Stamparatus Technique Series: Video #1 Precision Placement

Hello and thank you for joining me for
this video today. My topic is precision placement of stamps using the Stamparatus. This is actually the first video in a series of Stamparatus technique
videos. You may have seen this stamp set in the Occasions–Spring/Summer catalog. It’s called Amazing Congratulations. This stamp was actually designed to use
with the Stamparatus. There are these three images here that when layered
together make quite literally an amazing congratulations!
Now when starting to design a card, keep in mind you have this entire surface to
work with. So take advantage of it. It may be
helpful to use a piece of card stock that’s a little bigger than what you
would typically use for your project and then you can cut it down after
stamping. I’m actually going to start with using a whisper white note card and
place it in the upper left hand corner of the Stamparatus. If you do that you
may not need a magnet to hold the card in place because it can go up in the
corner every single time. But the magnet can also secure the foam to the Stamparatus so I’m going to make sure to put one in place. Now, I’m going to start with
the stamp that has a full C on it and place it about in this general area here.
That’s where I want it to stamp. Then I’ll get one of my plates, attach the stamp, ink
it up with Bermuda Bay, and stamp. I’m being careful to see the ink
transferring to the note card. There’s the first layer now I will do
the same thing with the second layer, flipping my plate around. This time I’ve
got to be a little more careful where I place the stamp to get it lined up
perfectly. Attach it to the plate. Now this time I’ll
ink it up with Lemon Lime Twist so you can see the the variation in the stamp, the
two different stamps work perfectly together. Transfer the ink and it matches up
perfectly this is looking so cute! Now look at this, oh I’ve got a couple
other images I want to add so let’s see with Lemon Lime Twist, I’m just gonna add a little confetti randomly and then you can keep going with this until you have
a sufficient amount on your project. Here is a finished version, it’s stepped up a
little bit with this note card, but the same idea. Such a quick and easy and
cute congratulations card. Now here’s even a fancier version of the same idea
only the congratulations has been repeated using the hinge step. So you’ve
got it three times in a row, you just move the plate down one hinge and then
one more. Let me show you an example of this. With this piece of cardstock I’ve
already stamped the congratulations three times. I’m going to add an outline
to the bottom congratulations. So I’ve placed the outline on my other plate
already and this is actually set to fit around the top one, so you can see that
how it would fit around that one. I’m going to move down two hinges so I’ve
moved down one it would go around the middle one, but let’s go down two hinges
and ink it up in Dapper Denim. Put an outline right around that third
word there. There we go and I will add “on your big news” in Dapper Denim right below. I’m not using the Stamparatus for this because I’m
confident enough that I could stamp that perfectly without. Here’s a finished
version of this card. You can see the top one was stamped off, then full strength
here and then an outline. A kind of light medium dark. And a fancier version with
the “on your big news” on a different piece of cardstock and some more
embellishments there to really make this one look nice. One more version of this
same card–this one was made using some spots from the Occasions Spring/Summer catalog. These are part of the Picture Perfect suite. Spots are easy to
use with the Stamparatus. Their small size makes them really handy so if you
prefer spots you could get some uninked Stampin’ Spots from the annual
catalog and ink them with any color of your choosing. Precision placement is all
about placing the stamp exactly where you want it. You may want to offset the
outline just a little bit to create a shadow look, like with this sample right
here. Each of these have just a little bit, the
the outline is down and to the right so it creates a little bit of a
shadow for each of them. And it’s as easy as that to get something so amazing and
precise. Order your Stamparatus today and any other stamping tools that you
want to go with it through your demonstrator or Thanks!

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  1. +Stampin' Up ….I'm just waiting for the email to go ahead and order my Stamparatus! ☺ But what I really appreciate about this video is how this stamp set works! I hadn't yet seen a tutorial on how to use this set…and it wasn't on my wish list…BUT IT IS NOW!! lol ☺ Thanks for sharing! ☺

  2. I find that there is too much space from my card and the door, so stamp doesn't hit card. What am I doing wrong?

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