Should I Get an Automation System for My Pool?

Cristian: So you have a pool already or perhaps
you’re shopping for one that might be behind me right now and you’re considering an automation
panel wondering, should I get an automation panel, automation system for my pool? Well that’s what we’re gonna address in this
episode of Two Minutes in the Pool. What’s up guys? Cristian here and today we’re talking automation
panels and helping you decide whether you should get one or not for your pool. If you find this video helpful, if you get
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Pools. Now let’s talk about automation panels. First I’m gonna describe what they are in
general terms, what they can do. We’ll cover a little bit of cost, some pros
and cons. We’ll talk about who automation panels would
be a good fit for and who they might not be such a good fit for. So let’s just start at the top. An automation system or automation panel for
your pool would allow you to control all of the elements of your pool with the exception
of managing pool chemistry. So it can control things like water features
and lights. You can speed your pump up, you can slow your
pump down. You can pretty much do anything for your pool
that needs to be done from a touch panel over there next to the pump, which means you’re
not having to manually move valves and shift things around, you can do it all with the
touch of a button. You can also control an automation system
remotely through a smartphone app if your system has that add-on feature. So it allows you the ease of control from
either one central location near your pool or through a mobile app. That’s what an automation system does. Let’s talk about the cost. An automation system can cost anywhere from
$1500 to $3500. Now that should include installation but why
such the big price range? Well it all depends on how complex your pool
system is. Do you have an integrated spa? Are there lots of jets within that spa? Do you have a heater? Do you have lights? How many lights do you have? How many water features? All of these things add up to determine the
final cost of adding automation to your pool. Can you upgrade the automation system later? Absolutely you can. Perhaps you have a pool and you’ve stumbled
upon this video now and you know that you can add automation to a pool that doesn’t
have it but you can also upgrade that automation system after the fact. So say you begin with a system that allows
you to control things from a touch panel and you wanna add the functionality of a smartphone
app later. Well, that’s the capability you have my friends. So let’s talk about quickly pros and cons. On the con side of things, they can be not
so easy to learn, but it’s a lot like riding a bike. Once you learn and you understand how to maneuver
around the systems, you can take it from there. There’s a little bit of a learning curve. And then the other con would be that you don’t
have the ability to manage your chemistry, your pool chemistry from the automation system. Can you monitor your chemicals? The answer is yes. You can see say your salt levels. You may be able to see other levels in your
pool, but you cannot administer chemicals with a residential automation system. On the plus side of things, the automation
system is an upgrade that you can add to your pool really for not that much money. Yet, it’s an incredible draw for folks who
are shopping for homes with pools and certainly having that automated system there is a bonus. So you’re really getting a big upgrade for
not a whole lot of money. They are easy to upgrade later. They can improve efficiency on your pool as
you’re able to ramp up your pump speed and certainly bring it back down. You can also more frequently assess the chemicals
in your pool. So you’re really in tune with what’s going
on all the time, especially if you’re connected to a smartphone app. Speaking of which, that certainly is a plus
itself. You can also connect your automation system
to virtual home assistance like Alexa or Google home. So those are a plus as well, allowing you
to simply turn on your pump with a voice command. How kinda cool is that? And then certainly these things can be a DIY
project though for the most part, we recommend that they are installed and tested by professionals. Okay so that’s what it is. That’s how much it costs. Some pros and cons. Let’s talk about who an automation system
would be good for. Well it would be good for folks who do a lot
of traveling or those who are just really into gadgets and tech kind of things. So you wanna be able to have the ability to
be able to monitor your pool at all times like you do the lights in your home or say
your Christmas lights at Christmas time. You’re just into that sort of thing. This would be a great fit. Again if you’re traveling and you want to
monitor your pool’s activities while you’re away or say you have guests coming into town,
you wanna be able to turn that pool on for them before you get there. You have the capability to do that. Who it might not be such a good fit for, those
who are installing a new pool and simply wanna save on money. They’d like to install the pool now, don’t
have too much of a budget to work with. Well then we would recommend you saving your
money for the time being knowing that you have the capability to upgrade later. So that’s a little bit about automation systems. I hope it helps you make the decision on what
you should get for your pool. I’m Cristian with River Pools, you’re a little
pool wiser today my friends. We’ll see you in the next episode of Two Minutes
in the Pool. Catch the wave.

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