Smart Storage battery replacement – DL360 Gen9

When we speak of servers
and batteries, a lot of customers think of
the RTC coin battery, but the Smart Storage battery
is related to the disk subsystem and the functions of the
cache module. Now, let’s replace
one of these guys! Before you start, shutdown
the server and unplug the power cord. Then remove the top cover. Near the back of the server you
will see the RTC coin battery. And the Smart Storage battery
we’re about to replace is located just behind
the HDD backplane. Depending on the model, you’ll
have to unplug some fans
and a plastic holder. Then remove the battery
from its holder. Once the cable of the battery
is free, unplug the connector from
the system board. To add the new battery,
repeat the steps in reverse order. Note that HPE Proliant servers
Gen9 and above have just one SmartStorage battery
that provides backup for all storage controllers
installed in the server. When ready, just power on
the server. Remember that a couple of days
might be needed for the battery to charge. Thanks for watching!

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