100 thoughts on “Should Americans fear automation? Andrew Yang says jobs are suffering

  1. Andrew Wang is racist an coward. Because he said that white men are going to shoot everybody when all the jobs are gone.

  2. Fox News is doing service to many Americans by allowing Andrew to speak while so called liberal media try to shut him down. Its time Americans choose a democrat nominee who believe in freedom, choice and the miracles of market and entrepreneurship.

  3. yeah… Yang is running as a Dem, but he's really not one of them…. big hill to climb be he's got a real shot.

  4. Wow a candidate talking about real issues that affect the American people and not focusing on sideshow issues

  5. I am not afraid of A I or automation if it not integrate into nations defence, productivity is a core capitalism economy, and it is healthy, AI and automation is a product of capitalism model,
    And please find a place for socialism, hehehe to give humanity, live long into time,
    And UBI at a caped annual gross earnings ,for workers, is socialism move, hehehe i am sure it will balance capitalism nicely,
    And it will save the capitalism model from it self.

  6. Let Trump finish fixing what the Clintons ruined until 2024 and then have Yang come after to move us forward but he needs to have more love for the 2A

  7. Brave for Tucker to have a serious & un-snarky discussion with Yang, a candidate on the opposite aisle at Fox… both men are good… Yang is a future thinker, even if he is affiliated as a Democrat






  9. I’ve never seen so many good comments for a lefty on fox… yang is on another level. This guy is gonna unite us and push us forward.

    YANG 2020

  10. This guy has actual solutions that can effect us immediately. All the other crap the other politicians say is a distraction. They offer ZERO solutions. This guy has my vote and donation

  11. 3:45 Tucker knew that Andrew Yang didn't cited the unemployment statistic since Tucker believes that its stupid, so he tested him with that question. I like how impress he was when Andrew Yang was able to grasped the goal of that question and pointed it out to Tucker that he agrees with it as well, and wanted to make the statistic even clearer to the people.

  12. It's blowing my mind that a democratic candidate has Tucker's respect. Andrew is not left nor right, he's forward!!!

  13. I fully understand people who voted for Trump. When you lost you job and someone tells you "hey, I will turn time backward!" – that sounds nice. But in real life you can't. Robots will take our jobs, that's is fact. But, Yang's idea is to make turn it from a threat to a good thing. Universal Basic Income can sounds like a ridiculous idea, BUT remember that just little more than 100 years ago the pension on retirement was a ridiculous idea too. "What, you get paid just because you are old? That's stupid". Check Wikipedia – pension became a thing just 100 years ago. And now it's a normal thing. UBI was not possible in the past, but now, thanks to robots, we can make it. That's why robots can be a good thing, not a thread. UBI is a basically human right to live. If you think about it – a human must has a right not to die homeless when he loses job. So, anyway, in the future some sort of Andrew Yang will be a president. Not just in America. May be not this particular Andrew Yang, may be not in 2020, but that's the future. Face it. And vote for Andrew Yang

  14. And Coca Cola killed the soda shops 100 years ago.
    And McDonalds killed small diners 50 years ago.
    And Macys killed mom and pop stores long ago.
    And Sears catalogues killed small retail businesses about 75 years ago.
    And the internet made newspapers almost obsolete.
    And Youtube has cut down TV viewership.
    It's called progress, Andrew.

    Business is tough. Always has been…always will be.
    This is all a smokescreen created by the Dems and perpetuated further by Mr Yang.

  15. It's called "progress," Andrew.

    They said the same thing about the printing press.
    The motor car.
    The word processor.
    The assembly line built by Henry Ford over 100 years ago.
    The internet.

  16. No clue who the interviewer is, but I had the same reaction to Yang when I watched his Joe Rogan interview. Finally a political candidate with a brain!

  17. my only issue is
    I have no idea where he stands on foreign policy. I guess what I'm saying is he should be in the white house, just not sure, at this point, if his office should be the oval one

  18. Expanded automation
    Automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs
    Truck drivers
    Retail workers
    Save 10s hundreds of millions of dollars

    Self driving cars

  19. Let Ai serve humanities.and give value to common people. Dividend unite people to move forward ,and whole.make. AndrewYang for the President of Young and all. for Humanity first 2020 America make it happen solve math for the coming 21th century.and the universe will follow.

  20. We haven’t heard from his wife yet cos it seems like she likes staying behind-the-scene but when he told her he’s running for president, she said he is serving a higher purpose and that she is supporting him because she could feel this is his calling. Let’s make him the President! 💖

  21. There are delivery bots at the closest college to me, and of the two people, in my area, I’ve heard died recently from drug overdoses, one was someone who I played Pokémon go with occasionally.

    I like the delivery bots; they’re fun to watch every time I see them, but if this happens on a large scale then an entire classification of job will probably go extinct after a while. The other Pokémon go player who died of a drug overdose was in her 20s.

