Safe Locks-Electronic or Mechanical?

?Hi this is Ed Jurewicz with the safe
and today i’m gonna introduce you to the different kinds of locks that are available. Now the
first question you might have as many other people have is why, what is the difference
between a dial lock and a digital key pad. Are they both secure? Yes, they both have
the same security. As far as this being a key locking dial lock. If they knock the dial
off and punch the lock in they are going to set off two e-locking devices. They both have
it, the digital key pad and the dial lock. The dial lock when you come to use it, its
all mechanical. There’s no batteries or electricity. So as far as how long this lock will last,
it will out live you and me both. But the feature this has is the key locking dial is
once you dial it open you bring it back to zero, you put the key in and turn it in half
a turn. What that does is it locks the dial and it also locks the safe. Is this a high
secure lock? No,this is just a day lock to keep people from walking around your house
getting into your safe. But when you leave the house thats when you want to spin the
dial for more security. Because thats the cadillac. But the key lock is see let me you
just bring to zero and turn it a half turn. Its locked. You put the key in, you turn it
half a turn and it unlocks and you turn right until it stops at eighty seven approximately.
So thats the key locking dial, and again a lot of people like it because its a traditional
look. But if you’re having problems with your eye sight or concentration later on in life,
when you’re trying to dial it up it might give you a problem. A lot of ladies don’t
want to deal with this and they would rather have a push botton lock. About 50% of our
customers will go with the dial and the other 50% approximately for the digital key pad.
So now what I am gonna do is i’m gonna show you over here is a digital key pad. We’ve
got two different kinds made by Sergeant Greenly. This is what we call the low profile lock
and its six numbers if you have the program in it and then hit pound. So for me to open
it up I program my numbers, hit pound and then I open it. The battery on the low profile
lock is right below, its a 9 volt Duracell. Make sure to use a Duracell. Easily every
couple of years you would need to replace it. The digital key pad is not an easy lock
for someone to just break into. They cannot spike it open where they can just take the
lock off and touch the wires. Thats called “spiking it open” and you cannot do that.
And also if someone starts punching in the wrong combination trying to get into it. After
two wrong tries it will then shutdown for approximately fifteen minutes. And then after
every wrong try after that it will keep shutting down. So there’s a million different combinations
that you can put in a digital key pad. So this is a one where if my eyes are playing
tricks or lets say I have someone in a rush or you have to give the combination to somebody
because you are in the hospital or something. Then when you come back you can change the
combination yourself With the dial lock you have to hire a lock smith to come out and
change it. So thats the other advantage to having a digital key pad. Usually the warranty
on the digital key pads with Liberty, Browning and other companies are usually five years
with parts and labor. Then over here we have a different digital key pad which is called
the “D-Drive” made by Sergeant Greenly. Now this one here, you punch in your code your
six numbers that you programmed and you hit pound. Then you hear a click and then your
turn it from twelve o’clock to around two o’clock position and then it opens up. The
difference here from the other digital key pad is that when you close it, its not locked.
Not until you turn the outside ring back to the twelve o’ clock position. Now it’s locked.
And so what’s the advantage to that, well if you’re going in and out every time you
close it won’t lock up automatically on you, otherwise you’ll have to keep punching in
the code. But at the same time if you don’t ring it back then its not locked and you could
walk away thinking that you’ve locked the thing and you didn’t. The battery on this
now, a little bit more difficult, is you pull this little lever out here at twelve o’clock
and you grab a hold of the ring outside, and you pull it forward. Then it comes out and
then you have your little 9 volt battery right here where you replace it every couple of
years. How do you know if your battery is low? Your battery when you punch in your code.
And you push this back make sure this little silver piece here is pushed to the left and
then you bring this over and you click on there. Now this digital key pad also lets
say the battery is getting low. Well what’s going to happen is you’re gonna have a lower
dimming sound and then at some point its just gonna go beep beep beep and then you can’t
get in. Cause a lot of people think “Well I have lock problems.” Well all you do is
just replace the battery and half the time that is just the problem it solves. So the
digital key pad y’know back then there was a lot of problems with it but now they’ve
improved on it so much that there are very little problems we have with digital key pads.
So if you have any questions, you can just click the link below. Uh the phone number
will be right there on the screen. And we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can.
This is Ed Jurewicz with the

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