Rona Ding – A Day in the Life of a UW Engineering Student

[music]>>Hi, I’m Rona Ding and I’m a junior at the
University of Washington and I’m in the Bioengineering department and I’m also a premedical student.
I think, if I were talking to a prospective student, I would encourage them to think about
the kind of college experience that they wanted when they are considering the University of
Washington. Because I think the University of Washington really does have kind of that
collegiate feel where you can go to football games and basketball games and have a huge
campus and meet a lot of different people. Many of the UW Engineering departments are
ranked quite highly in their field. The departments are generally medium to small size, and so
even though the University of Washington is really big and you can get that collegiate
feel, once you do get to your department, it does become like a close-knit community
and it feels much smaller. I think a typical day for me is, I usually try to get my classes
in the morning, so I get those out of the way, then I sometimes try to grab lunch on
campus or on the Ave with a few friends. In the afternoon I usually go work at lab, so
I can do a few experiments there. My research lab isn’t actually located on campus, it’s
located in South Lake Union area because there’s a branch of UW Medicine that has labs down
there. I think it’s kind of exciting because you get to get away from campus for a bit
and go out for lunch with some students or the graduate students by walking around. I
do have a job at CLUE, so I’m a math tutor, and so I do those in the evening sometimes.
In my spare time, I do like to run so I try to get down on the Burke-Gilman and run down
to Gas Works. I also volunteer at the Children’s Hospital, and that’s really fun because I’m
in the child life department which means I just get to go to the children’s rooms and
play with them and keep them company for a while while their parents are away. And I
think there are lots of great things to do in Seattle, like shopping downtown and there
are always events like ballet at the Seattle Center. Downtown is really fun and there are
always lots of great places to eat down there. Campus is really pretty and even though it
does really rain a lot, I think people always say that, you know, like one really nice day
in Seattle makes up for weeks and weeks of cloudy days. So, when it’s pretty, it is really
beautiful up here. And I like campus because there are so many different places you can
study and so many places that you can just walk if you want to. One of my favorite places
is the north Allen Library, because it’s really quiet but there are glass walls so you don’t
feel so confined when you’re studying. And I think Suzallo in the Reading Room — that’s
always an amazing place to study and you really appreciate being at UW. When I was applying
to a lot of different colleges, I definitely applied to UW because it was one of the few
colleges that I had visited and I did really enjoy seeing the campus. And I also was choosing
between Duke, Rice, and the Scripps College and the Claremont Colleges. I think getting
Washington Scholars swayed my choice to come to UW a bit, but I think in the end I was
really comfortable in Seattle and I really did enjoy being in the city. The University
of Washington has a great bioengineering program and so that’s kind of what I based my choice
on. [music]

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  1. This is the only reason to attend uw. Job specific training. The other programs r useless. UW Seattle Class of 94, psychology. Save your money and attend a trade school like I did after I graduated. Study respiratory technology or be a nurse.

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