retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique law of attraction action is an important part of
manifesting what you want it without action there is no movement towards the
thing that is desired there are two types of action that play a role in
manifestation the act of mentally engaging in the process of deliberate
creation such as visualization and the physical action that places a person in
the right environment in situations to connect them with what is wanted both
are equally important and makeup critical components of the individuals
role in the creation process with mental action such as creative imagining the
mind begins to process all of the possibilities of the new information
being given to it it will then work to find ways to make
those things a reality and this will often come in the form of inspiration to
engage in a specific physical action however the act of physically following
through with what lines a person up with their goals can sometimes lack
motivation or even be blocked by old fears and programming logically we might
know that we need to take a physical action to make something happen
but we may have beliefs or habits that keep us from doing so for instance many
people want to help the unfit body but don’t dedicate themselves to fully
achieving results the mental programming is essential because the mind is being
organized to work towards a manifestation and then telling the body
to do something different as part of the “retrain your mind” for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique law of attraction undertaking however when the mind
prompts the person to follow through with physical action it might be negated
this person might know that they need to go to the gym and eat healthier food in
addition to their mental conditioning but the practices that are already in
place keep them from doing so this is the type of habit that will need
to be broken to make the changes wanted the manifestation process consists of
several parts and physical action is one of them because the mind and body work
together the best way to move past blocks that stop a physical action that
is required to get you to your goal is with the power of your mind the
following process will give your mind more reasons to push past any blocks old
habits and fears and inspire the motivation required to move you in the
right direction pretend that you have a time machine
that can take the spiritual energetic part of you to any future event of your
choosing although everything is really in the now moment you will be creating
what you perceive as a future manifestation in this now moment and
create a personal association that motivates you choose something that you
would like to manifest for this example I will use the healthy and fit body
already mentioned step into your time machine and notice that there are many
manifestation buttons for all sorts of things for example there are buttons for
wealth the perfect relationship an amazing job a healthy and fit body the
perfect vacation peace and happiness and retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation “new motivational video” “very powerful” nlp technique law of attraction so on visualize yourself pushing the
healthy and fit body button now observe that there are time settings for the
future and see yourself setting your destination for your current day several
hours from now push the Go button and imagine rocketing
into space and then landing in this future time within a matter of just a
few seconds take a look around and become aware that you are at the local
gym as you are looking out from your time machine you see your future self
walking out of the gym with a big smile on their face you notice a water bottle
in the hand of this future you and that he or she is wearing gym clothes you
might even realize that this you is a bit sweaty but walking in a very
energized way now look down at the buttons on your time machine and find
the freeze time button push this button and see that this future you and
everything in the environment has stopped moving step out of your time
machine and fill yourself walking over to this you that has just completed an
amazing workout because you have gone to this future time as the spiritual and
energetic portion of who you are you are able to step into the body of the shoe
feel yourself do this and allow your consciousness to sense how great it
feels to be this you that just took the retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful “nlp technique” “law of attraction” physical action needed to achieve your
goal you notice immediately that not only does your physical body feel great
but your mind is clear and very satisfied with the effort you might even
perceive that what you once thought of as a difficult task is actually fun
invigorating and confidence-building take a few moments to walk around as
this you that just had a great workout feeling how great it feels and then step
back out of this body as the energetic you and back into your time machine once
you are back in your time machine unfreeze the time setting and set your
time machine for one week in the future once again feel yourself take off rock
it into space and land all within a few seconds you’re in the same place you
were before but one week in the future see this future you again notice that
this you looks very similar from the last time but seems to be a pound or two
lighter than before observe the improved posture this shoe
has and since the pride that this shoe feels this you seems much more confident
than they did even a week ago you can tell that the undertaking of going to
the gym has become a rewarding experience for this you
as before hit your freeze time button and step out of your time machine walk
over and step into this you that is building a new healthier habit feel the
difference that this week made in both staying power and drive recognize that
the progress that this shoe has accomplished in such a small amount of
time has caused him or her to become much more determined after printing in a
week of effort you realize there’s no retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique law of attraction turning back you can sense the
perseverance and change an energy that moves through their body and realize how
fantastic it feels physically mentally and energetically spend as much time as
you need to feel the height of these sensations and then step out of this
body and return to your time machine as the spiritual part of you once again
unfreeze the time setting and set your future time for six months in the future
fill yourself take off soar through space and land in the same location six
months in the future when you land you almost don’t notice this new you that
has put in the action needed to accomplish having a healthy and fit body
this you is fit tone and beaming with confidence you know that this shoe has
adopted a new lifestyle and created new enriching habits the shape of his or her
body has changed dramatically and looks exactly the way you’ve always wanted it
to you can see the pride beaming from this
you because of the progress that has been made when you’ve observed all of
the wonderful qualities of this you hit your freeze time button once again and
go step into their brand-new body feel how great it feels to have accomplished
your goals look down at your body and retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique law of attraction recognize all of the changes that have
been made run your hands across your new waistline and feel how energized this
healthy body feels notice how confident and proud you feel of yourself jump up
and down and get excited take the time to thoroughly associate with this new
you and feel all of the sensations that go with that realize that this is
exactly what you’ve chosen for yourself once you’ve reached the new you that has
precisely what you want stay in that version of you there’s no reason to
leave this body because this shoe has what you want walk back to your time
machine as the brand new you and unfreeze the time notice how everything
goes back to normal in the scene except for the fact that you are taking this
physical version of yourself back with you change your time setting back to
present time and feel yourself take off rock it into space and land see that you
are in your present moment and your present atmosphere and as you step out
of your time machine realize that you are the new you that has manifested what
they want take a few more moments to feel how great this feels and then
resume your day this exercise identifies your feeling
states with the exact you that you intend to be and raises your energy and
vibration to that level this creates a strong association that your mind will
remember because the feeling states are so powerful the motivation to follow
through will increase substantially it also builds a strong visual association
that connects with the time frame that “retrain your mind” for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique “law of attraction” is very achievable it gives your body a
reason to create the movements that the mind is asking it to do you can see that
the actions required aren’t that difficult and feel your confidence level
increase incrementally as you go through the phases of reaching the you that has
what you want this process can be modified in any way that makes you feel
comfortable choose what you want from the mini
manifestation buttons and soar into the future you can add or take away as many
stops as you prefer from different time frames however make your first stop only
a few hours away so your mind sees you taking action immediately also be
certain that at the end of your time machine trip you’re in the body of the
you that has achieved the end result of exactly what you want and bringing that
body back with you keep working with this exercise until you feel inspired to
take the action necessary that will put you in the right places to manifest your
goals make the process fun and know that as you use your playful imagination to
go through it you are literally creating what you want retrain your mind for motivation and manifestation new motivational video very powerful nlp technique law of attraction


