RV Boondocking Accessory: Goal Zero Yeti 400 ~ Long Term Review

Hello! We’re Ben and Rebecca with His and
Hers Alaska! And today is a follow up video, for our original video, about the Yeti
400!…We tend to tell people that this has revolutionized or completely changed the
way that we RV! Prior to this, we were kind of generator junkies! We don’t have
solar and we work from home. So we are constantly in need of charging our
computers and our cell phones… And our favorite places are not RV parks! So…. Just
getting that out there!…Hahaha! We’ve had our Yeti 400 for about 16
months now! We got it at the beginning of last summer and this thing has been ran
through the ringers. Tested and worked really hard! So…. What is this and why
would I want it? So our Motorhome, it’s a 1999 Tiffin
Allegro. It doesn’t have an inverter or solar like Beck said! So we were running
our little generator to charge our computers! It seems like a waste to be
running your generator all the time to charge computers! So what this is, it’s a
battery with an inverter on it, and two regular 110 outlets, two USB, there is a
cigarette lighter and some other ones. I don’t even know what they’re for! When
this box is fully charged, it will charge a computer six times! Which is so
freaking awesome for us because we don’t have to run the generator!…. You might be
wondering how we charge the yeti…And there are a couple of ways you can do it.
You can charge it by solar and we did originally buy the solar panel that came,
it didn’t come with it but it was an accessory…. We shouldn’t have been sold
that and it’s no fault of Yeti, it was the representative at Costco! The panel
was just a joke! Upon further research, in full Sun, it
would take 56 hours to charge this thing up! No! not practical!I’m sure that panel
would have been great for like a cell phone or a tablet. But it was not the
right thing to pair with the… Yeti 400!…. So the two ways that we do charge
it on a very regular basis are in our generator or from the 12-volt when we’re
driving down the road! So this has the capacity to be plugged into the 12-volt.
You plug it in from here, into your 12 volt adapter and…. When you’re driving
down the road or if you’re just sitting but you drain your batteries, you
can charge it in 11 hours off of the 12 volt!…. That’s fully empty, to fully charged!
We’ve maybe once or twice only brought the thing down to a full empty!…. The other
way to do it, is with 110. When you’re plugged into shore power and it takes
about five hours to charge it that way! When we’re out camping, we don’t have the
solar and all that! So we’re running two 12-volt deep cycle batteries under the
hood up there for our house batteries. And at the end of the day, we run the
generator and this gets to charge! It works great!…. You might be wondering, what
the display shows and so we’ll give you a little chance to look at that here!… You
push the button so that you can see it. It’s backlit, so you can look at it at
nighttime. This shows you in the middle how full the battery is! Right now you
can see we’ve got it fully charged. If you are plugged in and it’s getting
juice from either 12 volt or 110, it will show you how many watts are coming in!
Right now it’s not plugged in, so there’s nothing! On the right side, it shows you
output!…. Another neat feature about the Yeti 400 is that you can turn on and off
each of these three components! Now keep in mind, there’s an inverter built into
here! So the inverter itself, does show up some electricity! So you’d want to turn
that on only when you’re using it!… The USB and the 12 volts minor
electrical draw I think! But it’s nice! You can just…Turn them off!…. One thing we do
want to point out…. Because you are utilizing this on the go, this is very
heavy! So you should store it some place safe whenever you’re traveling!…. Here’s
where we store ours! For day-to-day use, our Yeti 400 sits in the compartment
where the old-school television sat! And… conveniently in the back of this
compartment, is a 12-volt outlet and somewhere down there is a regular
old 110 outlet!….We hope that this video is helpful! If you’d like to look at our
original video about the Yeti, when we unboxed it, you can check out below. We’ll
be sure to link that! We can’t say enough positive things about the Yeti 400! This
is not by any means a plug for them. We are not sponsored by them!…. This is just
something that we love!…. Yeah…We purchased this ourselves from Costco and…. It really
changed our lives! We just spent seven months driving around the lower 48 in
our RV. And we work from home and power is really important! This, made it
possible!…. Yeah! Literally!…. Without running the generator all the time!… So thanks for
watching guys! Please be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe and Follow our
adventures! Share with your friends and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

65 thoughts on “RV Boondocking Accessory: Goal Zero Yeti 400 ~ Long Term Review

  1. Looks good. Another great quality Yeti product (as I take a sip of coffee from my Yeti tumbler). How much do I need to talk to my loan officer about getting a loan to buy it. I guess you get what you pay for, and Yeti proves it.

  2. Great!! Mine's on order from Amazon in the US after watching. The price in Canada was just a bit ridiculous. Should be at my friend's stateside in a few days. While looking at all the material and reviews etc I decided that the solar kit was not for me either.

    Since I don't have solar or an inverter either I think it will be perfect for me as well. I'll let you know!!

  3. I just found your channel and will be watching more. I like the very good explanation you gave on the Yeti. I have never heard of this device before. We have a travel trailer and want to try a little boon docking to see if we like it. Some day we hope we can go full time and this might be the ticket we need.

  4. I like this! We also like your straight up style and so glad to have discovered your channel. We are going to look for one of these now.

