Spring 2017 UIC Engineering Career Fair

UIC’s 2017 Engineering Career Fair attracted 93 companies with operations locally, nationally, and internationally, seeking to fill internship, co-op, and full-time positions from the pool well-trained, enthusiastic, and can-do students that the College of Engineering produces. At BMW, we like to come to the UIC Career Fairs mainly because we have a good feel for the students. We’ve had a number of good students here in the past that have come in through internships, co-ops, and converted into full-time positions. A lot of the UIC students have a good background, real-world experience with internships at previous companies. They are taught a well-rounded experience with an array of topics that we feel are a good fit for what we are looking for at BMW. I came here to the job fair looking for a summer internship in either power controls or electric circuit design. I graduate in December 2017. I graduate in Fall 2018, so I still have a while but I am looking for internships for this summer and hopefully maybe next summer too. I’m excited for Metra, I commute daily so being part of a company I actually use would be a great opportunity for me. Companies recruiting included Amazon, BMW, Syska Hennessy, GE Appliances, Midtronics, Baxter Healthcare, The Burke Group, Exelon, Google, Navistar, and many others. Hi my name is Helena, and I graduated from UIC in 2013 as a Electrical Engineering student. I got a co-op at GE Appliances and I was able to utilize my power supply skills and board designs that I learned at UIC to implement and create boards at GE Appliances. As a UIC alum, I know the classes that students take, I understand the struggle that students have to go through from juggling friends, family, work, school, and sometimes commuting, and that is super important at GE appliances. We want someone who is capable to not only be able to complete the job but also enjoy what they are doing and balance their life aspects. I’ve had really good experiences at the UIC Career Fairs, mostly the curriculum: very relatable to what we do as far as embedded technologies, we primarily look for we look for good embedded C/C++ skills. It really comes down to curriculum is most relatable to what we are looking for. Last year 75% of our interns came from UIC. Energy was high as a record 1,600 job seekers packed the UIC Forum on a cold February day for the chance to network and pitch themselves to engineers and recruiters. Candidates we recruit at the Career Fair at UIC, what we’ve found over the last five years here is that we have found really high quality candidates, enthusiastic candidates, and very diverse candidates. What has been great about that is we’ve been able to translate some of the internships that we’ve offered here at the Career Fair, into full-time positions at Syska Hennessy Group, which is outstanding. We like to put investment into the candidates as interns that we hire and hopefully that translates into a career with our company. For employers, the Career Fair provided an opportunity to meet with UIC’s versatile, creative, and innovative, engineering students to fill internship, co-op, & job roles. While for students, the day produced new connections on LinkedIn, job interviews, and job offers.

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