Scout’s Engineer Day – A Team Fortress 2 Animation

*Sentry beeping and wrench hitting sounds* Engie: Ow! *Coughs* MEDIC! *Meet The Team Theme* *Medic Theme Plays* Heavy: How could this happen?! Scout: Yo, I need help cappin’! *Silence* *Spy and Sniper laughing internally* Scout: What r’ you lookin’ at? Scout: Uh oh. AH! Sniper: Get over here! Scout: What the hell is you guy’s problem?! Spy: Somebody stop that scout! Scout: Missed me! AGH! Scout: UGH! Scout: Stop it! Sniper: Now THAT is how it’s done! Spy: Magnificent! Scout: Aw, crap! Spy: Cheers, Engineer! *Spy and Sniper laughing* Scout: Dammit! *Engie theme plays* Scout: Ohh, dis ain’t good! *Engie theme continues* Scout: Alright *Dramatic music* *Ping!* *The pleasant sound of an angelic choir* *Nail flies off* *Sentry Down!* Scout: Oh! Dat is beautiful! Scout: Hey look at me! Look at me! (OMG :O) Scout: WOHOOOOOO! Scout: WOHOHOHOOOOOOO! Heavy: SCOUT! *Very awkward silence* *Tape sound* (DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN) (MORE DUN DUN DUN DUN) (FASTER DUN DUN DUN DUN) (OMG :O) (Omg, pootis) (AGAIN) foreshadowing Heavy: Pootis- Scout: No! Heavy: WAAAA! Heavy: WHAAAAA! Scout: Alright, alright! Heavy: Thanks! *Once again a very awkward silence* *Sapping sounds* KABOOM! *Spy laughing* Scout: OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Scout: I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! Scout: I FOR SAW THIS! *Crying* *Spy Clears throat* Spy: C’mon, I don’t have all day! Scout: Sentry! Let’s get em’! (ENEMI SPOTTED) (Ok) Yeah, laugh it up! Scout: I will kick your ass with dis thing! *Pop!* *sentry falls over* Spy: Hmm… Not bad… *Square Dance Remix Song plays* Scout: I am gonna MESS… YOU… UP!! Spy: NO! (Ok) (Editor’s Note: that is Harambe) *Fshhhhhhhhhh* *Louder Fshhhhh, then wrench hitting sound* *Fshhhhhh resumes* Scout: You have got to be kidding! Spy: I’m afraid not AUGH! *Sapper war* *Teleporting sound* Shit just got real Spy: Time to get serious! *Gun shot* AH! AUGH! Scout: I’m ded. Spy: HA HA HA HA! *SHING* *Oh wait…* *ring*ring* Spy: Yes? ONEPUUUUUUNNCCHH ONEPUUUUUUNNCCHH
*bass sound* ONEPUUUUUUNNCCHH AH! Oh, hohoho… …ohohoh ,hO ANDHISNAMEIS JOOOHNNN CEENNNAAAAAAHH *WOOOOOOOOOO* ORAORAORAORAORARAOORAORAORA Medic: Engineer where are you?! Engie: Ha! Ha! Engie: Ya’ll ain’t ready for THIS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (DING) Engie: Ya’ll ain’t ready for THIS! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Medic: AH! Engie: AGH! Engie: Aaagh! Engie: Aahah… Spy: AHHHH (Watch out, watch out WATCH OUT!) SUUUUUUPERRRSSLAAAAMMM!! *John Cena Theme song playing* Scout: WOOO! Scout: Dat is how a team of best friends wins a game! Scout: Let’s do dis! You and me! god dammit sentry *Medic theme plays* Scout: No seriously, you all suck

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  3. Did anybody else realize scout (a blu scout) was guarding a red point? I know this video is older, but seriously how has no one seen this xD

  4. Как скаут и шпион бегают одинакова скаут должен быть быстрее

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