Science and Engineering Challenge 2016: STEM Engagement

Today we’re here hosting the science and engineering challenge where we’re inviting school students and their teachers to come here to the campus and participate in a range of engineering related or science technology activities. We believe passionately with engaging with our community, with high school students, and with teachers, and particularly around science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

We have been running this event for more than six years now this is the 7th year we are running. This is a very good event for the University and we get to showcase our facilities and we give visiting high school students a fun time a positive experience and at the same time we have lots of our students participating in this event as volunteers.

Today we are doing a program that offers students the chance to experience the different types of fields that the university offers in terms of engineering, so electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and the types of things that I’ve done within the fields and everything that is possible if you come to study at the University.

I’m from Richard Johnson Anglican School, where I teach subjects such as engineering studies, physics and science, and we’re here today with my year 9 and 10 students competing in the science and engineering challenge here at Western Sydney University where I actually came to study for my Diploma of Education. It’s great to see how the university has changed and how it does have quite a strong focus now on engineering and science and it’s a great day for the students to test out their problem-solving skills, to work as teams, and hopefully also give them a glimpse as to what they could do in future studies here at the University.

By inviting the teachers to campus it’s a great opportunity for us to be able to show them our facilities, to show them things like the makerspace, the solar car project, our robotics lab, and we’ll be able to show the teachers the facilities that we have here and ways that they can connect and engage with the university now. Very proud of being involved in Science and Engineering Challenge, they have a fun time, they have a real positive experience, and they take back something positive from Western Sydney University.

It’s a great way to introduce these students to possibilities of taking these subjects further, not just in in school but also outside of school particularly the University and the the opportunities that can afford them. It’s just a great way that students who are interested in technology, or science, engineering related fields, can start to explore what that might look like to study it at university or to choose it as a career path. To be able to open our doors to the community for them to be able to access it, to touch and feel what it might be like to come to university to study one day.

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