sE Electronics Reflexion Filter® PRO Assembly Video

Thank you for purchasing an sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro. We hope it helps give your tracks the
studio sound you’re looking for, no matter where you’re recording. First, remove the Reflexion Filter and hardware from the packaging. Please keep the packaging safe to store the Reflexion
Filter when not in use, or for transportation. Your Reflextion
Filter is fairly rugged, but parts may be damaged or lost if not
packaged properly. You should have the following items in
front of you: The Reflexion Filter itself; the stand
clamp assembly; a support rod for the filter; and a wrench to
help tighten the support rod. Let’s start with the hardware. You can see
the stand clamp assembly has two rubber-sided blocks with one large screw and on this is a turning key. Fit your
mic stand between these blocks, and use the turning key to tighten the
blocks until the clamp is securely fixed to the mic stand. It should be fitted a few inches below the point where a shock mount is usually fixed, or on the main vertical support pole of the stand. The clamp also has a large barreled hinge with a turning key, which allows the mechanism to turn back on itself so that the filter’s weight is kept over the mic stand rather than in front of it.
This should be hinged fully back so the whole assembly is in balance and the Reflextion Filter is then
positioned as close as possible to the center of gravity on the mic stand. Fix the support rod to the Reflexion
Filter by screwing it into the socket on the bottom edge, tighten the nut using the wrench
supplied in the box. Now, attach the Reflexion Filter to the
mounting hardware by pushing the support rod down into its socket on the
stand clamp, and tighten it in place with the turning key
on the block. Your microphone, in a shock mount or a
clip, will attach to the hardware with the included standoff. You can now play with the positioning of
the mic both vertically and horizontally, and the
height of the Reflexion Filter to get the optimum position for recording. The ideal placement for your microphone is where the mic’s capsule is approximately even with the front edge of the Reflexion Filter, and centered vertically with the filter – but some mics sound better when pushed a little closer and some a little further away. Feel free to experiment with mic placement, and thanks again for being one of our customers. Happy recording!

5 thoughts on “sE Electronics Reflexion Filter® PRO Assembly Video

  1. Dear @sE Electronics, I used my Reflexion Filter for a while, but now, when I try to remove it from the stand, the turning key doesn't un-tighten the blocks, but it just disconnects from the large screw instead, like it is 2 pieces.
    What I'm trying to tell is that the turning key is rotating, but the screw remains steady.
    Any suggestions?

  2. I recently used the sE Electronics 'sE2200a II C' microphone to record my saxophone cover of 'love yourself' by Justin Bieber' if anyone would like to take a listen….. i can highly recommend this microphone….Cool Sax UK

  3. bought the original one almost 10 yrs ago for like $300. its poor design caused it to lean forward on the little pole it sits atop. i had to make modifications to make it stay sitting upright. its does what its supposed to do at the end of the day but ive seen cheaper ones that are wayyyy better deaigned. my opinion.

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