Sales Planning | Creating and Enabling Quota Planning Applications

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create and enable Quota Planning applications in Oracle Sales Planning Cloud. You can perform quota planning to set and analyze data-driven, intelligent sales quotas using best practice methodologies such as top down and bottom up. I’m an administrator, and I’ll need to complete each of these steps: In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create and enable a Quota Planning application. I’ll start by creating an application. I’ll include an application name and description. I’ll select a start year to load actuals. And I’ll accept the defaults for the remaining items. I’ll review my selections and create my application. After successfully creating the application, I’ll log off and back on. Now, I’ll enable the features I want to use. Based on my selections, dimensions, drivers, forms, and other artifacts are created. I can plan by territory or resource. The lowest level in each hierarchy represents a sales rep. With Territory, I can integrate with Oracle Engagement Cloud’s Territory Management. With Resource, I can link to Oracle Engagement Cloud’s Incentive Compensation Management. I can include dimensions for Accounts, Product, or Geography. Choose accounts to include customer level detail. I can choose to plan quota by dollars or units. I’ll include the key functionality needed in our application. I’ll select Overlay targets so that I can plan for the additional sales from a support sales force whose assistance increases revenue. By selecting seasonality I’ll be able to adjust quota to better reflect the seasonal impact. To allow management to make top side adjustments of target quotas before the final quotas are rolled out, I’ll select Padding. With What if Scenarios, I can compare different business outcomes with the base plan. You can implement some capabilities now and others later. I can select either the top down or waterfall planning methodology. With the top down method, after planning target quota for all territories, I’ll allocate it throughout the organization with one action. If I choose the waterfall method, I’ll plan target quota at the top of my organization and then allocate it one step below in the hierarchy. If I also select bottom up, sales reps can propose quotas for each account that they collaboratively review and adjust with their managers. I can incrementally add options such as predictive planning. If I need additional dimensions, I can set them up. I can also rename dimensions. Perform this step the first time you enable Quota Planning. I’ll review my selections, before proceeding. After Quota Planning is enabled, I’ll reload the navigation flow. Now, I can access Quota Planning from the Home page. Cards for the options we configured are shown. I want to be able to work with Predictive Planning so I’ll need to enable it. Let’s return to the Configure page for Quota Planning. The features I enabled are displayed. If you need to enable additional pre-defined features, go to the Enable Features page. I want to use Predictive Planning to retrieve historical data and analyze it using time series forecasting techniques to predict the future performance within territories. Now I can run predictions and set quota targets. Now that you know how to enable Sales Quota Planning, please watch the next video, Configuring Sales Quota Planning. Thanks for watching.

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