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Hello and welcome to the video tutorial on Smartification in EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial. In this demonstration, you will learn the following: The overview of the Smartification feature, and the use of the Smartification feature to smartify electrical panels. Smartification features help in designing a smart network that can be measured, monitored and controlled by integrating communication gateways and accessories. The Smartification features in EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial will turn your products into Smart Products by adding smart options. The Measure feature helps to measure various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor or harmonics of electrical equipment installed in the electrical panel using measuring devices The Status monitor feature help to monitor power consumption, overloads, short circuits, voltage drops, and load compensation It also provides alarms and resetting of switches with devices such as PowerTag The Control feature helps to control smart devices by using controls such as Acti 9 and remote information obtained via input/output contacts type Ti24 / IO. To use the Smartification feature, you will first create a network Once the network is ready, calculate the network and ensure that there are no errors. Select the Smartify tab. The Switchboard column shows the switchboard identity For a multilevel network, the column will have more than one switchboard names. The Name column shows the designation of all protective devices The Circuit breaker column shows the circuit breakers with its range name The Rating A column shows the ampere rating of all protective devices. The Trip Unit column shows the trip unit details of all circuit breakers which is used in entire network. Select the Measure check box to convert your protective device into smart one. Select the Status Monitor check box to monitor electrical parameters. Select the Control check box to control the network remotely. Make selections for measure, status monitor and control, as required for the devices. Click Smartify A list of all possible configuration of communicable devices associated with the protective devices appears Click Generate List. Save the list to your computer in a .CSV format. This conclude the video on Smartification in EcoStruxure Power Design – Ecodial Here are the key tasks and takeaways from this video.

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