Should You Do LinkedIn Automation to Grow Your Business in 2020? | Tim Queen

Hi guys, this is Tim Queen. And today we’re going to talk about B2B marketing
on LinkedIn using LinkedIn automation tools. Does it still work in 2020 or should you run
and hide in the corner? Now, I received this message the other day and I want to read you
what someone wrote to me. It was a very concerning message. Hi Tim. I work for a B2B lead generation company,
and we use LinkedIn on a daily basis and getting prospects on board for discovery call on behalf
of our clients. Recently, however, we have been experiencing
a lot of account restriction. In just one night, 117 LinkedIn accounts, some under premium
subscription that restricted leaving us only with 38 accounts alive. This is a huge blow to our operation, and
I’m hoping you can give us some insights on how to deal with this problem because it’s
very concerning. And what I can recommend is that you quickly
shut down your entire operation because this is the recipe for disaster. Running people’s
LinkedIn accounts for lead generation is first of all, completely illegal. It breaks LinkedIn’s
terms of service and they reserve the right to terminate your account permanently. And I know for a fact some people who have
got their account shut down and then they were trying to create another account with
that same name, but LinkedLn restricted this account immediately. So they actually have
a black list of some people who are repeat offenders, who are not allowed to create accounts
in the future. So every time, someone is putting up the same
name, that will be checked against the checklist. They have like the photo saved, so they can
actually detect this as the same person. Now some people might think, Oh, then I’m just
getting creative and I’m getting a new name. But like, seriously, how often can you do
this? Can you tell your customer, so next week I’m known by another name, and
then another week later, you are a known by a different name. It’s not really helping
you. You can’t just switch a name. It’s a really bad idea to start LinkedIn automation.
Now, for those of you who don’t know what that means, basically every time a company
is approaching and telling you they can do B2B lead generation on LinkedIn, what they
do is they ask you for your login details, then they set up a special software and the
software will then search for people based on a specific search category. For example,
we want to get CEOs who are based in New York work in real estate, and then the software
would send them a message, and if they don’t reply to that message, they send them another
message a week later and then they send them another message. And it’s basically just very basic templates.
They’re using placeholders, Hi first name, we are from this company and we are selling
this, would you be interested in hopping on a call? No the problem with that is it’s very
annoying to people, and this is one of the reasons why people don’t want to use the platform,
and LinkedIn is quite aware of this, so they are really actively combating these kind of
tools. They have become really good at detecting
those. I’ve been following the news of some of those tools and a lot of those tools have
shut down in the recent months. Sometimes the companies are getting legal action because
they’re breaking the terms of service of LinkedIn. So you will expect a lot of those tools shutting
down over time, but most importantly, it puts your account at risk; puts your account
at risk, you might get banned for life. That means if you are just thinking, Oh, that sounds
good to getting a few leads. You might actually get a lifetime sentence for using those to
solve, for paying a company to generate leads for you on a monthly basis.
And the other part is it’s ruining your reputation on LinkedIn. Now think about this. When someone is sending
you one of those automated messages, 99% of the time, it’s very obvious that this is an
automated message. Maybe you can fool the 1% who are not smart enough, but 99% of the
people are actually, they look right through it. They know it’s automated. What do they think
when you send them an automated message? They think, you are freaking lazy and you actually
don’t care about them. I know a lot of people who said they were
personally offended that someone they met at a networking event and had a good conversation
with them, then put them in an automation instead of showing of showing them respect,
instead of personalizing a message, showing them they actually care. They just treat this
as a number game and let’s say you have a dating life, what you want to date, someone
who is also dating 10 other people at the same time. In fact, this person has to leave here in
an hour’s time because they have to go on a different date.
Who is another person? Would you want to do that? No, and this is exactly how it feels to people
when you’re sending them automated messages. They feel like you’re treating them as one
number’s game. You’re just like playing it safe, by trying to dance on 20 weddings at
the same time. You will lose a lot of business just by the fact of you’re sending out automated
messages. It’s just not working. You are burning so many bridges, it’s much
more effective to do content marketing on LinkedIn. You can actually build a very targeted
audience of really high quality leads on LinkedIn. If you’re creating content and all it takes
that you understand your audience. What is their need, what is going on in their personal
life and their career and the business, and then crafting a message that is overlapping
what your audience needs with your in house expertise and assets. If you can bring those aspects together and
you’re creating content on a daily basis, there’s almost no competition on LinkedIn
and it’s a much better way how you can generate leads for your business. I have many success
stories who have successfully implemented LinkedIn content marketing after failing horribly
with LinkedIn automation. So if you want to learn more about this, check
out the description, there’s a link, how you can contact me. And if you want to get more
videos about LinkedIn marketing, make sure that you subscribe and turn the notification
bell on and I see you in the next video.

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