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Retrieving a wireless network password is
helpful if a computer is already set up on a wireless network, but you cannot
find or remember your password. First, make sure your computer is connected
to the wireless network from where you need to retrieve
the password. Navigate to the Print and Scan Doctor file
that can be downloaded from The file name is HPPSdr.exe. Double-click to open the file. If prompted, click OK, Continue, or Yes to
run the file. The program extracts, and then opens. If this is your first time running HP Print
and Scan Doctor, click Accept to agree to the terms. From the menu bar, click Network, and then click Show Advanced Info. From the Advanced Info screen, click Show
Wireless Info. In the Wireless Settings section, the wireless network the computer is connected to is listed under SSID. The network key or password is listed under
Network Key next to the network name. Once you have the wireless network key or password, you can connect an HP printer or other device
to the network.

11 thoughts on “Retrieving a Wireless Network Password with HP Print and Scan Doctor | HP Printers | HP

  1. Hi,

    Can you help me? On the step of clicking the menu bar, clicking Network, and then clicking Show Advanced Info,

    The 'show advanced info' button was grey scaled and cannot be clicked.

    And I cannot totally view the password I forgot.

    Please enlighten me.

    Thank you.

  2. This is for Windows which you don't find out until into the video. It is typical of the arrogance, ignorance or stupidity of techies to assume everyone uses Windows.

  3. Hello HP, i have a problem with installing my printer (HP Deskjet 2620) on my computer…

    The printer WiFi asks for my password but unfortunately I have lost my password..!

    How can I get a new one?

  4. Hello I am using Printer HP DeskJet 2636 and can't find the password. Are there directions to find it on a chromebook?

  5. Frustrated owner of an HP3630. The 'smartscan' software tells me to run the wireless setup procedure but doesn't explain how. Surely the explanation of this procedure should be integrated, rather than me having to hunt out the instructions in a separate place? This is about as far from seamless as it gets! HP seem to separate out their instructions in various sources Have spent several days trying to connect wirelessly using Windows 10. I will never buy HP again – EVER

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