOTAL fuckin life saver… after I just went out and had to buy a whole set πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ thank you for this video πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  11. I'm trying to replace a filter on an Elkay Bottle Refill station. Not sure why they used what they call "vandal resistant" screws for a corporate office.

  12. Thanks a lot. I trying To replace my airmass senzor on my BMW twoo weeks now, literraly bought every kind of torx and nothing. I can not wait To try this tomorrow.

  13. I bought a set of all sorts bits,,,guess what,,no 5 point bits only 6 point bits and a few other odd things,,I tried this method with a flat blade,,but it seems to only work with the 6 point !!!!

  14. I tried this with the "Torx Security Plus" screws, which are 5-pointed rather than 6 and i could not get this to work.

  15. While this is a good idea, it only works when the bit is large enough to use a decent sized flat head as the tiny (say T10) sizes require the use of a tiny flathead, which I have a couple of, but there isn't enough material is such a small falthead to be able to unscrew a tight torx head without distorting or breaking. You can also usually break off the metal nub in the center of security bits to gain access, but sometimes the metal is too soft for it to break and you just screwed yourself. lol

  16. epic, i figured this out myself like 3 years ago but forgot how i got the fucking screw out, thanks man for reminding me how i did it πŸ™‚

  17. What's funny to me is that not only is this exactly what I needed, but I have exactly those two Husky screwdriver sets (one with Torx, one with flathead/philips)

  18. I was working on a microwave , the screw was too tight for mini screw driver so I used my vise grips to clamp on the torq and unscrew it.

  19. Thought i was the only one that did shit like this. Don't forget that if you break the middle piece of the security torx, then you'll be able to use a regular torx anyway. Unless your mini flat head screwdriver breaks, too. Then you can just throw everything across the room and give up.

  20. I got mad at call of duty modern warfare remastered and I hit my xbox one controller so hard a joystick came out and I was going to put it back in and fond I dont have that type of screw driver so I look and fond nothing so I looked at youtube and boom done thanks

  21. Thank you wow spent 2hrs and more looking for a t8 with in Qatar just to open ps4…thank you

  22. Thanks brother. I was thinking about the same thing when I seen the security guard post in my Xbox 360 controller. Needed to open it to clean the contact points for the buttons. I haven't done the work yet, but seen your video and I concur with your logic. Everyone just make sure that your flat head driver is the proper size to fit snug into the nearest to center location B4 doing the work. You want to be as close to center as possible to avoid unnecessary wear n tear of your "make shift" at home maintenance efforts.

  23. I need help with screws that look like a peace symbol of how to remove those they are on a.miss radio.

  24. just bough a used ps4, and fuckin giving me this headache yesterday, i even rushed to MR DIY store at closing time for this fuckin stupid torx screws as i can't remove it completely, i managed to remove 2 with nail cutter, but the rest are too risky as i don't want to dmg the ps4 case to clean and reapply thermal paste, now that i know this tricks imma go back and try

  25. ya that wont work for the ps4 the ball is too deep. i bought the wrong tork 8 at canadian tire. so now i gotta go back and buy a set of 20 for $20 when i only need one!

  26. Thanks buddy I was removing parts of my ps3 then came this screw which i had no idea how to remove. I tried everything then i thought i have to buy new screwdriver but this one REALLY WORKS. THANK U SO MUCH πŸ‘Œ

  27. The ps4 pro is BS because all I was trying to do was replace the top and bottom shell covers. I bought it used and the owner was stupid enough to ship without bubblewrap/newspaper or anything so it was all dinged up. I could care less about tampering with my PS4’s insides

  28. I am trying to disassemble a microwave and thought I would have to drill through the screws. Thanks for the video.

  29. The quality of this video is so 6yrs ago lol. I was wondering when was this made then I look at 6 years ago…

  30. Dude. That music is getting on my frigging nerves. Thanks for saving me from spending a tenner for the third time on another cheap prime delivery

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