SmallHD 13RX and 17RX Daylight Production Monitors Go Wireless With Zero-Delay

this is the new SmallHD production monitor
series with integrated Sidekick 2 receiver. cinema5D at CineGear 2019
is brought to you by Tilta, arm your camera Fomex, devoted to remarkable light FUJIFILM, value from innovation and Gudsen, capture the world Hey everybody, welcome to,
I’m Graham Ehlers Sheldon, we’re here at cine Gear 2019
in Los Angeles, California. I’m here with Greg from
Creative Solutions, and Greg, you’re gonna walk us
through some of the new stuff that Creative Solutions
has out this year, right? -Yes, we’ve got a lot of new
stuff that we showed at NAB, but this is brand-new for CineGear. These two monitors
are pretty popular, they are daylight viewable
17 inch and 13 inch monitors, the 1703 P3X and the 1303 HDR. They’ve become really popular
in the cinema community, focus pullers and and video
villages are using them. What we’ve done is we’ve thrown
the Sidekick 2 inside the chassis without increasing the weight
or the size of the monitor at all, so simply just go through the menu
and pair it to any third generation Bolt so, that’s a Bolt 500, 1000
or 3000 transmitter. It can work in conjunction with other
Bolt receivers, modular or integrated, whether it’s in a monitor
or just an integrated module. And then it also has the
Teradek RT lens data overlay, so any of these monitors you can
plug a Teradek RT control 1 or control 3 hand controller in and get the all the lens
mapping data overlaid on the screen. -And just to be clear, the same
basic SmallHD monitor technology from the 17 inch and the 13 inch
with the inclusion of a Sidekick 2, right? So, monitors are basically
the same form factor, hasn’t changed too much either. -Yeah, the form factor is exactly the same
other than a few connectors off the top. At Creative Solutions our whole mission
is to integrate our products in a intuitive way. This is just kind of a no-brainer, right? You want a monitor, now you
have a receiver built in without any additional weight
or cables or size, so yeah. Pretty simple but pretty cool. -For those out there might be curious
about just the modular options here, can you swap out Sidekicks in the future? What’s the plan there? -You know, some people want
a super streamlined solution and we have a line of monitors that
have integrated receivers in them for those people. Other people want it modular
so we’ve got everything basically, we’ve got integrated
transmitters for cameras, integrated monitors with receivers
and then also the modular version. So basically, you want it, we make it. -Very cool. Now, just for my own understanding, what is like the next two to three
years look like for you guys? You just introduced sort of 4k streaming, where are you headed
on a engineering side? -Well, the next-generation chipset, which is what the Bolt 4k is based on
is just rolling out its first products, this month or June will will be
the first shipment for the Bolt 4k, so obviously over the next few years
we’ll be focusing on that product line. Anything else that we’ll be focusing on,
if I told you, I have to kill you. -Okay, so first murder threat
of CineGear 2019, thank you Greg. If memory serves me right, the previous
generation between 3 and 4 grand, talk to me about the price point,
maybe on the 17-inch here. -For each monitor it’s basically
a $2,000 premium with the wireless Sidekick in there, this one is $5700 and this one is $5500. -Okay, thank you very much,
enjoy the rest of your CineGear. Seems like we have a plug
and play option now in some of the larger production
monitors from Creative Solutions, so stay tuned to
for more continuing coverage from CineGear and don’t forget
to subscribe to the YouTube channel. Thanks, guys.

3 thoughts on “SmallHD 13RX and 17RX Daylight Production Monitors Go Wireless With Zero-Delay

  1. Such a dodgy answer on the whole topic of replacing the sidekick down the road. That’s a huge flaw with the integrated solutions… in a few years when tech improves anyone with a monitor w/ an integrated receiver is going to be back to strapping a receiver on or replacing the monitor entirely. They really need to address this with an upgrade program.

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