  22. This guy sounds great ! But unfortunately you cannot stop the coming jobless economy due to automation. Instead the government must embrace the universal basic income. Large corporation will continue to automate and line the pockets of politicians. Not to mention the younger generation no longer want to work.

  23. I normally think Tucker is the worlds greatest oxygen thief but he did okay here. Well interviewed even if only brief

  24. Let's sit down class. If your mind is telling you this sounds like common sense. Well because it is! Yang2020!!!!

  25. Automation is great.
    It means this people that were needed in one sector are not needed any more and are now freed to do other more productive things.
    In a whole for socaity its a great thing.

    Imagin for example an excavator , what if we stopped using excavators and went back to using shavels, instead of one worker operating a machine we will now have 30 people with shavels. How many jobs can be created ?
    Or even better what if we dig by hand ? We can create a 1000 jobs instead of one excavator.
    Of course that would be very inaficiant and bad for economy.
    Creating automation and capital is good it reduce cost and time and lower the prices of products.

  26. In the US system a lot of it is luck. At a major corporation in the eighties, 35k workers were replaced by contractors getting paid 15 k. That’s a fact.

  27. This guy should run again in 2024 or 2030. The more boomers and silent generation that die off, the more likely the possibility that he could actually win will be. If there is an economic collapse soon then he may have a chance:

  28. Automation problem and job losses are real. Tv host and hostess jobs are replaceable too. These are high paid jobs and the networks are eager to find ways to replace them. It is coming, maybe not in 2 years, how about 10 years? Ubi just one policy to stave off job losses . If someone has better policy, it will be great but so far there is no better option than ubi.

  29. Americans see it in grocery stores with self check outs but that’s just baby steps. Soon a computer will pick your order, a drone with fly it over and it will all be done in an hour. We need a president that’s forward thinking. If we all have enough money we will work and spend and create better communities. His ideas for drug problems we have are also on target

  30. I remember when folks were all worried about cars because itd put blacksmiths and stables out of work buttttt then everyone realized that for every job lost, two were created. I wonder if the same thing is happening with automation now? Hmmm.. according to the numbers Yang loves so much, automation will have created 58 MILLION MORE jobs than it will have displaced by 2022. We might hear about issues through these debates, but it's up to the individual to do further research on each topic, and I cant help but to feel like most viewers listen to the tv and then leave it at that…

  31. Robots are doing the work humans can do at a fraction of the cost and much more efficiently. Humans require salaries, health insurance etc etc, humans need sleep, they have biological limits on how fast they can work/think.

    Where is the money going that would've been spent on paying humans? That's essentially the money that will pay for the 1k/mo for people that dont understand how it can work. The 1k/mo can easily grow to 2k/mo and beyond as more artificial intelligence replaces humans.

  32. I'm starting to think maybe Andrew Yang should have either run as a Republican or an ndependent candidate because the DNC is Corrupt and he seems to be getting good coverage from Fox and converting Trump supporters

  33. Yang Gang 2020 ! We need a “new operating system. “ You know we can’t go back. And Tucker will secretly vote for Yang along with Ben !

  34. This my perspective: By no means, the robot can take over your job, but it certainly can take over some difficult tasks and automate it in a manner that human beings can't. If you're doing sorting, it will help to have a robot do it more efficiently and accurately and produce fewer errors. Beside is a stepping stone for one to advance to another level rather than stuck in one spot forever. Let the hardware to the labor, while you're the brain behind programming it. To me Andrew Y. is the most qualified candidate.

  35. I used to think I hated Tucker, but he's very reasonable when a Democrat comes on and speaks about problems AND most importantly proposes intelligent solutions. I think Tucker just gets annoyed when someone points out a problem without a well thought out solution and frankly so do I.

  36. When there is no discretionary giving such as let's put $1,000 into the pocket of every drug addict in America, aren't we sabotaging our economy by becoming one big oligarch. We don't want to become like ancient Nineveh where they apparently didn't know the difference between their right and left hand. Also, Amazon will just pass the $ hike to the consumer or leave our country which will lead to massive unemployment along with other companies that leave.

  37. Everyone vote for Andrew Yang!!! He can help bring out country together ( I doubt the left and right actually enjoy being at eachothers necks 24/7) He can help America before the automation wave comes!! He is the only politician to break the barrier on both sides and get people to agree on common issues. He is America's best chance!

    Andrew Yang 2020 M.A.T.H
    Not right, not left, FORWARD!!

  38. I can't wait for Robots and Artificial Intelligence to put most Lazy Idiots out of Employment ! Most People don't do much at so – called ' Work ' anyways ! ……. ..Housewives work Harder now ! ….. ……Technology is great , because Robots function better than People, in Businesses . …….You don't have to pay Lazy Americans anymore !

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