  5. Totally new to this product looking into getting a tent trailer and I'm curious if I got something like this would it run the house lights ? How would you set it up so that it ran the house lights? – it's been a long time since I've had a tent trailer but I always remember the batteries would go dead after four or five days
    Thanks in advance –

  6. First off, great video and review. Secondly I'm glad you mentioned how long it takes the 20w nomad solar panel to recharge the battery, it's definitely something to keep in mind. However in a worst case scenario it does give you some power, and keep in mind that time is calculated from a completely dead battery to fully charged. Another option is to chain another Nomad 20w panel to the existing panel, which will cut the recharging time in half. Goal Zero now offers a Nomad 100w panel that will charge the Yeti 400 in 8 hours, but the $750 price tag doesn't seem to be a cost effective solution. Thanks again for the video!

  7. Just thought I'd mention that I now have my Goal Zero 400 and love it. Charges all my portable devices in the evening as needed. I charge the Goal Zero during the day while driving with a portable inverter. Works perfect and LOVE IT!!!

    I did not get the solar and will order the 12V adapter one of these days.

  8. I bought the Yeti 150 based on your experience. (I am also the proud owner of an Allegro, 1995). I have used the Yeti while boondocking locally. I now have the confidence to use it when I leave for the US next week to boondock. Thanks to you both.

  9. I have the 400 also – but I got a RENOGY 100 watt panel – charges much quicker – you have to get an MC4 SOLAR TO 8MM ADAPTER CABLE from goal zero

  10. I bought a Yeti 400 as a backup for my CPAP machine. I leave the Yeti plugged into 110v and my CPAP plugged into the Yeti. If the power goes out at night I don't even wake up as the machine keeps running off the Yeti. It's a really nice product if a bit expensive.

  11. Nice portable setup you have their my friend.
    I have just subscribed to your channel Please check out my channel and subscribe like and share.

  12. It's soooo nice to find a video from someone who has used these generators for at least a year and it's still working well. Two years ago I bought the yeti400 and the 150 , but haven't had the chance to use them much since there hasent been any serious power outage or a SHTF situation. My biggest question has always been ,, how long is the viability of the batteries in these things if always kept charged and stored in a safe dry area , will they still be good to go in 5 years ? Ten years ? Trying to find an answer to this question has been next to impossible.

  13. Owned mine for almost 4 years. I'm super satisfied. I have added an additional 35 battery. I've recently learned you can add a bigger battery if both units are fully charged, so I'm super excited to try it out. I have added a Renogy 100 watt panel to this setup. Super happy with it.

  14. So let me get this straight… you bought this rechargeable battery to recharge other rechargeable batteries, and you talk about waste?

  15. Did you say you still use the generator to charge the Yeti and or the 2 batteries? if so how are the deep cell battereies getting recharged ?

  16. about how many hours does this last from a full. I know it depends on how much is plugged in. I am wanting to see how long a couple fans would last overnight.

  17. Need to up grade your solar panel, it's costing you to charge by running the vehicle and plugging into electrical power.

  18. ok guesting what laptop do you have . When you charge them are you using the 120 to charge them or what . I have an macbook and I bought an 12v car charger for it . It makes no since to got from 12v to 120 back too like 18v just to charge an laptop . so if you got an 12v laptop charger you wouldn't need an 120 inverter you could plug it into the rvs 12v socket and charge that way .

  19. While it's a nice thing, but a thing you don't need. My suggestion is to buy a couple of real solar panels to charge your house bank, then charge your devices from that. Solar is not complicated nor expensive. I paid $75 for a used 165 watt panel, and it's plenty for me. See it on my roof? I didn't think so. I can use my 750 watt microwave off that setup, and yes, 750 watts is enough.

    I don't have a generator, and can't figure out what people are doing that have them that I can't.

  20. Yep this has already been done with the JuiceBox G2… Search for and check out the "juicebox portable solar generator" It's been proven for over 4 years and does everything the Yeti does and then some only better. And is waterproof when closed.

  21. Can you guys get a 100w solar panel to charge it quicker or do you think there is absolutely no point of the solar panel. I saw some other YouTubers that only had yeti 150 n charged it the same way as you guys

  22. Thanks! I think we need one of these in our yurt. I would love to have an actual light to turn on when I come home.

  23. Stay away from their sales people at Costco. The one I bought mine from was a drunk living in his car. He didn't know shit and pretty much told me a lie about this systems capabilities. I am very unhappy with it…to say the least!

  24. Ok so I just got one and I tested it out by charging my laptop and it literally went down to 60 percent after one charge. I don't see how I could possibly get 6 charges. Seems like I'd get 2.5 at most?

  25. I'm curious of what size solar panel they were sold at first because I assume a 100-200w panel facing south on a clear day should charge that thing up pretty quick but Ive never tried it

  26. I know that the website says it will power a mini fridge for 7 hrs. Do you know if anyone has tried to run a normal fridge with one? Just curious

  27. Thanks for this I live full time in my camper car …. really well explained I’m definitely gonna pick one up I can charge it at work no need for a solar πŸ‘βœŒοΈ

  28. So now you crank up the generator to charge the goal zero? and it charges your devices???
    Shore power either way was always an option for you.
    charging on the road is great but 2 group 27 batteries will be charged as well while driving and will last much longer…
    This device makes no sense to me.
    please reiterate,

  29. We don't have a generator in our little camper, but we do have a Yeti 400. I am wondering if you've figured out if it's possible and how to charge the 12 volt marine battery from the Yeti (which is easy to recharge as you've mentioned).

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