Robin Gudgel from Midnite Solar introduces their grid-tie inverters

Hello I’m Andrea from altE. We’re at Solar Power International 2016. We’re with Robin from Midnite Solar, and we
have a bunch of fascinating new products. This is one of them, your new grid-tie inverter. Can you tell us a little bit about it, Robin?Alright. This is the MNGTI-750 Wind. Wind because it’s designed to work with wind
turbines, which we are also coming out with. This one we call Andy’s inverter, Andy was
the engineer who designed this. You’ll notice on the faceplate here, it’s
got a very unique type of display. It looks like the speedometer of a car. Right now it’s showing you it’s over-temp
because because it’s over its rating. Now it applied the brake, it shut down the
turbine, and it stopped. Now it’s going to start all over again. So what that’s telling you is it has a built
in Clipper, where it doesn’t allow the turbine to overspeed. It doesn’t allow the inverter to overheat. Inside of this thing, this happens to be just a plastic display, the real thing’s going to be cast aluminum, we have capacitive touch
buttons, so there’s no holes through the case. This is a NEMA-3R rain proof case. This is what we call our solar safety module,
so we will have not only the wind turbine grid-tie inverter, but in the same exact case,
we have solar inversion, and that will take 3 to 4 solar panels. And the third version, that’s in the same
exact case, is a battery-based 1000W grid-tieable inverter, that will AC Couple to both the
solar and the wind turbine inverters. So, basically this inverter system is designed
for a market that doesn’t really exist. It’s the do-it-yourselfers, a lot of your
customers are the do-it-yourselfers. And they’ve been forced to go to EBay or
Amazon and buy Chinese stuff that has no agency approvals, it doesn’t really work together. I call this the Lionel Train set. You can go buy the solar inverter first, and
then a few solar panels, and now you are grid tied. Oh and by the way, this has Bluetooth on it also, so you can talk to your Android cell phone. Anyway, you can start with a simple, inexpensive
grid-tie inverter for solar, then you go back later and maybe you buy the wind turbine version. And that’s also selling power back to the
grid. Then you go back later, and you want power
backup now for when the utility goes down, so you buy the battery-based version. You’ve got three nice little inverters on
the wall. And now you want to backup even more stuff,
you add another battery-based inverter. They are stackable, so now you have a 2000W inverter. That’s why I call it the Lionel Train set. You have to keep on going back and buying
more tracks, more cars, more trains… It’s the easy squeezy payment plan.As always, Midnite Solar ahead of the curve, setting the standard for new products like this. Thank you Robin.You are very welcome.

4 thoughts on “Robin Gudgel from Midnite Solar introduces their grid-tie inverters

  1. So for RV application you could have a small wind turbine on the roof so that you can charge while driving or if it's windy out when you're not moving in conjunction with solar panels?

  2. I called them today April 11th and they said the product is still in development, but mostly awaiting certification and all the red tape that goes with it.

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