1. The solar system I'm working with has lithium phosphate batteries only 4 x 12volt size 35lbs cells running a window AC unit with no problems and extra power to burn….This video shows some of what i wanted in a solar system. Thanks!!!

  2. great idea;;  we are also working on a solar air conditioner using the science of latent energy transfer..  its how your body cools down and how electric ac works..  we just use the sun as the power source   check (ecoshah) video's

  3. Great animation. Very well done. Why deal with all those solenoids though? Wouldn't it be simpler to have everything in series and have a single solenoid that closes the refrigerant line from the accumulator (as the compressor keeps pumping) when the thermostat is not calling for cooling?

  4. This is not for your everyday Joe, you're complicating the solar process that can be achieved with the proper amount of panels and deep cell batteries.

  5. Hi, Wonderful and Thank you for sharing. I was always searching for a Solar AC concept with less investment. The final result I got was wind turbine, but that too depends on the wind speed you have in your region. This is wonderful because you always need AC on sunny days and not cloudy/ Winter days. I would have loved if I get technically more information to do this as i am a non technical guy.

  6. What's the size of the pv system? Could you please be a little more specific of the type of components (equipment/machinery) that you used? Thanks!

  7. Great Animation, but I don't like to be Reading so much!! Where there Audio on this half the Time I had to Stop the Video just to Read what you where trying to get across because it came in and out so fast other time just right either way if you want my Attention add Audio to your Video Please – Derf

  8. this is just like pooling some batteries.did you think how much refridgirant you will be keeping as reserve? it will be much more greater than the refridgirant flowing in the circuit. storing such amount of refridgirant is not beneficial.however great effort on animation congrads.

  9. Well the idea is cool and I think I will install them in my place. I think this is going to take a lot of refrigerant and a leak would be crippling to the poor bastards paying $50-$100 a pound for refrigerants. But none the less it is a sweet deal to not have to pay for the electricity to cool your home. That's a car payment and in some cases equal to the mortgage.

  10. I think it would need more energy to fill those pressurised accumulators – By day no problem, but we would need more batteries at night to fill up those accumulators. Moreover a larger compressor. So net result would be almost same.

  11. good idea but the thing is that why we are thinking about the ac or any gazette which can run from our traditional rated voltage/current, just think-> how to make the same gazette with the low input !!!

  12. This is absurd. Proper home insulation and other techniques can be added to reduce the need for air conditioning at all, even in hot climates. Before you reinvent the wheel, look to other methods which are far more efficient.

  13. why not just use reflected solar rays of heat to boil water and store it in vacuum flasks and then release it at night for running heat activated  absorbtion airconditioner, its going to be even cheaper and easier to make

  14. another idea is to use plain air compressor to do the work in the day when current is fully available from the sun and storing vast amounts of air in large containers at high pressure (non toxic air is safer than storing tons of r312s)..this accumulated high pressure air can be released at night to run pneumatic pumps to do the work of turning the compressor and perhaps even use to turn the low power fans for the condenser and evaporator coils

  15. Your weak link is the accumulator.
    Since it has no output to the compressor when running off the liquid tanks, the pressure in the accumulator will be constantly building and slowing the flow of gas through the cooling coil / evaporator until it stops flowing completely.

  16. Doable but too dangerous. Maybe you can convert it to a freezer unit concept where ice and thawing cycle can be applied where piles of ice are made like in our freezer in a sealed container, and when solar drops, valves of air vents are opened to blow over thawing ice.

  17. I doubt this will work ………….. Where do I get so much gas from… What is the net volume required for a 10 hour cycle of no Solar power??? Easiest is to use Grid tied Solar power during day and pure Grid Power during the night —————– this will be economical !!!!

  18. Too fantastic and colorful to be of any practical use. Presentation difficult to follow unless video was stopped in to read the information. Not the right way for a complex presentation. Imagine the amount of room and storage for all these contraption. If it worked, could be used only in some states and existing construction.

  19. Wow! "Air conditioner that works day and night " this project is what I wanted for so long! thank u=you so much for sharing this..

  20. Why not use solar vacuum tubes to heat liquid metal used with an electromagnetic pump to run absorption refrigeration unit to cool with? Simple easy and less moving parts! Novartis

  21. yes it will work but i thing it is too costly and complicated .. it is for professionals
    and something else : in my country (Cyprus)we install a photo voltaic panels and connect them directly to the city power supply and then use as much we need and whenever we need . paying only the deference and saving money from not buying batteries..

  22. this is awesome, I can save more if I use this instead of normal A/C cant wait to start building this.. thanks for sharing ideas..

  23. Instead of Accumulators, gas storage tanks etc.,
    I think it will be much simpler to use the compressed refrigerant for chilling water or brime which can be used in the night for cooling.

  24. Instead of Accumulators, gas storage tanks etc.,
    I think it will be much simpler to use the compressed refrigerant for chilling water or brine which can be used in the night for cooling.

  25. I already have a 1hp ac split type,can I convert it to solar, instead of using electricity? thank you

  26. Based on my long history of working with Hv / Ac, the Major drawback with this system that I can see is the inherent problem with the Safe Storage and Management of that much compressed and  / or evaporated refrigerant.  Bad Idea…

  27. This is very interesting. Need to have an actual working model. The airconditioning portion to integrate the various components into a single equipment package, and be sold as a complete ac type unit ready to plug to an existing solar power set up.

  28. Cool, have you heard about the Stirling Solar Engine that makes 12 times the power of regular solar panels, link: http://tinyurl.com/y8mgtdcr

  29. I'm amazed by the negative comments on an idea of trying to make things better. Grow up. Nothing was ever gained without an idea to try to improve something in the first place. Negative reactions are what hold progress back in the first place. I think it's a reasonable idea and at least they are trying. Great job.

  30. For the instance when the high pressure liquid is called out of the storage cylinders (when the compressor is off and there's a call for cooling at night), would there be enough pressure to force the liquid refrigerant out of the bottles, through the metering device, and through the evaporator without the compressor running?

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