Sims 4 Patch News – New Career and Terrain Tools (Livestream Highlights)

Today was the first ever Maxis Monthly, and
it came with some Sims 4 News about new free gameplay that will release later this year. Just to emphasize that these are all free
improvements that will come in a patch. All of this was apparently meant for the October
patch but it’s been delayed in order to give the features some polish which is respectable. A new work from home career was announced
– The Style Influencer career track. Discussing outfits and fashion are early daily
tasks, and Sims can write fashion articles. Fashion Designer will allow you to use Create-a-Sim
actively to further your career by giving Sims makeovers, which also has a focus on
photography and painting. At least two new objects are given to Sims
who are promoted in this career, but they focused on one the sketch pad – kind of like
a portable easel that will let you create digital art on the go without the bulk of
an easel. Two branches exist, though they only showed
one: stylist. Stylists get special functions and unlock
a new category of illustrative paintings. It’s not clear if this is exclusive to this
career branch or if all painters will have access. Hopefully all painters can use this. I really like the look of the illustrative
painting category even we haven’t seen much of it – I’ve just always liked a nice sketch. Fashion designers can ask other Sims to model
a look, discuss fashion, and even give Sims a makeover. You’ll be able to help poorly dressed Sims
rock a better look and advance your career in doing so. Throughout your neighborhoods, high level
Fashion designers can actually create trends, and you’ll spot Sims around the town wearing
the look you designed. That was the bulk of the stream, and rather
than really announce it, as the stream was closing they started using a new terrain tool
to create hills on a lot and at this point, twitch chat went absolutely nuts. It’s amazing to finally see this and it’s
going to lead to a new level of creativity in The Sims 4 building community. They actually managed to build one part of
the lot up higher, with another lower… At present separate buildings have to have
the same amount of foundation. It’s a really annoying limitation, but using
hills to alter terrain height should allow builders to get the look they really want. Whether this will come with allowing foundations
to be of varying height or not is unclear. I kind of wonder if you can make a hobbit
den with this tool. The terrain tool is something people have
heavily requested to be able to customize their home lots, and even if you don’t understand
or agree with this, so has fashion designer. They also hinted these are just the features
they’re ready to show off, and that there’s more to come when this patch drops later this
year. While I tend to focus on gameplay guides,
when I’m able I’ll be covering Sims 4 news in this format. Subscribe and hit the bell if you’d like to
learn about the game and see content like this. Thank you for watching and happy Simming.

18 thoughts on “Sims 4 Patch News – New Career and Terrain Tools (Livestream Highlights)

  1. Just to be clear, I have an error in the title graphic for this. We are probably not getting it in October now, though that was originally going to be the case. Hence the mistake in calling it the October patch.

  2. I really hope we can do hobbit holes and not try and make them with rocks that would be amazeballs! <3 Seems we can't do cliff homes anymore which kinda sucks there were so many really good ones made in older games but I also miss being able to make full towns which I know we won't get…granted with sims 2 you also had to mod your game for things like a 10×10 and tiny homes were fun to make Sims 4 lots are too big and not having apartments like older games makes me not do them at all just because I hate looking at tones of empty space and if the home is supposed to have little to no yard I won't do trees and such for the lot either.

  3. No one is taking about SimGuru Romeo duplication of the ground floor building using a UP ARROW to pull up the second floor. He did it before
    leaving. It was so last minute that you have to check out the video again to notice it. No more copy and paste. Just pull up the next floor!!

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