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  2. Never ever do this while listen to country music. It will interfere with your emotions and cast a negative value on your life.

  3. you wanna know how to visualize. this is my secret and im sharing with whoever is lucky enough tp stumble upon as i did myself. Alan Dundes a folklorist thought of the comcept as to why humans are so dependent on sight. For instance if i were to tell you
    1. I heard the cat fall.
    2. I saw the cat fall
    you would think me saying 1. i heard it as something not certain. while2. i saw the cat fall as something certain.

    now what does this mean. it means alot. Throughout history and evolution of speech people in the bible for instance said stuff like, Jesus made the blind man see or You have to see it to believe it. but take this in, seeing was a metaphor for understanding. jesus didnt literally make a blind man see, he made a person that wasnt concious of an idea understand it. understanding is visualizing and believing. know thyself aswell, will make you believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself, because you understand yourself, you know yourself and therefore if you know u arent smart someone telling you that you are dumb wont hurt your feelings because if you understood why, what, who, etc there is a reason and you know how to crawl and progress. whereas someone that pictures in there mind is lieing to themself to an extent. Youll picture yourself as someone smart but not understand why you arent smart. you could picture yourself as superman and feel good but it wont last. you can apply that concept to anything in life, understand, seek and ye shall find. my keys to life is hermetic principles/universal laws and I am…, I feel…, I do…, I love…, I speak…, I see…, I understand … in that order.

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  8. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel free and peaceful. Excellent video tutorial. I did it for wealth.

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  10. I love this time machine concept! When I hear people talk about 3/5/10 year plans the image I see is so logic and ones and zeros. There no feeling to it. This concept helped create vivid, powerful, and fun images and different points on time. Plus I worked on fighter jets so I had a closer reference so to speak in terms of what my rocket would be like. Very helpful, very powerful. Thank you so much!

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